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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please end the blame game

Denial of dignity at death, by a section of the media

Disaster management

Periodic checks, audits to render high-rises in Bangalore fire-proof

Srikanth Hunasavadi / DNA

Bangalore: The state government has decided to bring in sweeping changes in the fire safety rules to prevent tragedies like the one that occurred at Carlton Towers on Airport Road three months ago. All high-rise buildings will be subject to inspections periodically, and their compliance with fire safety norms will be audited. Penal action will be taken against those found violating the rules.

The Karnataka Municipality Act will be amended. “We are preparing a draft bill on fire safety auditing in the high-rise buildings, which will be introduced in the coming legislative session,” home minister VS Acharya said, adding, “We have learnt lessons from Carlton Towers and other recent incidents. At present, once buildings get the occupancy certificate, there are no further checks. The new rules will make it mandatory for fire department officials to re-audit fire safety measures. There will be provisions for periodic and also surprise visits. Special officers will be appointed for this.”

Fire fighting capabilities too would be augmented. “This year, we are planning to set up 25 more fire stations across the state; 31 new modern fire fighting vehicles will be purchased. We will add manpower. We plan to purchase sky lifts and other equipment,” the home minister said.

Children too will not find themselves out of the ambit of the state’s fire fighting mechanism. DGP fire and emergency services, Jija Madhavan Harisingh said, “Last year, the Supreme Court directed that measures for fire safety be strictly enforced in all schools. Hence we are trying to create awareness among the children too.”

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Disaster at Mangalore

An Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore, overshot the runway at Mangalore International Airport ( IATA :IXE ) and caught fire. The flight, IX812, was being operated by a Boeing 737-800. The aircraft involved was VT-AXV, cn 36333/2481, a 2007 December built.It was bearing the ‘Victoria Memorial’ tailart.

The flight was due to arrive in Mangalore at 6.30a.m local time.The flight was carrying 163 passengers ( some reports state this at 137 adults + 19 children, at 156 passengers ) and six crew. There are nine survivors. The Herculean task of identifying the dead bodies have been started by forensic experts.
This is not the time to point fingers/ blame. Disaster strikes when least expected. It is for the investigations by concerned central authorities to find the cause of the mishap and learn from this episode, to prevent such events in future.

Commendable Response: Disaster response from Local administration, Fire Brigade, Hospitals, Police force & local villagers has been very prompt & commendable...amidst pouring rain and inaccessible terrain.
Requesting editorial restraint, while publishing the gory images of the mishap, dead bodies.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dr. K. Nagappa Alva’s biography released

Mangalore Today News Network

Mangalore, May 19: The life of Dr. K. Nagappa Alva, now easily accessible, will greatly influence society, said Home Minister Dr. V. S. Acharya after inaugurating the event and releasing the biography of Dr. K Nagappa Alva, written by Raghu Shettigar, at the Town Hall on May 19, Wednesday. He appreciated the great study and research done by Shettigar to create the biography of this great personality.

Speaking about the greatness of Dr. Nagappa Alva, the home minister said that he had established a strict code of conduct for his employees and stressed the importance of health and education development. District-in-charge Minister Krishna J. Palemar inaugurated the Nagappa Alva’s photo exhibition and said that he was proud to belong to the same constituency that Dr. Nagappa Alva contested from. He also called upon modern politicians to accept guidance from the lives of the politicians of the past, who had to work efficiently before the ever watchful eyes of the media.

District-in-charge Minister Krishna J. Palemar felicitated Mohandev Alva, the son of late Dr. Nagappa Alva.

K Amarnath Shetty, former minister, spoke briefly about the life and career of Dr. Alva. MLA M. Narayana Swamy, the president of the library subcommittee of Karnataka Vidhanamandal welcomed the guests and gathering. Veeranna Matthikatti, the chairman of Karnataka Legislative Council, presided over the function.

Mayor Rajani Dugganna, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, MLA U. T. Khader, MLA Ramanath Rai, MLA Capt Ganesh Karnik, Member of the Library Sub Committee Suresh Gowda, and MLA Prof. P. V. Krishna Bhat were the dignitaries on the dais.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evidence vital for filing a case!

Bangalore, May 18, DHNS

Home Minister V S Acharya on Tuesday said the State government is unable to take action against Sri Rama Sena Chief over the alleged “rent-a-riot” case, as the news channel which conducted the sting operation has not furnished a copy of the unedited cassette/CD.

“A day after the private TV channel broadcast its sting operation, the government asked it to provide a certified copy of the unedited cassette/CD. But they have not provided the cassette yet. Once we get the cassette/CD, we will verify its authenticity and take appropriate action,” he stated.

Even in the Mangalore pub attack case action could not be initiated against the culprits, as none of the victims came forward to lodge a complaint, he added.

When questioned about the government not taking suo-motu action against Mutalik for reportedly negotiating money for organising a riot, the Home Minister said the police would look into those aspects of the issue.

“Suo-motu action can be initiated, when the police finds concrete evidence against any person, who threatens to harm any individual or the society,”he stated.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Basavanna’s teachings guiding spirit for human kind: Acharya

Udupi: May 16, , DH News Service

Mahajagadguru Basavanna Charitable Trust in association with Udupi District Administration and Kannada and Culture Department organised ‘Basava Jayanthi Utsav-2010’ at Nutan Raveendra Mantap of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College here on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, Home Minister Dr V S Acharya said that the preachings of Basavanna are forever and guiding sprit to human kind. He propagated societal concerns besides upholding values of equality. He was instrumental in delivering the messages of unique Vedic rituals in a simpler way so that the layman could understand. Dasa Sahitya and Vachana Sahitya had many similarities. Basavanna’s ideologies are like lampposts to the younger generation, he added.

Karnataka is known for its multicultural tradition that has come a long way. Karnataka is a blend of religions, cultures and traditions, he said.

Earlier, speaking after inaugurating the fest, Shivasharana Nuliya Chandayya Sukshetra, Tarikere seer Sri Vrishabha Deshikendra swamiji said that Basavanna, with his intellectual personality, struggled to eradicate untouchability. Basava literature is simpler. He was against following caste system. His ideologies are very much essential today in a global context. He worked for the upliftment of the downtrodden and poorer sections in the society, he added.The seer said that the society is facing the evil of corruption. People should pursue spiritual ideologies in their efforts. Inner voice should be devoid of all sort of dishonesty, he added.

President of Mahajagadguru Basavanna Charitable Trust, Bangalore, Sunandavva Jagnathappa Panasale, Janavada, Secretaryof Mahajagadguru Basavanna Charitable Trust, Mangalore T Puttaraja, Director of MESCOM, Mangalore G K Shadaksharappa, Principal of MGM College, Udupi, Dr P Venkatramana Gowda, District Information Officer Junjanna, Veteran Litterateur Ramadasa and others were present.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Protest Or Vandalism?

Whatever the protest/cause, vandalism and damage to public property can not be tolerated!

Quote of the week: Rajdeep Sardesai

“People like me, who should be giving you the right information are under pressure to hype up the information”.

“During this process they [young journalists] forget what is right and wrong. It is imperative to respect the individuals, their privacy and most important the story should be accurate. More often television channels use words like “first on”, “exclusive”, which have no meaning. Getting the story right is very important,”

Rajdeep Sardesai
President, Editors’ Guild of India
(The Hindu/ Mediamirchi)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Paparazzi culture creeping in...All for a breaking news!

Investigating agency plans to book scribe who had shown visuals of officials questioning Nithyananda on TV
MS Raghavendra, producer of a daily crime programme that's broadcast on Udaya TV, had shown visuals of officials questioning the self-proclaimed godman in a chamber inside the CID head quarters. Raghavendra had procured (bought) the visuals that were recorded on CCTV camera from a source.

The investigating agency is planning to book him on charges that include conspiring against the state and data theft.

Home Minister Dr VS Acharya, on the other hand, admitted that the department is planning to book some journalists, including Raghavendra. "As a few of them have grown so impish, we have to put brakes on them," he said. The state Home Minister fired salvos against Raghavendra for his attacks on the system as a journalist. (MidDay/NDTV)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

VS Acharya unhurt after three-car collision

Kasaragod: Home minister Dr VS Acharya escaped unhurt when one of the vehicles in his convoy rammed into his car at Karandakadu, near Kasargod, on Saturday.

Three cars were involved in the accident and two drivers received minor injuries. The convoy was on its way to Kasargod town hall, where Acharya was due to felicitate a priest of the Bela Church of Kasargod.

The accident occurred at an intersection where the pilot car slowed down along with the others, however, the two tail cars did not decelerate fast enough and rammed into the minister’s car.

The injured were given outpatient treatment at a local hospital in Kasargod. Acharya, who was sitting in the front seat of his, car was unhurt and soon carried on his journey using a spare car.

Before he left, Acharya made sure that the injured drivers were taken care of and he personally examined the drivers. He left after he was satisfied that the injuries were minor. He later went to the local BJP office and waited for the drivers to return from hospital.

“It was a minor accident. An escort jeep provided by the Kerala police rammed into the tail car, which in turn hit my car. Both the drivers were just dazed by the impact,” said Acharya. (M Raghuram/ DNA)

Harmony, Peace as catalysts of growth

Resolve Hogenakkal, give and take: Acharya

Even as the protests by KRV activists continued, state home minister VS Acharya, in an interaction with presspersons, proposed an amicable settlement to the dispute, suggesting the implementation of the Hogenakkal hydel power project, using Cauvery waters. "We want to take a delegation to meet Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi. We will hold talks for an amicable resolution of the Hogenakkal drinking water scheme.
The confrontation between the two states could be resolved if Tamil Nadu cooperates in executing a hydel power project. In return, Karnataka could allow Tamil Nadu's drinking water programme," home minister VS Acharya said.
The relationship between the two states has been fraught, as Karnataka has reservations on Tamil Nadu's Hogenakkal drinking water project; Tamil Nadu, in turn, has been opposing the state's Shivanasamudram run-off-the river hydel plant proposed at Mekedatu in Kanakapura, Ramanagara district. Last week, Karnataka water resources minister Basavaraj Bommai slammed Tamil Nadu, accusing it of deviating from the original plan on the Hogenakkal project. This was refuted by Tamil Nadu deputy chief minister MK Stalin during discussions in the state assembly.
Proposing a via media, Acharya said, "We should utilise Cauvery waters for mutual benefit. Karnataka is ready to show a goodwill gesture by ending the resistance to Tamil Nadu's drinking water programme, but Tamil Nadu should allow Karnataka to build a reservoir near Hogenakkal to generate power. We will ensure that it will not, in any way, reduce Tamil Nadu's share of Cauvery water. Both states should make the best use of Cauvery waters, in a spirit of give and take." Referring to his recent participation in the state energy ministers' conference in New Delhi, Acharya said that the state had been assured 1543mw of power from the central grid; however, it had only received about 1200mw. "I have demanded that the Centre allow us the full share. Not just that, considering the power crisis that the state faces, the Centre should raise the share allowed to Karnataka from the central grid to 2200mw."

(Courtesy: photo of Shivanasamudra waterfall by KPN)