Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Human rights commission, Fact Finding Forum(?) ignore injured Police personnel?

Injured while on duty
No human rights groups visit them
No out of power politicians care for them (just for record: Veerappa Moily visited injured policemen on 18.09.2008)
No media stories on "atrocities on police"
only agony of injuries/ bad media reports / notices from human rights groups!

46 police personnel hit by miscreants from "places of worship"...No "out of power politician" or "human rights activists" or "fact finding forum  ever visited them...
Usual sequence of events...
Thanks to the spirit of Mangaloreans, Mangalore is back to normalcy, despite of the attempts by "out of power politicians"

Originally posted on 16.09.2008
So the pattern of any violence in Mangalore follows a pattern: some issue- blown out of proportion by interested elements- outrage in some community- logic takes a back seat- arson/ riot/ looting/ damage to public property / attack on police follows...when culprits are arrested- a team of oppostion leaders/ intellectuals parade in the city/ hospitals/ media demanding for CBI enquiry, release of all arrested and resignation of all concerned !
Alas! the poor common man does not understand the designs of these "out of power" politicians!

All these out of power politicians want is to get rid of BJP rule in Karnataka, before  Lok Sabha elections...Innocent youngsters are persuaded to indulge in riots, when they are arrested for their acts of attacking the Police force, these predictable out of power politicians take resort with Human rights organizations with letterhead presence, Congress office bearers parading as human rights council members...not to forget the use of Women and children as human shields, a tactic well adopted so far by separatist organizations/ terror groups!




Sudesh Shetty said...

Not one, not two but forty five (45) policemen have been injured in Mangalore riots and admitted to hospital.

Why all these self constituted committees are not visiting injured policemen? Are their life somehow less important than others who took the beatings when they attacked police?

Deepak said...

Correct, this is what always happens in India, generally its not always the people of one community or religion or region, its the people who want to crate all that nuisance, and always police and the poor common man has to bear the consequences.
I want to ask you, while you are in power, why don't you take the actions on all such kind of miscreants ?
Like in this case, why don't setup a enquiry to punish all those involved in attacks ? In parallel, find about the "New Life" and forced conversions, and punish the concerned folks there too.
I couldn't understand your statement that "attacks were on the places where there was forced conversions going on", whatever it is, noone has a right to take law in their hands, right ? But they did it and I heard that Bajranj Dal Head is claiming it also. Is that true ? If yes, then what are you doing about it ? Generally BJP is always Bajrang Dal pro and that is what opposition is making a fuss about ? Why don't do justice here in punishing who attacked and show the nation that this government is not biased and India is secular.
I hope, this will be posted and will be reply from you sir.

Deepak said...

Thanks, I can see my blog posted.
But I didn't see reply on that.
Another point I want to mention here is that - We have to educate the people that we should treat everyone equal regardless of caste, region or religion etc. Otherwise consequence will be very hard, this might lead to voluntary conversion to the other religions, and Mayawati kind of politicians will benefit from this to make a issue and go for more reservations.
Better to make a society where there is no difference between people based on caste, religion, region etc.
And at the end, everyone has to understand that God is only one, only the way of worship is different. Attacking any kind of worshipping place or prayer halls is insulting the GOD he/she worships.

Louis said...

I am a catholic based in Mangalore. I am strongly against forcible conversion. If you see the conversions, the people who are converted are the poor and neglected by their own community. You may say that they are being lured. But what did the poor like this people get in Hinduism ? Just abandoned by the forward castes and not even entering the temples. So why should they still follow hindusim? Now dont start " In USA Blacks are not allowed..." Check in India, the entry is restricted for some section of teh community.

First give the poor the privelege to atleast visit temple to see their God and then you can prevent conversion. waiting for your reply.

Ravi said...

Being a Mangalorean I wouldn't agree that the low caste people are made not to enter few places. This isn't UP or Bihar for God sake. The discrimination exist even in Christianity or any other religion. If every religion had respected others' we wouldn't have seen the days of terror which is the continuity of Crusade and Jihad. Know thy self is much better.