Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Towards development...

American consul general meets HM, visa consulate for Bangalore requested
in spite of all the negative publicity accorded to Bangalore, it continues to be the hub for US related cyber/ business activities in India. 7000 persons of American Origin work in Karnataka, 45000 persons from the state visit America every year.  

Anti Terror Cell to be revamped...
BANGALORE: The state govt has ambitious plans of turning the now-nearly defunct Anti Terror Cell into a fully functional body with a jurisdiction across Karnataka. This will be one of the steps of fighting terror. 

The other steps will be strengthening vigilance and patrolling. Fixing cameras and CCTVs in sensitive installations and keeping a watch on usual suspects are other measures. 

Home minister V S Acharya said that the plan to strengthen the ATC is being put into action in stages. "We aim to strengthen the ATC with funds, committed officers and equipment. We will focus on capacity building of the officers by regular training in computer application , explosive and arms training and other matters related to crime and terror,'' he said. 

According to him, the government will study the best practices adopted by other states and countries in combating terror. We will focus on intelligence gathering. "We will fuse classical and modern methods of intelligence collection. We will build a strong intelligence network comprising groups of informants, communities and citizens,'' he said. The government is also considering suggestions like recruiting only officers and personnel who volunteer to work for the force and guaranteeing them postings of their choice after their tenure in the ATC. The government had built up the anti-Veerappan task force using these methods. 


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Dear Hahaha
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Mr. Acharya if u r the HM with all the powers of the state why r u afraid to post all the comments from ur readers??