Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will the labour minister resign for this?: Update 25.09.2008, Oscar Fernandes Apology

Supplier CEO attacked and killed by Labour Force
The Tata Nano, which will be the world's least expensive car, has already exacted enormous sums of money and time. A dispute over the location of a new factory has cost Tata close to a year of court wrangling and might end up spoiling a £200 million investment. Now the efforts to build the Nano have cost a life.

Unhappy workers were invited to a meeting with Indian and Italian executives of Cerlikon-Graziano Transmissions, which makes auto parts, to discuss reinstatement. Only a few workers were in the meeting, but more than a hundred were waiting outside. When those outside heard someone inside call for help, they rushed in, and in a mob fog anger, bludgeoned the company's operations head, Lalit Kishore Choudhary, to death.

It was later reported that some of the folks involved in the melee weren't even employees of the company. What Tata will need to urgently figure out is where it needs to go -- inside or outside of India -- to build the Nano without backlash. In the mean time, our condolences go to the Choudhary family.

* attackers belonged to Labour force, under ministry of labour
* What would the Labour Minister do in this episode?

Instead of running his office, honourable minister for labour was "busy" in his home town! 
Message for honourable central minister for labour: instead of meddling with state government affairs, rallying behind Sonia for visit to Udupi/ Mangalore, he should concentrate on the problems in his ministry!
 Will the human rights saviours, Teesta Setalwad ever visit the family of this deceased CEO? Will the central team visit Noida? Will the congress team members perform the drama of Fact Finding? 


Anonymous said...

Oscaranna can't even control autorickshaw union in Udupi on installing meters - what else can we expect from him?

Just to be on the good books of Sonia madam all and sundry Congress leaders are making a beeline to Mangalore.

naveen said...

with such a biased and vindictive mindset how can non-Bjp voters of Karnataka expect any sort of justice from the Home Minister of Karnataka???

Deepak said...

Dear sir,
I have been posting here about the couple of same mails posted to you on your mail-id for drawing your attention towards some of the things my surrounding.I mean, where should the normal citizen go? How should he live? Everywhere, everyone is sleeping, all the government officials and we are paying road taxes which is the highest in karnataka, and for what ?

I hope, this time you will atleast look into my request.

Blogger: You please mail to with specific details. (this mail id has already been publicized under profile)
Contact HM office at Bangalore for an appointment, if the issues are urgent.

Anonymous said...

The Congress first creates a downtrodden/oppressed/minority by cutting up a majority and then feeds of the hopes of the downtrodden/oppressed/minority just created.

Over 50 years of almost continous Congress rule , and the Congress has almost the entire family / extended family settled in the US , and the downtrodden/oppressed/minority are still listening to how dangerous the BJP / RSS combine is...

There is a saying in Hindi which loosely translated goes...
A Cheat will always find an idiot to cheat..

Anonymous said...

Laxmi Acharya.
There is no meaning in asking the ministers to resign whenever some issues crop up. re-election costs the taxpayer.
Again the new minister comit mistake and again they have to resign. There are always people demanding for the resignation. The issue concerned should be properly explained in the papers so that people will never elect them in future.