Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Attacking a fellow human being - which religion justifies it?

photo: The Hindu
Looting a closed shop...
Food for thought...for all visitors of this blog...
Look at the photos below (advisory: disturbing images)
Some journalists were even attacked for clicking these images...
Police attacked...
Public property looted...
Police vehicles vandalised...
Storage of stones in "holy places"
What would you do, if you were in a Police uniform...in this situation?

 Why do you need stones in the cemetery?   Don`t they spare those who are resting in peace??
Love thy neighbour, stone thy police?   (look at the red soft drink crates...for throwing bottles too!)
Hiding inside a "place of worship"
Attack on Police from the terrace of the "place of worship"- professional job...check the camouflage!
May these stones rest in peace
No concern for environment, hapless trees bear the brunt...
Taxpayers money...a Police Bike...being vandalised by "peaceful protestors"
Police jeep looted by "peaceful protestors"...they are well educated, and behaved!

Road blocks...

Photo credit: mangalorean/ daijiworld/gulfkannadiga

So the pattern of any violence in Mangalore follows a pattern: some issue- blown out of proportion by interested elements- outrage in some community- logic takes a back seat- arson/ riot/ looting/ damage to public property / attack on police follows...when culprits are arrested- a team of oppostion leaders/ intellectuals parade in the city/ hospitals/ media demanding for CBI enquiry, release of all arrested and resignation of all concerned !
Alas! the poor common man does not understand the designs of these "out of power" politicians!

Please think reasonably, comment responsibly. 
Raised voices/ abuses/blame game/ rumours have already caused enough damage, so there is no need to pollute the cyberspace with those! 
(those who are commenting from the middle eastern countries(UAE), pause and think...would you ever dream of touching a Police officer? leave alone snatching wireless set/ loot a police jeep/ burn a police bike)
(If you have the integrity to make a responsible comment, please leave your e mail address with your comment)


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Why don't the police catch few protestors who damage public property and jail them- make them/their family members/sponsors pay the full price of the damage caused else don't release them.

Police can have photo/video evidence that this particular person has caused damage to the property.

Catch few people like this and make them cough up the damage money- others will learn a lesson and think before damaging buses and jeeps next time...

bali said...

Sir as you know New Life and Bible readers evangelic organisations are publish books insulting our gods. I hope u take stern action against them.
These Incidents would never have happened if these evangelic Xtians didnt try yo convert hindus

Anonymous said...

Srinidhi...there are Problems:
1. human rights activists will then wake up and create a hue and cry
2. intellectuals like arundhati roy, medha pathak will go on fasting/ strike against alleged police atrocities...
3. pseudo intellectuals write rrams of articles on how karnataka is following gujarat model etc.,
afterall whose tax money is it anyway?

Anonymous said...

It is really a pity these kind of things happened in Mangalore where all religions especially christians and hindus live peacefully as one family since years.I dont think there is a single christian who do not have a hindu friend.So why this sudden violence.Even if there is conversion,why we could not sit and talk to each other and solve these issues without resorting to violence?We should consider ourselves as Indians first then only christians or hindus or of any other religious denominations.I hope and pray that all concerned leaders will get to gether and solve all these issues by dialogue as early as possible and let peaceful atmosphere of our beloved city to return to its original glory.

Anonymous said...

that the intellectuals are already parading in Mangalore, demanding release of arrested christians!

Anonymous said...

Sir, Please dont get offended with my comments. I have been deeply hurt by whats happening in my city and hope you are too. Please do something cos you are in power.

Please save my city. Please for God Sake.

Vinnie said...

this is so hilarious.. First we have a blogger who is showing and typing in only one side of the story and then we have readers who are blinded by the words and pics!!!
P.S- I will be really surprised if this gets published..

Blogger adds: Vinnie, you know where to look for stories which suit you! here the discussion is on vandalism and attack on Police.

Br Valerian said...

Being a doctor by profession you know that some sickness cannot be healed by doctors of this earth but the heavenly doctor. We pray that Jesus Christ bring healing to you and your people.

God Bless you

bali said...

Sir this website gives you the passages made in NewLife Chruch.

vijay said...

Appreciate your courage to take action on long pending issue. Money which comes from External sources may not only use for the conversion but also for destabilizing the country. Hindus are famous for tolerance, but there is a limit for tolarance.

Some of the english media channels are heavily funded by chrisitn organizations outside india. Narendra modi is the most mis quoted man in Indian history. Every good word come out of his mouth is twisted for wrong reasons by english media.

ஜடாயு said...
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Head said...

Mr Home Minister... The first thing you should do is BAN ... BAJRANG DAL.They had no right to hit at Catholics when they claim that the conversions and indignified was written about by NEW LIFE.

Can any citizen go and murder/ Terrorise someonelse for no fault of theirs?

Firstly, to rule the state you should know the religions, castes and sections. If one does not know that including Yeddyurappa, he needs to resign.

Blogger: comment truncated, Head please note that jumping into conclusions is worse than the original crime!

Jessy said...

Mr.HM, what about the caning and lathi charge of the police on women and children inside the church premises? What about the damage done to christen churches?

Blogger: you see for yourself in the images...police were thrown stones from WITHIN the church, be responsible, before drumming up passions.

Bhandari said...

Food for thought :
In many of the foreign countries, people identify themselves as Pakistanis, Americans, Kuwaitis, Israelis etc.
Indians identify themselves as Malayalis, Tamilians, Christians, Muslims .....

Until the day comes we think ourselves one nation, subject to one law, which applies equally to one and all, perverted logic will be used by scoundrels on perverted minds to create a more perverted society.

Anonymous said...

It seeems India is becoming a nation where Hindus can do no right and Christians/Muslims can do no wrong.

Jesus Christ Super Star is blasphemy/minority bashing.
Saraswati riding a tiger is artistic expression.

Worship of Vishnu and Shiva is idolatory.
Worship of an idol of Jesus on a cross, or a a statue of benevolent Mary, or St. Joseph is the right true way of worship.

Every religious group except Hindus feel pain and angst.

Is there a Government in India which will dare grab the income of any Church or Mosque to share among temples in India ?

Who will speak for the Hindus ?

Blogger/Editor said...

Dear Deepak
It is impossible to mail individually, hence the BLOG!
good to have a dialogue here!
Keep writing, as told earlier, with no malice/ bias

voiceofneil said...

Sir, Why doesnt the government publicly accept the fact that the destruction was from Bajrang Dal indeed. What is stopping the Government. I would be keen to know.

On the otherside, i would be really keen to see the findings of the Government in the Foreign Fund Story. Also, what needs to be clear is Getting foreign aid itself is not illegal. There should be proof that this money is being used for NON CHARITY purposes.

I am sure, Sri Satya Sai Baba and Sri Ravishankar get a lot of Money from International Devotees too. Am sure they use it for spreading their faith.

Blogger:as mentioned earlier, there is no lynch mob justice in governance...facts have to be ascertained, before jumping into conclusions...all of a sudden ALL catholic/ missionery associations have STARTED DISOWNING NEW LIFE!

Bhandari said...

No civilized nation on earth tolerates attacks on its law enforcing agencies, with India the honorable exception of course.

I hope you are in charge long enough to make it a non-bailable offence guaranteeing at least 10 years RI for police equipment / police personell to be attacked in groups.
Maybe video images will be sent to multiple recording centers, including an honest independant supervisory body, in real time to help identify the criminals.

It feels good that at last we have a Home Minister who trusts his police force and supports them.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

being an indian and a hindu, i feel ashamed to see the way you are trying to progate your political agenda.
as you are in a responsible position you shuold be striving to bring peace and build bridges between the communites.
please do not divide our people and the communities.
i have so many chritians friends who are not as you claim to be.
i am the product of the christian institutiion. i have never come accross any such conversions. i know many priests who are of high learning and compassionate.
why blame them for your selfish motives. what is your problem if the person is willing to change his or religion? remeber there can not be any seuch forcible conversion as you accuse of
my humble request ist that you be more open to other religion and cultures as indian.
be a proud indian. celebrate the diversity. do not destroy the it.

Vinobha K T said...

I do agree that no religion would justify attacking a fellow human being.
Similarly, we should also agree the fact that no religion would justify attacking another religion's prayer centres.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response Sir,
I see your point on How the Catholics have started disowning the "Evangelical" churches
For your understanding, The Church has 3 major Categories,
1. Catholics: further divided into Othodox, Syrians and Roman Catholics.
2. Protestants: Products of Reformation, LEading to the Lutheran, Anglican Churches.
3. Evangelicals: Products of Revival: Pentecostals, Baptists etc.

The First 2 are more established of the 3 Churches with laws and regulations to control internal activity. The First one is Governed by a central Authority.

the second one though is more local but is still organized heirarchially.

The third one is a more open Church and the mostly a local body though it has affiliations with a global set up. New Life fellowship belongs to one such unit.

Traditionally, The Evangelical church has been involved in the spread of the Gospel which is a Christians Primary Duty. Now that does not mean conversion. But means Showing the love of God in Deed and Word(I aggree not many do it in this world).

Because of it being relatively new, a repeat of reformation is taking place now. Which basically means Catholics and protestants who find this new church more function switch over as it does not require them to change a lot of things(technically, its no conversion). Now this has lead the Catholic Church at large to be a lil scared of this movement.
Hence, more than the Hindu leaders you will find more support from Catholic preists and Bishops in curbing this movement(which will help them in saving the Mass going Crowd) orelse they may see the churches empty as in the US.

In simple terms, Your Government needs to excercise a lot of wisdom in dealing with this issue. The best thing to do is to sit with each of the Church Leaders and understand where are the gaps coming from.
This will help you get a whole round picture of the situation. I would be glad to help you in this initiative. Just let me know....

Anonymous said...

since you are the responsible minister,let the people of Karnataka know the facts.Constitue a committee consisting of members from all sections of the society(all political parties,religious denominations,NGO's,senior citizens etc) and try to get unbiased facts.And also let every body know how many people are converted in this state during 60 years of independece.

udupiite said...

It is indeed shocking to see such stories on the blog of the Home Minister of Karnataka!! saying the attack on churches was due to conversion activities...Is this the independent/democratic India our freedom fighters dreamt about?...political parties are clearly above the integrity of the nation for you people...

I dont expect this post will get published

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some people here have a real sense of humour starting with the guy who manages the blog and put up the pics. Gosh! How else would u have got only those pics which no other people have shot!

Blogger: dear sir, it is no humour, serious issue, please see the photo credits in the post(or even watermarks of web page names on photos)...they have been sourced from reputed web pages, and graciously acknowledged too! (please do not insult one of the photographers who was injured in action-he was hit by protestors)

KJ said...

I feel ashamed today..
no hindu.. or for that matter.. no indian can be so ruthlessly unjust and biased towards an issue.. i seriously dont knw whether u know the full story or not.. but going by wht i hv seen, breaking jesus's effigy in church is the most sinful thing one cn ever do.. wt if somebody barges into ur house n breaks idol of lord vishnu? christians, protecting themselves n bulding a stone wall in cemetry is understandable, evn if nt fully justified.. but breaking hurting a community's sentiments, playing with thre lord.. its somethng worse than a sin.. rather than catching those who hv created disturbances in the city (christians/hindus), catch hold of those, who have not respected a religion and made a mockery of it..
Blogger: what about the derogatory literature by New Life, was`nt it the starting point?

Nagaraj said...

Message censored due to uncivilized content. Mr Nagaraj (or whoever posing as), please use other suitable media to express your opinions

Bhandari said...

Every society has its lunatic fringe, with its public discourse an indicator of its degree of maturity.

I think it odd that our loud politicians and louder media have much to say about everything, including your intentions and loyalties, but not one word about the book Sathyadarshini, the cause of all this sadness.

Our secular media, Congress politicians and the various organisations "with minority welfare at heart" conveniently call this an anti-conversion issue.
Again not one word about this vituperative book on Hinduism.

Dr Acharya, in reply to Br Valerians post, and the many who choose to crucify you for an act not of your making, I suggest that this evening when you pray, take a line from the last true Christian, our Lord Jesus Christ and say ' Forgive them O Lord, for they know not what they do".

Anonymous said...

Regarding the disownment of New life by Catholics......Please note that diswon is a term used when u let a perosn go off whom u own (example son etc), Catholic church never owned the New life......so thers no question of Disownment what the Catholic church is saying is that New Life and Roman Catholics are 2 different things, maybe the Non christians dont know about it......so better if Non christians do their homework completle before accusing.......

Mohan H Naik said...

Hello sir,I must congratulate you for handling the situation with maturity.If all the politicians have same maturity and vision like of yours, no doubt our country will be a real super-power.We assure our support and cooperation, towards building strong India and vibrant Karnataka.God bless you and your team.

Anonymous said...

You wrote, "...breaking jesus's effigy in church is the most sinful thing one cn ever do.. wt if somebody barges into ur house n breaks idol of lord vishnu?"

Read the Goa Inquisition and see how many Hindu temples and Murtis, Idols of Hindu deities were destroyed by the christians under the leadership of Francis Xavier. Hundreds of thousand of Hindus were merciless killed, burned in over 250 years of Inquisition. And that man was decorated with Saint, what a joke. A cruel mass-murderer is a saint. Search in the google Goa Inquisition and learn.

Go to NE India and see how cruel way Nagas run the state, they even don't allow tiny Hindus to built temple. They call Nagaland for Christ, and nobody else.

Do you christians respect other faiths? Not at all. It seems core philosophy of Christianity is hate, violence, abuse against others faiths and culture and intimidate and force then to convert. Not only Hindus, you abuse all others, Jews, Muslims, etc. Only sometime back Pope used derogatory and degrading language against Islam's Profet Muhammed.

See how muslims reacted.

Does your religion ever taught you to speak truth and respect others way of life?

Vinay said...

Can you make the copy of Sathya Darshini public. Why is it that hindus are the target of everybody-someone expresses himself by denigerating hindu Gods while people of his own religion create his rucus all over the world over a small cartoon. Someone else goes to rural and poor India and distributes prasad(bought from foriegn money) of some God with false claim to innocent tribals and villagers and convert them. I ask where has the punch line of a religion-LOVE YOUR ENEMIES gone. If we are your enemies I cannot see any love from your side, if we are not then why is there a voilence against us. If hindus retaliate they are fundamentalists, if some others convert people by fooling them and making them anti indians-it is constitutional right. If some others spread terrorism-media comes to the rescue with convict's mothers and all sorts of non-sense.

Vinay said...

For all the commenters who have criticized the blogger & the views of Dr V.S. Acharya,
I am an Hindhu religion practitioner I read all ur comments that the photos & evidence regarding the vandelization of police vehicles etc is just one sided story, acts of violence on churches & moques shud be condemned & dealt with force, the govt is one sided, it needs to reform itself etc..
let me tell you we are the only nation in the whole world that has given powers of such magnitude to other religion's people in govt , even though its a hindhu majority.
you might call you this secular country but I wont coz secular means euality to all religions, they must be equal in all rights.
it shud not be that one religion is allowed to break the law & other to follow it.
I regret that my country's leaders have made such terrible laws which support these things, anyway we cant change such things now.
so we have to live with what we have, but please do mind there's a limit for tolerating things.
please mind its our country its been called hindustan, it is called hindustan & it will be called hindustan.. if u cant accept it & follow the rules & low of the land please leave the country once in for all, we will be happy, but dont try to hurt the majority's feelings & there faith.
It will some day prove very costly to you people, the day is very not far away when even our leaders start realizing things will get beyond control if we dont do something about minorities getting advantage of being a minority, they are exploiting the a majority community by using govt laws etc.
Please its my humble request to all of you to stop these things like conversion & all, Its a universal secret now that you people try to convert hindus why dont you accept that.
try to maintain respect for other religion too, if every hindhu starts revolting against your faults then mind you, you will have no place to hide, even you so called christian countries will not help you.. so please accept the fact & try to be more responsible in the society & in our country.. Once again I am reiterating that its our country, dont let us make to call it one day its my country & drive you off.
Be carefull.
& to Dr. V.S. Acharya, hats of to you sir, the good things you r doing I can recognize that very well,

I have no regrets some people bark at you, just ignore them, do you good work & if you are really true to ur sense & soul, you will surely be successful in upholding the law..
Thanks a lot to open this blog & have ur view reach so many people.
Here,s my mail-id as u said, Iam not afraid to leave my maid-id while speaking the truth,

jibu said...


Anonymous said...

Only Jesus and Christians are taught to attack the fellow human beings. Their religion is BASED ON LIES. The barbaric Christianity which has wiped 1.2 billion people in 2000 years of its savage existence,(MORE THAN NATURE COULD DO IN 300 MILLION YEARS) wiping out Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Maoris, Gnostics, Hellinists, Jews, etc. THEY ARE BORN LUNATICS, there is no fringe in them. They are taught this in their BIB-LIE

i) Holy Bible -- New Testament, Luke 12; 51-53: Jesus said:

“Do you suppose that I came to bring peace to the World? No, not peace, but division. From now on a family of five will be divided, three against two and two against three. Fathers will be against their sons, and sons against their fathers; mothers will be against their daughters and daughters against their mothers; mothers-in-law will be against their daughters-in-law, and daughters-in-law against their mothers-in-law.”

ii) Holy Bible, New Testament, Luke 20; 27: Jesus said:

“For those enemies of mine who did not want me to be their king, bring them here and kill them in my presence.”


As of Xtian Love, and equality, HA HA HA till now in South America 5% of WHITES CONTROL ALL THE WEALTH while the pooor Indians are left with a BIB-LIE and the torture instrument. Till now no Indian has been allowed to become the Leader in South America and the White Racist looters are planning (with backing of the head of Murder Inc., the Pope) the assasination of Evo Morales, the first indigenous population.
See the site to see the real face of xtianity

By the way sis anybody know that Pronoy Roy of NDTV is a 5 p convert

Ramya said...

Mr Home Minister, nice to finally have someone in power who can call a spade a spade. In today's political context, secular has come to mean being 'anti-hindu' and the so called majority Hindus feel persecuted by the minority appeasing govts.

What I don't understand is what vested interest the media has, in suppressing facts and publishing lies ! And why doesn't the Govt. which has all this information at its disposal expose the double standards of the media ??

I hope that we see someday in the future, an India where Hindus can feel that they are not being persecuted for being 'majority'.And in this case, I hope justice is served, and soon.

Narendra said...

People who have fallen into the "secular trap" keep advising Hindus to be tolerant.
But, why don't they advise the same to Christians?
Does our so-called secularists believe the Christians are tolerant by birth?

Take the example of conversion. For time being assume that conversion doesn't happen by coercion. Nobody (not even minority commission) has refuted the fact that Christian missionaries ask others to convert to Christianity. So, when one person asks another to change his religion, is this person indirectly telling that his religion is better than the 2nd persons religion? Is this not a way of abusing other religions? Is this not an attack on other religion? And don't you see that the first person is intolerant about other religions?

Intolerance is the root cause of all religious conversions.
So, the so called "Secularists" should talk to Christian missionaries and ask them to be tolerant and stop conversions.

In the past we have seen how missionaries reacted when conversion was banned. It happened in Tamil Nadu and also at many places. When govt talked about banning conversions, these missionaries protested. They threatened to stop all service activities. So, that means there is link between the service activities and religious conversion. If not, why should the people doing service activities protest for banning conversion? Their ultimate motive is to convert.

If Hindus can't understand these things, then they will be doomed.
So, it is good that, Hindu society has started aggressively protesting conversions, atleast now.

suma said...

In order to find a solution to this problem we need to move a legislation in Karnataka called “Regulation of Religious Conversions Act” (RRCA).

Whenever religious conversions take place, there is often a change of name and therefore the identity of the person. This requires changes in the PAN Card, Passport, Voter’s Identity, Ration Card identity etc.Change of religion also affects the person’s legal status in terms of property inheritence, marraige and divorce aspects.

Conversion also provides many “Reservation Benefits” which are automatic financial incentives for conversion.

Since “Conversion” affects the legal status of the person in the community under several laws and the community has the right to demand that there should be a legislative regulation of the process of conversion.

This should include filing of an affidavit and personal appearance in a Court, advertisement for public notice, and a mandatory cooling periond of around 45 days for objections to be filed by public against the conversion.

Such a process will reduce the tension in the communities.

I suggest Karnataka Government to take suitable action in this regard.

Ramakrishna Lanka said...

Thank you Mr. Home Minister. It is time that this menace is put to end once for all. Let the people know that they cannot get away by insulting the religious beliefs of the people, stoning police, and then hiding in a church. They have the temerity to do what ever they are doing only because they feel that they have the backing of vociferous and biased media, ill informed public and blessings of Congress (Italian). Their confidence that they can get away with a murder needs to be broken. I am confident that under your able leadership, this can be accomplished. May god give you strength to face all the challenges and calumny being indulged in by the anti national forces. Please keep up the good work and free Karnataka of this menace.

Anonymous said...

See the actual reason why Hindus are attacking Xians. Let them preach Jesus, but that doesnot mean that they shud insult Hindus and Hindus sentiments.

Anonymous said...


LINK: http://greathindu.com/

Agere Music Group said...

Dead Sir, go ahead in spreading what the truth is and do it in a manner so that the people of this sleeping country and partisan press understand that christians are not the peaceful lot as they ar eprojected to be.

As jomo kenyato the first kenyan president said:

when the missionaries came to africa we had our eyes closed and they had the bible in their hand and we owned the land and by the time we opened our eyes we had the bible in our hand and they owned our land.

Secondly as many have said, wherever christianity has gone it has tried its utmost to destroy the native culture. In fact i believe that it is not a religion , but just a business whose poster boy is jesus. When ever i see "jesus loves you", i feel like saying to a missionary that in hinduism every person is treated as equal to god. Although the external manifestations are different , from a higher sense of view everybody is a form of the paramatma.

I would also like to recount what vivekananda said....even if we throw all the dirt beneath the indian ocean on the face of the missionaries, it will not be equal to the slur they have thrown on the ancient and immortal hindu religion of ours. When such a great man could say such words then ordinary people will not stop with words.I would first request you to conduct a through probe into the funds being routed to these missionary organisations. Get the account books of all these crooks and just crush their roots silently, so that even their false anguish is not perceivable. Also one more request is that relieve all hindu temples from goverment control by fighting for changing the hindu endowments act, so that the money can be used for the hindus and hindus alone.

Anonymous said...

1. We Hindus are always for peaceful co-existence (PC), we mean true PC. However, the very term co-existence is not one-sided, but multi-sided. We can't co-exist with others, if others don't wish to co-exist. Others want we surrender, give up everything of our own and accept their will, their way. In that situation, co-existence is impossible. Give us example of one place on Earth, where chrsitians and muslims allowed others peaceful co-existence. They terrorised natives to submit before them, accept their will, their order, their command. Study about Goa Inquisition and see how barbaric and cruel it was. And the man Francis Xavier under whose command all these cruelty occurred, was decorated as Saint.

'Goa Inquisition was most merciless and cruel'

2. Christian missionaries Soul Harvesting terrorism is not a new phenomenon, neither in India nor outside. They destroyed culture after culture across the world. Look at NE India, even at time of independence there was not a single christian majority state. Today, they shout Nagaland for Christ and a tiny Hindus can't even built a mandir. Most of NE India's militancy now run by the church and christians. They almost encircled Asom, which remained Hindu majority, from all sides. Its a matter of time, they will start sessation movement like East Timor and their western masters will overtly support it.

3. Why not the nation talk about dareness of christians in Orissa (they comprise around 2%) to brutally and mercilessly killing a 84 years old Swamji and his deciples on Janmastami night? When an Australian missionary was killed, news run months and condemnations for years. And he was decorated with national awards, for converting Hindus into christianity. Why double standards? People revolted in Orissa, retaliated and why not? Are Hindus born to bear humiliations and oppression all the time? For cowards yes, not for the braves.

4. Christian missionaries Soul Harvesting terrorism on Hindus have to stop, stop permanently if govt and people want to see peace and harmony. Else, nothing can stop it from more conflicts. Its not my wish, its natural consequence. Instead of addressing the illegal Conversions and Hindu abusing actions by the christians, Govt of India warned Orissa and Karnataka with article 355 (precursor to article 356). What a nation we live, is it a covert christian nation? Not covert anymore, now it is overt.

5. Those Hindus and non-Hindus thinks all such retaliations are by VHP or Bajrangdal, need to come out from sicular medias traps. There may be some incidents, in most cases they are spontaneous. Does that means all Hindus overnight turned into VHP and Bajrangdal? Well, that would be wonderful. And what sicular govt will do, if all Hindus turned into VHP and BD? Every Hindus seeing the plight of Hindus in J&K, Kerala, Asom and many other places across the nation. They don't need VHP or BD to get incited and agitated. This is my experience, not from textbooks.

6. There is a saying in Samskrit, Veer Bhugya Vasundhara (the World only enjoyed by the braves). Half a million Kashmiri Hindus (they call themselves Pandits) run away from their thousand years of living place, they had no guts to resist and fight. Because, they never learned how to protect themselves and turned themselves into bunch of cowards and impotents. They lived under the protection of Dogras. Had there been half a million Dogras or Sikhs in Kashmir valley, they would not have run away. Why Jammu people revolted in recent Amarnath land issue? Simply because, Jammu is dominated by the Dogras (about 65% are Dogras), who are brave soldiers. So, be brave.

7. What Dalai Lama had to say about his country's invasion and colonisation by the China. He said, before Buddhism came, Tibetans were warior people and they conqured others. After Buddhism entered Tibet, Tibetans became so non-violent that they lost any sense of thinking to protect themselves. Consequence, when China invaded, they had nothing to do but submit, surrender and live as sub-ordinate and second class people.

8. Japan surprised and shocked USA by attacking the Pearl Harbour. What US did? They took their own time and then taught Japan a lession perhaps it will never forget till its existence. Today, Japan is, no doubt, an economic power, but a sub-ordinate power under USA. It lives like a wet cat under US nuclear umbrella, command and dictate. We Hindus need emulate US to punish the enemies such a way that they never dare to touch again.

Anonymous said...


blogspot.com and click the topic on
jesus imperialism and look for comments.

Anonymous said...

@KJ & many anonymous who have posed that Hindus are attacking the Christian worship places, take a while, who did the crusade and what did the Nazi army do. Has there been a religious tolerance like Hindus had for others in the past this day wouldn't have occurred. The global terrorism wouldn't have seen its day light. what happened in Spain? why weren't the Muslims let live as themselves. The only country for Hindu is India. Also Hindus have let the Christians & Muslims live in peace until they have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.
Again in support to Dr Acharya, What is wrong in he writing the blogs? are you feeling burnt by the truth, Remember if there were muslims/christians killed in a riot there are Hindus who are being killed as well.
Remember Even Hindu religion preaches love & harmony, not just the Bibles. Answer one question why are only those people who get converted get monetary benefits? I have seen this in my eyes what happened in the Tsunami hit areas.
Also in Hinduism there is no restriction to temples, correct yourself those whoever wrote, if that has happened it has because of human jealousy which exist in every community. The backward don't convert unless you plead them to get converted. And the convertors use the sentiments to brainwash which is called as aid.
The root cause for the communal riot is the intolerance of one towards the other. I need not have to repeat who did crusade and the now Jihad.
Show one instance of Hindus calling a holy war. The Hindus have never waged war in the name of HOLY. Neither have they tried conversion. Why is every inter religion marriage in Christian happen with a conversion or Baptism? Answer this Mr KJ
@br valerian showed how intolerant is he towards other religion.
@voiceofneil beautifully wrote that showing love towards God isn't conversion. Dear you need to exercise your own facts. Conversion is not by self. Its the propaganda that does it. There had been articles in TV long ago how the conversion was being done. Just like Christians, Hindus also believe in their Gods. Its easy for a Catholic to blame protestant and others and vice-versa its just escapism.

mahsu said...

Hello Mr. Acharya, I know my comments will not be published. But, atleast i know u will be reading this. My earlier comments never appeared on ur blog!!!!! and I know u have no answers to the truthful questions!!!
Even after declaring that the situation is under control, there were reported attacks on the churches. Now, the police have arrested the state Bajarangdal convener, will u ensure that it's not an eyewash & u mean business? It was obvious htat u have soft corner for the Bajarangdal/vhp & was evident from ur statements after the attack. Be impartial Mr. Home Minister. u have a great responsibility.

Blogger said...

@mahsu said...
Please note that out of power poiliticinas are using all resources to cause communal tension...Mr HDK has openly admitted that in Mangalore...
And if you post decent comments, they will always find a place, otherwise, you may post elsewhere...

rohan said...

Hello sir..plz listen to me..sir i am a hindu n i am feelin like i am a minority in my own country..plz take action against all christians/muslims n pseudo secularists..how long can we tolerate this?i lost my close friend in the delhi blasts....why cant we make india a hindu nation?sir be proud to speak for the hindus!.keep goin.good luck

Vishnu said...

Sir, I always watch news on different national and local channels but I always feel that these channel are always driven by directly or indirectly from foriegn MNC and they are expected to report only one side of any situtaions like this and support Cristains alone. and also they never broadcast the good things about you govt . Why cant BJP sponsored channel be launced and communicate the right information to people. Instead of depending on these existing News channels owned by JDS leaders , NDTVs, CNBC...

Jai Hind

Naveen said...

Comment moderated by blogger
Dear Naveen, please send your uncivilized comments to other web pages run by communal forces.
Please do not pollute my blog!

Anonymous said...

everyone is free to propogate his faith its with the other person whether to accept it or no.. if someone forces let the converts speak and complain,if we converted do u think we would be still a mere 2.5% in the country?

mahsu said...

Hi Mr. Acharya, I posted straight questions & not any indecent comments. Please have guts to answer them. Still the churches are being attacked & u are telling people that situation is under control.Comments made by people against other religion appear on your blog. Do you want me to remind you that u hold a responsible position? You have the responsibilities to uphold the Indian Constitution, equality & justice, Mr. Acharya.You were elected to protect the people not the goondas.

R.Sajan said...

If Hindus can believe that Sai Baboo, Amritanand-ammayi etc are gods or Avatars, why can they not let Jesus also be some minor Avatar or God? Assimilation is the best tactic to immobilise the opposition.

Ill-educated missionaries' and pastors' saying that Hindu gods are immoral demons must be laughed off. Hindus can counter it by saying that the celibate priests and nuns are venting their frustration, and that the pastors are unhappy they cannot have 16008 women like Srikrishna. If one's God is almighty, why should one fear and resent stupid missionary propaganda?

As the late EK Nayanar said, "why should gods have guards?"

This bend of thought can apply to all religions.

But then the acrimony is not about god. It is about money, influence and power. If Christians were genuine Christians, would there be any acrimony ever anywhere? If Hindus actually wanted 'Lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavantu', would they quarrel?

Daniel said...

We expect you to be balanced if we are to trust your judgment.

Blogger: response to the rest of the comment: Please visit christian run websites for "other side" of story, which you seem to relish- remember that the photos in this blog are sourced from the very same websites, which withdrew them after a while!

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for giving the other side of the story. So much noise has been made in media about how the peaceful Christians were targeted by Violent Hindu mobs in Mangalore. The same media few months back were commenting on How BJP has won Karnataka without resorting to any of its Hindutva plank.
Sadly in India it has become a chic to show that how secular we are which often means turn a blind eye on everything that is being done in the name of minoritysm.
In 1996, in Kasava Bavada, Kolhapur there was a prayer meeting in Kolhapur Maharashtra by some Christian Evangelical church. They had the caption.. Watch the miracle of a Blind Man seeing, Lame Man walking and a dumb man speaking. I went there and there was some US Pastor who actually performed these so called miracles on stage.
The audience were predminantly villagers and like a true marketing strategy they were lured with something that was in sync with their superstition.

You are the home minister and Sir, These charade is very common. Someone has to bring this into book. The only way to bring out the lie that the conversions are not forced or induced is by exposing them.
You just have to cover any such prayer meetings that are held at regular intervals in carefully selected pockets. Just videotape one of them and you will have the proof.

There is huge oney involved in Conversion. I was in England for three years and was constantly hounded by Jehovah Witness and Mormons.
Even the Established churches were targeted by them. They are highly controlled organisation where once one entered is brainwashed.

This New life church was founded in 1978 by Ted Haggard who was incidently dismissed by the overseers because of a sex scandal with a male Escort in 2006. Imagine the Church conceived by such a person is bringing out Pamphlets like Satyadarshini.

All these evangelical churches function like a proper corporate houses with a CEO enjoying full benefits out of the donation.

The more Soul they save.. the more is the donation they get. In such churches every effort is taken to keep the flock in full control.

They identfy their target market and then they pounce with full preparation.

If there is any Catholic who is blogging here.. just imagine.
Mother Teresa is not being awarded Sainthood as they are finding two miracles that can be attributed to her. These evangelical Church leaders perform 2 miracle every day. They will do anything to have the number and in UK and they have already worried the established church allover world.

Sir, Please expose such characters. You will be hounded by the media and so called secular parties. But let the truth be out and it should not be one sided.

suraj said...


being an indian and a hindu, i feel ashamed

Dear friend. This is exactly what your chritian teachers have wanted you to become. First you become dashamed of your co-religionists, then of your religion and generations down, riper for a final conversion

to see the way you are trying to progate your political agenda.

Every person has the right to express his opinions. And believe me, Politicians know far more better tactics to propagate their political agenda that will reward them bulkier vote banks. Mr. Acharya is writing a blog only to reach out to a fringe minority of blog readers, people of the civi society and he is bearing all the humilating comments on face forgiving the offenders thereby. IN WHICH STATE WILL YOU FIND A HOME MINISTER LIKE THIS?

Please respect this gesture of him.
as you are in a responsible position you shuold be striving to bring peace and build bridges between the communites.

And he/his party is exactly doing the same. Trying to bring up the other, less talked, less propagated and less frenzied side of the story rather than parroting like a Cong/JDS leader on their fake principles of PSEUDOSECULARISM. His actions are quite balanced.

please do not divide our people and the communities.

UNITY at the cost of IGNORANCE is wirth no prize. That UNITY is good for nothing which is founded on INACCEPTANCE, DISREGARD, FALACY, LOP-SIDED COMPROMISES and IGNORANCE, better be disowned. Come out of the fool's paradise my friend
i have so many chritians friends who are not as you claim to be.

Yes this might happen. But you cannot generalise it the other way either .May be they are one of a kind when among you, and the other when they are among themselves.

i am the product of the christian institutiion. i have never come accross any such conversions.

You are from an affluent family and there is no financial or moral/spiritual need for you to converst. You christian teachers know about that. So they would not convert you . But have you never seen any dalit, tribal and less competent students in your scholl studying alonside you----just because they are christians? Dear the objectives of the christian missionaries to create a product like you(as you said) is to build an opinion mass that would help fulifil their goal to make a Christian India......not in 5,10 or 15 years but to make a progression towards the decades by decades, the fastre the better.

Just like britishers wanted to create the Middle Class in India that would help then sustain their Raj in India, similarly the missionaries want to create a Middle Class christian educated middle class in india, that would help thie attain thei goal.

i know many priests who are of high learning and compassionate.

They might be learned and compassionate, but the fact rea,mins that they want massses to convert to Christianity.

why blame them for your selfish motives.

What self lies if I stand up for my community

what is your problem if the person is willing to change his or religion?

We allowed Islam to propagate in our countries. Converts to islam were disowned but we never kept a check on the growth of their. At last when their population surpassed ours, we were thrown out of own Homelands of which we were the aboginies. We do not want this to happen to us again. Christians banned the native language of the native americans for 500 years, result? they have totaly lost their cultural asset. Do you want this to happen to us. Leave language, christians want us to disown our centuries old glorious past, of which our faith-Hinduism is core

remeber there can not be any seuch forcible conversion as you accuse of

Forcible conversions- The whole of present day south ameriac and africa are examples. You need to develop a more analytical approach.
my humble request ist that you be more open to other religion and cultures as indian.

We cannot welcome invadors as guests. History is evidence. Please try learning form the past.

be a proud indian.

We are already. being proud at the cost of being ignorant is uncalled for.

celebrate the diversity. do not destroy the it

The biggest threat to our cultural diversity is froem these western faiths Islam and Christianity which encore among themselves- a WORLD CONQUERING VISION

Thanks for reading


Narendra said...

This is in response to "R.Sajan"s comment.
Yes. It doesn't make any difference to Hindus, if they include Jesus as one of the gods. Hindu Dharma is inclusive and can include many more gods like that.
This is all in the intellectual level.

But, come to the practical problems.
This is not just about gods. It is about conversion. Do you know that many of the todays's Christian countries were non-christian centuries back. How did they become Christian today?
And can you show atleast one Christian state which is secular?
The church has a very clear plan - to convert the whole world to Christianity. Pope John Paul II gave the call to convert India to a Christian state when he had come to New Delhi few years back.
And they are getting huge amount of money for that.
Why will anybody invest money - to get profit, right?
So, Church is investing money to convert us to Christianity.
Once a person gets converted, he start feeling that he belongs to a foreign land. That is what has happened in Nagaland, Mizoram and other north eastern states. They are all nearly 90% converted and today they want a separate nation! This wouldn't have happened if those places remained as Hindu majority.

Do you know that many militant organizations of north east are being funded by church?

So, how do you tackle all these? Is it just by assimilation?
Do you know that Gandhiji and Swami Vivekananda were the greatest opposers of conversion. Vivekananda had told: "By converting one hindu to Christianity, we are not only getting reduced by one number; but, also our enemy is stronger by one number".

So, conversion is a serious threat to our national fabric and has to be defeated. Otherwise, we will not be a secular state - we will also become a christian state like UK or Syria or Italy or USA.

Anonymous said...

What Gandhiji said on Conversion.

Mahatma Gandhi on Conversion

Also read

Christian Conversions and Terrorism in North-East India

Sudhakar Lendave said...

Home minister of Karnataka..
parents of Karnataka..
And While your two communitits are quarreling, you are writing blog explaining how your police got hit instead of making people calm ?this will cause nothing but more agitation. Whose face then christian's would see for shelter..?

It's a biggest joke of democracy..
Why don't you declare Karnataka a Hindu state..

And why don't you employ Bajarang Dal and other VHP in your Police force as they can save Karnataka from the evil christians..

people who elected you and your party will be in misery and thinking why they elected you!

These things will lead India Nowhere...
I strongly protest this incident.

Rangaraj said...

Sir, I read mostof the comments and the accompanying article. I find that Christians , not withstanding their low % in terms of Population, were in a combatative mood in replies. Hindus as usual were trying to explain in a polite manner.This is as far as the present situation prevailing. But, in the long run , if reasons does not bring out a change in attitude, Hindus ( ie those who do not believe in semitic faith of conquest, butchery , rape and slaughter - both physical and mental ) may be tempted to do a ' Narasimha AVATARA' TO CLEANSE THE PERIL. mY EARNEST REQUEST IS TO HEED THE WARNING AND DESIST TESTING THE MODERATE AMONG THE COUNTRY MEN.

Rangaraj said...

Ihave read your comments to readers views which is quite moderate and reasonably argued, unlike those of contankerous secularists (False and Pseudo). The views of those belonging to semitic faiths are combatative and it is evident that they do not understand their position in a country like Hindustan.If they are a bit in a pensive mood, they should understand clearly that there is a limit to every tolerance. Day by Day they are being exposed and they, are beginning to behave like people belonging to Mideast faith.Ultimately a party based on falsehood and imposed leaders cannot also come to their help if they do not correct their perceptions.Still there is time and before long the time will be up, ie it will affect their economic prospects. Even the mughals and the British Conquistadores realised it.It is not too late, whether deal with US or not.

Jitendra Desai said...

It was wrong on part of K'nataka CM to have continued with his meeting with the Archbishop, after what entire country saw on TV.He was determined to insult the CM in front of TV cameras.CM should have walked out immdly.BJP in turn should state now in its manifesto that it will ban all conversions and will prosecute all those who insult gods of any religion.

Mathew Vattamattam said...

It is sad to see what is happening in our country. It is shameful for Karnataka to allow people taking law in their hands. If there are denigrating comments on any religion or deity, it is dangerous to leave it to a mob to address it. We have religious leaders to talk about it. We have law and courts of law to deal with it. It is cowardice that resorts to mob force to tackle issues. A survey of our saffron web sites reveal that they contain much against other religions and there are ideas that provoke fanaticism and disunity among us. Principles should apply to all equally whether Hindu, Christian, or Muslim. Ideologies that invite a mob to take weapons to save their religion do not help our Indians to rise above spiritually to become better humans. The nobility of any faith is in the way it deals with its adversaries. Hinduism as I know it had that nobility. Are we not mocking the dignity of our ancients who could see the different rivers flowing to the same vast ocean?
The need of the hour is not to play blame game to point the enemy. It is the hour to rise above in our consciousness to see in the other our own brothers and sisters irrespective of what they profess. We are Indians with a heritage that cannot be shaken by a little book written by an ignorant preacher.
I expect little more nobility of consciousness in our elected leaders. Jai Hind!
- Prabhudas

Vivek said...

When Taslima wrote something bad about the Quran she was attacked in front of a conference and she was threatened numerous times. What did the Govt do. Just ignore it. When Religious activities are being carried out in the churches its fine but when it degrades any other religion then you expect to get it back from them. What is the Govt doing now. Issuing threats to the Karnataka Govt. Did Mr Manmohan Singh or Sonia ever condemn the misdeeds of other religions. I guess never. But when a few attacks were going on in difft parts of the words because of Danish Cartoons he condemned the Danish newspaper but never condemned the violence against them. Why is he protecting MF Hussain. Did he ever condemn his work. I guess never. rajshekar Reddy plans is planning to have churches in Tirupathi. Dont u think its crazy. The media as one of the bloggers mentioned is being funded by christians and they can stoop to any level. They glorify the rich and the famous who are non Hindus. Have they ever condemened the remarks of christians on the Hindu gods?? Its a Hapless situation and we should be ashamed as India is the only Hindu Dominated country and we are being criticized by the minority and our own fellow men are targetting us. I love this country but I am really ashamed to live here unless I can live without our gods being condemned.

Anonymous said...

Greetings. Section 144 came into force on 14th Sunday, in Mangalore. On 15th Monday early morning the church bells tolled for a long time giving danger alarm. Xns flocked to the church in great numbers mostly women and young boys and girls. The priests though aware of the section summoned the people, women in great number for majority of the men are working in the gulf countries. Is it a plan to plant the women against the police? Not anticipating women there were fewer/no women police with the force.
The police on duty entered the church compound to disperse the youth. Had they been not dispersed there would have been real warfare between the Xns and H’s. It was really hurting to see the police on duty receiving stones instead of cooperation that too from the so called peace loving (?) and educated (?) Xns.
The Xns instead of dispersal stayed too long to provoke the “police” in the police.
The Xns successfully got what they wanted ie, “persecuted image” at home and international level. In Mangalore there are Churches “Kaigondu baigondu” with acres and acres of land as church compound. Population wise they are more than the H. temples and land. In Beltangandi within the police jurisdiction there are 54 churches and 45 police including officers in the police station.(udayavani) So the Xns formed their own guard parties to protect the churches which is not a good sign for it might lead to what happened/ing in the NE States of India.
The H. always use the adjectives peace loving and service minded to the Xns. The X history of 2000 years says otherwise. Xn work though they get paid and their intention of service fulfilled is called service! The work done by the H’s though selfless and even if they die doing the work it is not service but considered as done for their living!
The Xn education is weakening and making our youth (both boys and girls) lazy and ease loving.
The H.have enemies in the form of conversion terrorism, M.terrorism, power hungry politians and the youth who have been turned against their own culture and country by Xn ed., missionary activities and the pomp and glory of the west which is subtly propagated by the interested parties.
The Bajarangees need more education, training, strategy and funds. Instead of creating witness in the form of broken Crucifix to go around the world they should be strengthened, educated and equipped properly to strike at the root of evil in a very subtle manner.
Moreover the Fact F. Forum reaches after the incidence and take note of what is said by the people overcome with emotions. They look at the material damage. And do not reach the core of the situation which is being built carefully over the years .They do not reach the population at large which may not be possible for them.

physically said...

THANKS FOR CITING THE REAL REASON Why this has not been published in papers. THE GOVT. OF kARNATAKA SHOULD PUBLISH THE REAL REASON it ahould expose the hidden agenda of the christians. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE IN ARILANKA THETAMIL HINDUS WANT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY WITH THE buddhists. but the tamil christians are preventing the peace process. this has resulted in large scale death of hindus in srilanka. In fact uma maheshwaran srilankan hindu minister was shot dead by christian LTTE iN FACT WHEREVER CHRISTIANS GO THEY ASK FOR SEPARATE STATE AND DIVIDE THE SOCIETY
Physically Handicapped Youth Association Pondicherry

physically said...

It is a real truth and it should be brought in newspaper and every one should be aware of this type of crimes. Physically Handicapped Youth Association Pondicherry

Shahryar said...

"During the past few centuries the most belligerent, the most aggressive, the most rapacious, the most power-drunk section of humanity has been precisely, the Christian Western world..During these centuries western Christendom had invaded all other continents; its armies followed by priests and merchants have subjugated, robbed or pillaged most of the non-Christians. Native Americans, African, Australian, Asiatic populations have been subjugated to this peculiar brand of Christian 'love' which has generally manifested itself in pitiless destruction, enslavement, coercion, destruction of the cultural values, institutions, the way of life of the victims and the spread of alcoholism, venereal disease, commercial cynicism and the like."
-Pitrim Sorokin, a Harvard sociologist

Anonymous said...

Respected sir,
I have been reading comments posted by the readers of various hues and nomenclature (ie us and thosewho were very recently one of US). The blog as a medium is much more representative of the views of our anguished countrymen than news paper which gives only desirable news. Thus these blogs are an expression of democratic opinion' unlike secularism which is a sermon from the pulpit only initiated in this country, by the Rt. Honorable 'PANDIT' Jawaharlal Nehru. Todays news on Nanavati Report is completely blocked by the Media afrai that it may lead to revanchist tendencies of the affected.The important fact of Nuclear Deal with US by a Government not confident of surviving the next few months is given a twist by boot lickers *(which includes Technogists, Scientists expecting extension of their existing Govt service upto 65 Years age, Quislings of all hues and also those who believe that with 5 puny tests they have all the 'Knowhow ' for designing weapons of 'DETERRANCE'). In effect, this country which produced Vyasa and Valmiki is afraid to face the truth and do what is necessary to save the Hindusthan/Bharatha Varsha/India or Jambu Dweepa whatevr it is. Please keep doing the good work and ensure that down trodden get their dues from the society and not get converted for finacial gains.

Anonymous said...


1. We have to publicize those blasphemous venom-spewing books, or even its contents. If not the Sickular English Media, atleast the Vernacular Regional media will take it to people.

2. Arrest the top shots of New life and the people behind those books.

3. Why shouldn't the STATE Govt give a strong rebuttal to Italy on the lines of once Jayalalitha condemned the pope for poking into our internal affairs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Acharya,

Your premise of assertion on MOB behavior is totally wrong. you equating "MOB" behavior to civilized society and institutions / religion is clutching straws. Since you were calling out to people in UAE, if you require I will post pictures of labour riots in UAE. Indian crowd assaulting Dubai police and burning Dubai police vehicles. If INDIAN MOB in UAE with draconian laws can go to that extent to show their anguish, what would you expect from a mob in INDIA.

The question should be, did the great state of KARNATAKA create a conducive atmosphere for a mob to take justice into own hand. I am glad that you put yourself out there for public scrutiny. Please don't shock us with your lack of knowledge.. please consult the MUMBAI police about mob behavior, ask them if there is any difference between Hindu MOB or Muslim MOB or Christian MOB. it should be sociology 101.. then again India elects jokers like LALU why you should you be any different.

If the state continues to use state apparatus to subjugate minorities then don't expect the situation to improve. You being at a significant authority should be able to distinguish between what serves for greater good of Kranataka and India not be involved in contentious issues which will plague us for centuries.

Ranga said...


We were happy when BJP came to power in Karnataka. It was our cherished dream. The minority communities gaining this much strength in denigrating Hindu Gods and Hinduism is solely due to the central Governments wrong attitudes and the Media support - which is fully chiristanised - both Electronic as well printed ones. The ONLY salvation is FIGHT this with tooth & nail. A DAY definitely will come when the HINDUS will wake up rom the slumber. Praying at the feet of the God to strengthen this government by HIS grace and blessings. Salutations to you for the excellent blog.
With best regards,
V S Rangachar

ganesh said...

What some famous people have said about Christianity:


I urge all of you to read this!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I don't know if this blog is by the home minister or a fan writing it. In any case,giving a one-sided blog post totallt defeats the credibility of the post. Christians rioted, yes, but how come no photos of churches being attacked are posted? How come those people who attacked the churches have not seen a mention here. This is the same minister who gave a clean chit to BD before even understanding what happened in bangalore, before any probes. That itself is a sign that bias exists in the government itself, let alone a blog. If normal people want to take this blog seriously, it would be worth-while to write an unbiased post.

Hindustani said...

Dear Home Minister
Catholics are converting poor, helpless people throughout the country. They get huge funds from the West for this. Are you going to show guts to stop all this? Or you are going to piecefully enjoy the tamasha and safeguard your chair?

jai said...

Dis is extremely ridiculous...how can u be against Christians...
Know one thing hindus are unable to bear the thought of having Christians in india n r blaming them for nothing....
hindus are the one whos started dis and made it a big issue...
The photos and the tags given below dont even correlate...
U r just cheating n deviating everyone who are reading ur blog by pointing dat mistakes were commited by christians alone whereas it was hindus and other religious fanatics who started this issue...
its really hilarious to see how u blame christians by pointing out the stones in d cemetery..telling look close at the red cool drink carton,telling chirstian people are pelting stones on police...OMG...
Let me tell u dat u itself wil realize ur mistake one fine day and find dat christians are the people who r not to be blamed...

INDIAN said...

Indian security might be the most pressurised ones in the world to deal with not only different types of violences in the country, but also handle the biggest challenge, the vested interests of different religions. Do the religion fundamentalist attack police / security just because they are trying to create peace and harmony in society??
The real shame is for the people who trigger this filthy thought of religion bias, then it may be any religion, they are proving their own religion down by such coward acts.

The people managing the country who proudly says 'unity in diversity' have to undergo extreme pressure to keep the belief in this statement alive.

Nice work SIR! A great salute to unsung heroes like you!

-A proud INDIAN

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

The best thing about this blog is that it gives the another side of the story. A side that is never part of main stream news.
But then this cannot be denied as well. Innocents may not be exactly innocent.

No one in secular media has critisized Satya Darshini. No one has tried to gauze the effect of such books used to propagate such incidents.

We talk about co existence and then we talk about my god is better than yours and then point out incidents in the religious books to denigrate the gods. But he forgets that with same yardstick even his religious book can be ridiculed.
Similar incidents are there in Bible too. Do anyone wants to debate. I can give you thousand of abusdities in Bible so called book of God.
Unlike Christians we do not proclaim patent on God and trust me, with all of your belief neither do you.
Bible will fail on al the yardstick you use to denigrate other religion. Religion is faith and faith needs not to be logical.

You have saved your soul.. all the best. But if one tries to save other by mocking their own belief then such incident will keep on happening.

All the dalits that were converted to Christianity with promise of better life is still facing the same stigma. hence there are question raised about reservation to dalit christians. But then when did Christianity has dalits. Dalit Christian is an Oxymoron.

Catholics are no way into conversion. they have learnt the art of making money through Schools and colleges. Just try fixing up fees in Kerala and see who complains. They are no way the problem. They have been there through ages and have coexisted through centuries. The have through their experience have understood the futility of religious intolerance and are now facing serious challenges from such new age cults in their own backyard.

Most of the new cults are totally bible literalist and considers

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Dear Sir, I must congratulate you at the onset for being courageous to acknowledge the truth, however discomforting it may be. I hope that through the medium of blogging we can have an alternative medium for news and views in place of the utterly biased English media! I am sick of the Hindu-bashing and I hope to God that Hindus rise against these petty religious politics of appeasing the minorities. I request you Sir, to also read this post
Thankyou! Jai Hind!

R.Sajan said...

How much are the poor Christian victims of the merciless Karnataka anti-Christian genocide likely to be compensated with?

In Orissa, the State government has announced Rs. 2 lakhs each, and the Sonia government a further and additional Rs. 3 lakhs each to the victims as compensation. All the 1.16 lakhs of Converts in Khandmal would be made eligible. The total financial burden to the public exchequer would come to only about Rs. 6000 crores.

This will be met from the taxes paid by the majority community because the Christians are only around 2%, and they do not pay taxes on the huge foreign donations.

Compensation had been paid on account of the 2007 December violence also. The same victims would figure in both 2007 and 2008 violence.

Thanks to murdered Swami Laxmanananda, each Convert in Khandmal is now a lord of the State society with Rs. 5 lakhs each in their pockets.

The Bajrang Dal are thus rendered fools !!

Neetee said...

Thanks for writing this.

Kumar said...

What has this government done to protect Hindus from marauding christian missionaries? Did your government arrest the authors, editors and publishers of "satyadarshini"? BJP calls itself a nationalist party but what actions have they taken against the missionaries and their treacherous deeds? As a Hindu I am losing hope on BJP too.

Mahesh said...

No body is against offering the selfless services to poors but if some body is having motto to convert the poors just by capitalising their needs, it is really shame full.
When it is with the support from foreign countries who wants to destroy India by dividing it in pieces by converting the current nationalist is really an antinational activity.
One of my friend joined missionry activity & when she went to Daltonganj, she took all demographic & population status of the area with her. Now tell me if some body wants to have selfless services, why it requires population status of that area.
Why they are offering the services only to those who are ready to change the religion & not to all?
Why some people get reconverted to their original religion after understanding the truth?

It is easy to convert illiterate/poor people as they are having priority to their basic needs than the religious aspects.
you have to first survive to follow the religion & exaxtly this is been encashed by missionaries.
Apart from this, missionaries are moving in the cities with printed material saying that only jesus is the god & all others are demon. You will survive only if you follow christianity or else hell is the place for you. dont you think by this missionaries are derespecting hindu/muslim or other religions.
No issue with the conversion but ultimately it is going to be cause for the destruction of nation. Missionaries are like the muslim terrorists which by hook or krook wants to dstroy the other religions but the way of conduct is pretty cool.

cant missionaries offer their services keeping religion & bible apart as human beings??

If per bible chrisianity is the only the way of god & bible is only the truth please answer my following question,

"As per bible Adam & Eve were the frist humans on the earth & they were having only 2 sons, let me know how world is further grown with only two boys??"

I being a Hindu respects to all religions & religious books whether complete or incomplete.
No religion asks for restrictions, it is the followers who add the convenient things for their benefits & make the others trouble.

Anonymous said...

No body is against offering the selfless services to poors but if some body is having motto to convert the poors just by capitalising their needs, it is really shame full.
When it is with the support from foreign countries who wants to destroy India by dividing it in pieces by converting the current nationalist is really an antinational activity.
One of my friend joined missionry activity & when she went to Daltonganj, she took all demographic & population status of the area with her. Now tell me if some body wants to have selfless services, why it requires population status of that area.
Why they are offering the services only to those who are ready to change the religion & not to all?
Why some people get reconverted to their original religion after understanding the truth?

It is easy to convert illiterate/poor people as they are having priority to their basic needs than the religious aspects.
you have to first survive to follow the religion & exaxtly this is been encashed by missionaries.
Apart from this, missionaries are moving in the cities with printed material saying that only jesus is the god & all others are demon. You will survive only if you follow christianity or else hell is the place for you. dont you think by this missionaries are derespecting hindu/muslim or other religions.
No issue with the conversion but ultimately it is going to be cause for the destruction of nation. Missionaries are like the muslim terrorists which by hook or krook wants to dstroy the other religions but the way of conduct is pretty cool.

cant missionaries offer their services keeping religion & bible apart as human beings??

If per bible chrisianity is the only the way of god & bible is only the truth please answer my following question,

"As per bible Adam & Eve were the frist humans on the earth & they were having only 2 sons, let me know how world is further grown with only two boys??"

I being a Hindu respects to all religions & religious books whether complete or incomplete.
No religion asks for restrictions, it is the followers who add the convenient things for their benefits & make the others trouble.

vijaypmail said...

This is the very good approch from you towards so called peace loving protest. keep it up...jayatu bharatam, vande mataram

Anonymous said...

post the happenings sequentially. show the sathyadarshini book to the public and let the people decide on their own. post the fotos from both affected sites. no INDIAN media is telling truth. i appreciate ur works but that isn't enough to make people aware of what is going on. it's right time to start a hindu news channel that should be accessible to all in the world and which should support all religions. no one should feel it is one sided partial activity.

Madhusudan said...

Someone on the blog said, 'I am the product of christian institution, and I have never seen any such conversions'. This reply from him is for me. And I am also product of christian school and I have seen conversions in my school. and that too on basis of some wonderful magic of healing'

People are foolishly writing in support of christians. 80% of india's problems of India will be solved if Muslims and christians stopped claiming that their faith is the only genuine faith. those who think otherwise, are the ones who are insecure of their religion or not sufficiently informed about their faith.

Narendra said...

Just read Bible and Koran. They don't hide their intention of expanding their religions by conversion. Also, they are open to any type of conversion. Ultimately their number has to swell and their religion has to be accepted by all.
Even the pope has told this many times. So, we need not give heed to what our own christian population say regarding this.