Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Minister happy over Rs 3500 crores revenue from Homes Registry

Arasikere : In the last 2 years, the state govt has registered 63 lakhs of properties (like houses or plots) to collect Rs 3,500 crores of revenue, said a beaming Home Minister, Dr. V.S. Acharya, while inaugurating a new registry office at Banavara here.
Dr. Acharya in his address said that Rs. 4000 crores income was expected in the last budget and received, for which he thought that strict application rules by the state was responsible, but now with a favourable response from owners the rules would be simplified, he added.
He opined that in every village or small town, at least 50 young / women should have jobs in rural industrials areas, to help wide range of developmental works such Industrial enterprises are now encouraged by the state govt, he told his listeners.
Many unfinished goals in the last 63 years are now taken up in the last 2 years (of BJP rule) and efforts are made to achieve them one by one in the next 3 years. Even when BJP was on opposition benches, certain schemes were put before the rulers, and they have been completed in these 2 years, which is a satisfying achievement. But we cannot rest on our oars or become complacent, as a lot more work is pending now.
The govt wants Karnataka to be no.1 state in India by completing tasks ahead in 3 years, the Home Minister insisted. He sought people’s willing co-operation to attain the other goals. MLA K.M Shivalinge Gowda who presided, in his speech told all that it is not proper to demand resignation of an elected govt every time. Certain BJP men hold done only that in all these years, he pointed out in displeasure. Certain local needs were bring met, he added.
Several local officials and Panchayat leaders were present in the function at the new registry office. (BJPKarnataka)

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