Thursday, May 29, 2008

Know Dr V S Acharya (bio data)

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Dr V S Acharya
Dr Vedavyas Srinivas Acharya

1939: Born in Udupi
Parents: Vidwan Vedantha Shiromani Katte Srinivasa Acharya & Smt Krishnaveni Amma
1959: medical education at KMC Manipal: Best alumnus award (twice)
1968: Youngest Municipal President of Udupi (28 years)Swarna Water Supply System
Municipality got a administrative building.
Roads were widened and edge to edge tarmac was laid.
Town Planning Authority for planned development.
Underground drainage system was sanctioned and started
First in the country to abolish manual carrying of night soil.
elected twice for the local body,Municipal President for 8 years.
1974 -1977: district president of Bharathiya Jana Sangh
1977-1980: district president Janatha Party in for a period of ten years
1980 –1983: district president BJP
1984: State vice president, BJPMember of the National Executive Committee of the Party (a supreme policy making body of the party) for about twenty years.
1975 – 1977: During the emergency period he was imprisoned under ‘MISA’ for 19 months, for fighting for social justice (for the benefit of younger generation:What is emergency period?
1983: elected to Karnataka Legislative Assembly from Udupi Constituency.
leader of the BJP Legislature Party in KarnatakaDistrict Reorganisation Committee
Swarna II stage project
Creation of Directorate for Municipal AdministrationAppellate Authority for land reforms judgements by tribunals
Abolition of land fragmentation act
Tax concession for diesel used by fishermen
Simplification of taxes and land conversion.
Special grant of Rs 10 Lakhs towards Paryayam, Udupi
commencement of 5 high schools and 3 primary schools,
construction of 4 major bridges were due to his efforts.
1996: elected to the legislative council of Karnataka
2002: Re elected to the legislative council of Karnataka
Formation of Udupi District
He is the spokesperson for the party onbudgetary finance and planning,Electricity and Municipal Administration.
He was the Chairman of Legislature Committee on Health & Family Welfare
2006: Minister for Medical Education & Animal husbandry
Setting up of 6 new Govt. medical colleges in a single academic year
Hassle free CET,
more seats, affordable fees
Faculty recruitment drive with salary revision
Revamping the structure of animal husbandry dept, during brief tenure.
2007: Sworn in as Minister on 12th November 2007
2008: President, Manifesto Committee, BJP; Sworn in as the Home Minister, Government of Karnataka on 30th May 2008
Revamped recruitment process, speeding up the long pending issues of leave policy, salary/allowance revision, implementation of Police Housing, Opening up of New Police stations/new buildings for existing police stations, Modernization of Fire & Emergency services department, New fire stations all over Karnataka (Click here for more details)
2010: Additional charges of Muzrai Dept, Medical Education
2010: (September): Minister for Higher Education, Statistics, Planning
2010: (November): Additional charge of Muzrai Dept
2010: (December) to 2011 (August) : Additional charge of Information Technology & BioTechnology
2011: (8th August 2011): Minister for Higher Education, Statistics, Planning, Muzrai Dept, Information Technology & BioTechnology
Personal info:
Wife: Smt Shantha V Acharya, BSc, Housewife, Social worker, Activist, Ex Municipal Councillor, Currently The State Commissioner, Guides.
Children: (all of them studied upto class 10th in Kannada Medium Schools)
Dr Raviraj V Acharya: MBBS, MD (Medicine), DNB, Professor & Head of Unit VIII, Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, Manipal University (Married to Dr Shashirashmi Acharya, MDS, Professor, Operative Dentistry, CODS, Manipal University)
Dr Kiran K V Acharya: MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics), Associate Professor, Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Unit, Orthopaedics, Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, Manipal University (Married to Vidushi Prathima Kiran, Director, Kalanidhi, Udupi)
Mr Ganesha Prasad: BE., Software Engineer, USA
Mr Rajesh Prasad: BE., Software Engineer, USA (Wife: Madhu)
Mrs Bharathi M Hebbar, USA (Husband: Mohan Hebbar)


Srikanth said...
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Kenney Jacob said...

Its amazing that you started 6 medical colleges in a single academic year. I wish something like that happened in Kerala also. Here a single medical seat in a private institution costs around 40 Lakhs.

Jayaprasad said...

Dear Sir,
Recently I read an interview of your's where you have mentioned about Naxlite problem in Karnataka.

I am afraid that even though the Naxlite problem is not very evident and greater problem like in other states, It might get bigger if the Government doesn't give much importance or stop taking action on it. Also the time when Naxlites are not making news or creating havoc, they might be regrouping and making their organization stronger. Next time they might give us some unexpected surprises. So government should always be on alert and keep their intelligence working at all the time. We should keep our police forces well prepared to break the naxlite networks and they should be working all the time to make this happen.
At the same time Government should also connect with people of Naxal affected backward areas. Government should make sincere effort to understand and respond to their problems. We need to have a plan to develop those areas so that Naxalites will not have any ground to stand and their ideologies will be obsolete.

As a concerned citizen of Karnataka, this is my sincere request.

All the best to your tenure as Home minister of Karnataka.

Jai Hind. Jai Karnataka

sharath said...

Acharya Ji,

Your carrier profile indicates true grass root leader, who started his work from local governance. I wish your journey continue to New Delhi.

smp said...

Sir, I am a great admirer of you as well as BJP. However, I would like to understand few things which till now I haven't understood.
1. Why dont we(strong hindu beliver) have any group which vehemently raises in media the communal issues like ASSAM, DHULE MH, AP where Hindus suffered the most?
2. Why cant BJP start TV channel to convey good works done by them as well as RSS?

Sir this is media /ad world. Unless we create our own, we will loose eventually which I fear the most.
Today educated people think that hindus r responsible for minority issues. This is because they have really not seen what the issues minorities have created.

Prudence said...

Interesting to know.

Dhruva said...

Honorable Home Minister,

I am pleased to introduce myself as Dhruva Kumar Avadhany, Managing Director of a fledgling software firm, Samartha InfoSolutions. With respect to the vehicular traffic situation with Bangalore city, I have a suggestion that have been implemented in one of our erstwhile organization's parking lot, for controlling the number of vehicles to be parked, thereby overcoming the limitation of parking space and this scheme has worked very well.

What we have done is, we have disallowed certain vehicles on the basis of the last digit of its registration number, on specific working days. This has helped reduce around 20% of vehicles on each day and saved a lot of fuel to individuals and to the nation. And more importantly, it helped provide parking space for the rest. The system goes like this. We use to work 5 days a week. Vehicles with Registration Numbers ending with 1 and 2, are not allowed on Mondays. Similarly 3 & 4 on Tuesdays, 5 & 6 on Wednesdays and so on. Since we have peak traffic on these working days we can apply the same technique to all the private vehicles that are in Bangalore, provided there is no legal issue. Also, spreading awareness amongst our people through a media campaign and requesting them to adopt this policy, may help speedy implementation of this unique scheme.

Saying some thing is easy, but executing the same demands commitment and dedication. So let me start from my own end. My vehicle number is 2254 and I will not use my vehicle on any of the Tuesdays between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM within Bangalore urban limits. It is my small gesture to ease Bangalore Traffic. And, I further promise to inform all my friends and colleagues to take a similar step in easing our Bangalore traffic flow. Also, I humbly suggest that if we seek inputs from the general public, we may get other innovative proposals and good suggestions. This will bring to fore, the Voice of the Common Man.

Last, but not the least, I humbly request that you use your distinguished office to advise/instruct major companies, including Software Giants within Bangalore, to implement the above innovative vehicular usage policy within their organizations, in order to make a beginning.


Dhruva Kumar
for the Government and for the People.

Dhruva Kumar said...

Respected Sir,

Thanks for posting my request on Bangalore Traffic Problem. Since it got delayed I have started a blog to collect public opinion and suggestions. If you or your advisor who manages your routine work can visit and listen to "Voice of Common Man". Very useful constructive ideas were provided by different people. It will be very nice if you can ask some one to blog for you regularly on that site.

Sincerely yours...
Dhruva Kumar

mathew said...

be a little more firm - catch the sena monkeys - including the muthalik idiot - give him some of the famous karnataka police treatment - not a heroes welocme and exit - after that , he will think tem times - before coming out in public - for such stupid stunts - if you need help - ask the kerala police - they will give him a sound thrasing - without a single mark - appearing

ours is a beautiful country - dont let these un-employed monkeys spoil it

Anonymous said...

Mr. Acharya I'm very sad and shocked to see how Hinduism is being targeted in your state under the pretext of targeting Mr. Muthalik and SRS. A Christian terrorist woman by the name of Nisha Susan is targeting Hindu Dharama and misleading youth. She with the help of Anti India media group Tehelka have come up with websites, logos and volunteers to target Hinduism and I have not seen any action yet from either you or the BJP workers in ur state. If you dont wake up now then nobody will be able to save BJP in Karnatka..Please arrest that anti national Nisha Susan immediately

Anonymous said...

Mr. Acharya I'm very sad and shocked to see how Hinduism is being targeted in your state under the pretext of targeting Mr. Muthalik and SRS. A Christian terrorist woman by the name of Nisha Susan is targeting Hindu Dharama and misleading youth. She with the help of Anti India media group Tehelka have come up with websites, logos and volunteers to target Hinduism and I have not seen any action yet from either you or the BJP workers in ur state. If you dont wake up now then nobody will be able to save BJP in Karnatka..Please arrest that anti national Nisha Susan immediately

murthy said...

This is the right time to abolish dispensing and priscribing of scheduled drugs by BAMS and bums practioners,by proper legislation.So that public at large will be benefited.

Venugopal Adiga. said...

News paper Times of India is the biggest enemy and spoiling Indian culture. It is more interested in posting nude pictures in sports page, publishing article on how to dump one's wife etc. Now it has started targeting you. Sad that their priority is not real issue. You better avoid briefing that news paper and I want you to express your opposition openly. Sir, be aggressive. We are with you.


umesh said...

Dr. Acharyaji,
Form a commity of youths in each village and provide them necessary facilities to improve the living conditions of villagers.
Set up selfhelp groups using youths in villages

pradeep v joshi said...

Hello Sir,
my name is pradeep v joshi and i have done (B-COM,LL.B,MBL)..i am observing a cop from many days by name dcp-p.rane(traffic)i find him always on roads managing traffic and helping public...i find him near toll gate..yeshwantpur and near malleshwaram -sankytank and today i saw him near civil court managing traffic in hot sun...siw we common people never see a dcp or high rank officer on roads or in office doing their duty.but this guy is really doing good job and helping people...we find him really good...sir bangalore need more and more officers like p.rane.....please convey our wishes to him and tell him to keep the good work going...bye sir take care..

simplehindu said...

Dear Sri VS Acharya

First, let me say your Bio-data is impressive.

My main question is about recent issue with Nithyananda Swami (aka Rajasekaran). We all know now about his dark side. More details are on at

Q1. The organizer spokesman during recent communications from Nithyananda institutions is a US Citizen (original name Shiv). My question is what rights does he have to work for propagation of Nithyananda mission in India, and be a spokesman? If the same thing is done by a Christian Missionary does not Indian Govt deport those people immediately?

Q2. What immediate effort is being done so that this fake Swami who is a blemish for great Hindu tradition of Sanyas does not flee the country.

Q3. Will you please do the needful to protect Lenin who risked so much, whatever may be the motive, which ultimately helps our Hindu Dharma and Hindu society

Thank you for your attention.

Ramanand said...


I follow your blog but don't comment much. Here I would like to post a question.
I am reading the article attached

The driver of the car ended four lives, for no fault of theirs, and the maximum punishment is 2 (TWO)years OR fine??!! How can our laws be so lenient? Section 304A covers death of a person & the maximum is just 2 years??!!

You, sir, being the home minister, should amend such old laws. Kindly imagine the trauma that the victims' families undergo & please do the needful from a human perspective.

Thank you.

BlogEditor said...

Reply to Mr Ramanand
This point is valid. However such amendments have to be brought in by the Law ministry, after due discussion.

deepesh mittal said...

As a student of kmc 05 batch and kiran acharya sir,,i want u to see as next c.m. of karnataka if shri yedyurappa ji of luck sir

Suresh said...

The news of Dr VS Acharya comes as a great shock to me especially since I met him about 10 days back in his office. He was humane to the core and extremely courteous a rarity in a leader of his stature. Prayers to his family to bear this irreplaceable loss and May his soul rest in peace.

mg dotcom said...

We lost a great leader today.
He was a leader with a clear vision.
Really it is a great loss to us.
May his soul rest in peace.