Monday, September 22, 2008

?Culprits arrested: Bangalore : Sunil George, Sagar: A congress leader involved!

ನುಂಗಲು ಆಗದ ಸಮಾಚಾರ !
Now that the investigations are on, interesting facts are rolling out...Culprit in Bangalore events is one Mr Sunil George...In Sagar a congress leader offered Rs 15 lac to an individual for desecrating a prayer hall! Read on...
(news sourced from eesanje/ sanjevani)

Where are our "intellectuals" "human rights activists" or innumerable self proclaimed saviors of humanity?


Sheela Shetty said...

Dear Readers.
Since Last few days we have Expressed our views towards the incident. Some of them are really provocative, its just like adding fuel to fire. Most of us are away from our place so it is easy to make comments and express our anger towards concern. I persoanlly condemn this act. It is very diffucult to witness and being there, I was in Mumbai during Mumbai riots, We lived under tension for many days. So Now all of us should work in different directions like spreading Harmony messages to our beloved family members,friends and neighbors through Phone, E-mails or SMS. I think this will work well.

Anonymous said...

The Arch Bishop behaved very rudely with the CM when he went to meet him. Now that the hidden hand of Christian Congress leaders are exposed, he needs to tender an apology to the CM for his disrespectful behaviour to a CM.