Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Report on Corruption by Transparency International

Police top corruption list
Transparency International Ranks Karnataka Under 'Very High' Category


Bangalore: The cost of educating one's ward may be rising, but
surprisingly this sector ranks last in terms of bribe paid for
availing of its services, while the police department tops the list of
11, in a national survey done by an agency on corruption levels.
   The survey, third in the series which Transparency International
India (TII) has done in collaboration with the Centre for Media
Studies for 2007, measures the extent of petty corruption. The study
covered 31 states and 22,728 below poverty line (BPL) households
between November 2007 and January 2008. TII's first study was done on
a regional basis in 2002 and second done for 20 major states which
were grades from least corrupt Kerala to the most being Bihar.
Karnataka falls under the "very high'' levels along with Rajasthan,
Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and Sikkim.


Anonymous said...

Dear Respected Dr. Acharya,

We are a group of IT professionals from Infosys and other companies. We earnstly request you to consider giving us some flexibilty in chilling out in the evenings. The other day we were at Taj Residency for a drink and around 11PM there was commotion that the police will come and arrest anyone found drinking Beer around 11:30PM. Please sir this is a draconian law. We had all voted for BJP in the last election thinking that you will be more open to youngsters having some fun. We work so hard and late and there is no place in Bangalore whicj alloows us to chill out by dancing to some music. Please look into this requests because ultimately we can do nothing because of the fear of a raid etc.. Please let us know your views on this...

Bedre Manjunath said...

Dear Sir,
Happy to see your blog and all the info there. But, would you please tell me why politicians are getting involved in cases of transfers? May be, they are innocent, but their PAs and PSs are swindling the people. The transfer case attracts a huge sum, it is said. How do you control this? Unnecessary transfers are being thrust upon the officials in the middle of the academic year. Are they not suffering because they have to leave their family in one place and rush to the work spot? Please take some strict measures to keep out these PSc.
Bedre Manjunath