Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Unusual Thank You Note...

B Shankar comments...
Policing in India is a thankless job. The Home Minister and the police gets blamed for each and every thing. When they are proactive and take steps they get blamed of high handedness. All the so called Rights group become very active (take the recent case of a bombay don or naxal attacks). When they do their job according to the law or unfortunately they could not arrive on the scene immediately, they are blamed for everything from inefficieny to being involved in that. Just take the mangalore pub incident. The police arrested 10 culprits within 30 min of the incident. Within 24 hours they had arrested 27 people. Still every news paper/channel and parties started accusing the Home Minister and the police of inaction? What does "Action" mean? I assume for them "arresting and keeping indefinitely" accounts to some action. Now if the court grants bail, how can we blame the police/HM for that? We have to check the law which is used!. Also remember, the central govt recently ammended CrPc to prevent arrest of people by the police if the crime is punishable with less than 7 years of jail time.While everybody jumps to conclusion and starts critisizing at the drop of a hat, nobody talks about the job they do day and night to protect us. How many of us have thanked even a single police man for doing service for us when we enjoy our life? Have anybody thanked for maintaing the traffic for us, standing in a busy smoke filled road on a humid sunny day while we move around in our AC cars? How many of us have thanked him for maintaining vigil in a stadium while we enjoy a cricket match? Think of every act they do that most of us will not even imagine to do. I am not telling that there is no bad thing at all. There are black sheep. But pick one place where such a thing is not there? I cannot pick one. Then why paint the police dept as one inefficient Dept and blame them for all the ills in the society?
Lastly, we have seen so many articles critisizing the home minister as very inefficient and weak? I am still not sure the reason for such an assessment. For some of us, a minister is very strict and capable only when he bashes his officers in the public and suspends them as we have seen so many of the politicians do. But we have to understand that this is only for the public consumption. The reality is minister/politician should rely on the same officers to implement their programs. Nothing moves without their cooperation. Now if you demoralize them in public, what kind of cooperation can one expect? I would have the enthusiasm to do work for someone who chides me/my colleagues for no fault. And as we know just doing job is not good enough for progress.Now lets compare that with our current HM. Have we ever heard him complain against his officers? He has backed his force to the core even when he faced tremendous pressure from the media and the public. He knows that blaming officers just to please others does no good to anybody. Not the morale of the force albiet it may potray him as strict!And we all have started seeing the results. Today, ask any official and they are happy that they have a minister who can understand and supposts them. Also, see the number of cases that are solved in last few months including the blore blast case!
So my suggestion is for a change lets not get swayed by the views of some and start supporting our police force. Only then we can see a real change and I want to begin right now. My heartfelt "Thank You" to all the policemen and officers and the Home Minister for ensuring a peaceful Karnataka state as well as for all the work you do day and night to keep us safe.


Rupesh K said...

Today, for a change TV9 was thanking Karnataka Police, for cracking the Bangalore Blast was indeed a good programme to watch...

S.N.Hebbar said...

It appears media is managed mostly by 'the left liberal secular' brigade who are always prejudicial to BJP. So I do not believe anything they say about BJP, Sangh Parivar or even Ram Sene and Bajrang Dal. So far as Karnataka is concerned,they are jealous of it becuase, in spite of them the BJP Govt is still surviving and kicking.

Vikram Attiganal said...

Variable capacity force for the Police force:

It occurred to me during the recent incidents of kidnapping et al. Already over burdened by the existing tasks, I do feel that the present capacity of the Police is not sufficient to cater to the increasing demands of the society.

In this scenario, I do feel that, variable capacity force needs to come into picture to tackle specialized cases. For ex: a police station gets a complaint of a missing person. Police register the case, and transmit wireless message to all the centers. Again, in the next hour, there is call of duty, as there is another case of robbery that has been reported. So the priority of the police shifts. Same policeman might be deputed to do both the jobs, and the priority keeps on changing.

What I meant by variable capacity is in this context. A policeman, should be trained on a certain aspect, and he should be a specialist in that. He should be deputed to do specialized tasks, and not be involved in other duties.

In the context narrated above, a set of policemen are trained to handle cases pertaining to cases of missing people. Whenever a case of a missing complaint is registered in police station, a cop is deputed to handle it, and is assigned a timeline. Even if other complaints, pertaining to robbery, chain snatching etc, gets reported, the cop is not diverted from his duty. After the cop solves the missing problem, he goes on to the pool of variable capacity. If in another police station similar missing complaint gets registered, he is deputed for that case.

The cop is not designated to any station, in general. But depending on the need of the hour, is transferred to different stations to solve the cases.

This is one example that I could think of, on how could the Police force be made better.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Vikram Attiganal

Anonymous said... acharya

all ppl know since long yrs u been a nice gentleman n had a good retutaion in udupi.surely not known for gondaisam or wrong doing in the past...

wen politicians name discussed u stood aprat beign a good human n good politician tooo !!!!

but what its hapening now? diplomatic ? u r famly is real nice decent one ..i no ur kids during the colege days..they are loving n nice never boasted or show off neither..

u known as famly man for sure

then why do u need all this diplomacy...ur not man hungry for power nor a person greedy for money or for name !!!!

why cant u think atpresent strait forward rather diplomatic ..politiicans dint feed u wen u were in home town ..nor u wished any..
why dint u criticise wen m'lore atack took place? why u gave alternative answers? why u dint do same while they atacked girls in pub.?

would u do the same if ur grand children were atacked?
ur kids are big ..parents now..ask them have a decent opinions..cuase i no they r decent enough over that away from politics...have seen life n the world...

get their idea befor u go public in ur political milage. if u do that uwoudl become chief minister too i guarantee u thhat dr.

cuase u r capable of that..

u said ,,,,,,This is not my view. It is a reflection of views expressed by a cross section of people attending<,,,,,,,

other day aobut media u told u just expresse the view of the meeting u had with the ppl of m'lore...arent u wise enough or educated to think ur own ...u should have adivsed them sayign it not that u want or could b loked n talked b'lroe ofice..instead
...why u wanted milage by saying the need to have controle over media which did n doing good job since decades...?

why u invite controversys? ur not the real ur since u become minister?

dont go with the flow of the politicla sea u will get drowned soon rather b what u are dr..

give bold statements instead diplomatic ..u r a father u no what is good for ur kids they have their own freedom ..n u r ther to guide them ..they r answerable to u not to the world..or mutalik senselsess worm to the society..

Get back to real U what u were in Udupi 15 20 yrs back.


Sunil S Chiplunkar said...

A very unusual and enlightened post - great going Dr. Acharya.

Vikram Attiganal said...

Police force, really needs to be a force to reckon with. Please find my views on the same.

Police, as a force

Appreciate your comments on the same.

~ Vikram Attiganal

Vishwas said...

We are with you Dr. Acharya. Popular media as we know it does not care more about the fate of anything in India as advertising revenue. Keep up the good work.

I feel proud that administration is communicating with the general population regarding issues like this.

Ravi said...

with recent clippings shown on NEWS channel about how the opposition party leaders like RV Deshpande, HD kumarswamy, DK Shi, Ugrappa, Mr Poojari.. I feel do they have any dignity or dont they have any code of conduct to speech, if not don't they have the slightest respect to the system they are members and working for? Its disgusting to watch the political ppl speaking so horrible on the media including few BJP candidates as well. While there is Code of Conduct for every human why not for politicians?
Its high time we need better ppl for us to be lead. Sorry to say this, but I feel India will in future see a movement like the French revolution if the politicians don't stop misbehaving. I was been told BJP was a league of RSS men who are taught discipline and me being a member have the pride of being in RSS. What it has taught me is the diplomacy, self respect.
One sincere request to you why cant BJP try to hit back when ever there's false comments on RSS is made by Sicular parties?
Will I see my India in future as described in the song "Vande Mataram"? or will the future gen never realize "suphalaam, sujalaam, malayaja sheetalaam?
Another question is How can we call ourselves democratic when parties which loses forms a coalition govt, isn't that a debacle?
I sincerely feel many rules are to be resurrected.

Srikanth said...

It is true with most support functions that the great job is never noticed, and even a minor error gets highlighted. In the current day world of content hungry media, it is more than true.

That apart, I have always been positive and thankful to traffic police of bangalore, that they do an exceptionally good job considering the resources they have at their disposal.

I have been thinking of writing a note of thanks to you that the traffic police enforcements have increased tremendously, in the past few months, after you have taken over as the home minister. There is a very visible difference in the way traffic police are enforcing.

I still see some scope for improvement, and here are my points which needs improvement.

1. Increased mobility: Normally traffic police stand a few yards ahead of signal, and start catching all the vehicles who violate signal or do not wear helmet. Motorists who are at signal normally do not jump signals if they see police men. A mobile team, which catches people randomly is more important.

2. Only few offenses are recorded:
Cases like using cell phone while driving are very rampant. I see many people doing this, sometimes to dangerous consequences. Enforcement of this is very negligible. Even when police men are present, they are normally not catching people using mobile phone while driving. This is one place where moving teams of police men will be useful. Also it is very important for police to record the offense for sake of proof. Otherwise, it will be misused.

3. Wrong number plates:
An increasing number of vehicles in Bangalore have non-standard number plates, very small, fancy fonts, numbers at wrong places, etc. It looks like a mockery of the system to me. I donot know how police will enforce offenses against them using cameras when their number is not readable. Only honest people with good number plates will be caught.
With Bangalore traffic police moving to a system where cameras are being used to record traffic offenses this is a very important enforcement.