Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress report: Dr V S Acharya as Home Minister

Apart from Modernization of Karnataka Police, Fire and Emergency Services, here are the major milestones of Dr V S Acharya as Home Minister, Karnataka

1.New Police Stations: 32 police stations are sanctioned/ 27 police stations have commenced functioning.

2. Housing projects for Police: Under Accelerated Residential Housing Plan 743 houses constructed/ 1659 houses construction in progress

3. Allowance revision of Police: Weekly-off allowance enhanced from Rs.50/- to Rs.100/-

4. New personnel recruited: Recruitment process of 400 Police Sub Inspectors/ Recruitment process of 4342 Police Constables is in progress.

5. Promotion: Constables who did not get promotion for 18 years are given promotion. 969 Civil Police Constables and 2396 Armed Police Constables were promoted.

6. Police Welfare: Rs.1Crore is sanctioned for construction of building for Muthanna Memorial Police Residential School for Children at Dharwad.

Benevolent Fund is raised from Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.1Crore.

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1 comment:

Vivek V Kamath said...

Those who know you and have watched you closely( specially from udupi and DK ) will definitely appreciate your work as Home Minister.....probably you forgot to list police commissionarate office
at Mangalore.

But I feel you should you have listed your achievements through press conferences and 24*7 TV channels since blogs cater only to certain section of privileged people.

What I feel is nowadays just being sincere is not sufficient,so in your new role as Higher Education minister kindly make use of press meets and 24*7 TV channels optimally.