Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking News! Mangalore Events: Culprits identified!

NEW DELHI Sept 19, 2008: Centre on Thursday issued a warning to NDA-controlled governments of Orissa and Karnataka under Article 355 to rein in violence against Christians, in an action which will be praised as appropriate in many quarters but will sharpen the UPA vs NDA faultlines.

While BJP condemned the action as "partisan", Congress welcomed it with glee. Dr V S Acharya, Home Minister, Karnataka has temed the threat as politically motivated.

Article 355 vests emergency powers in the Centre to ensure adherence to the Constitution and it can even be seen as a precursor to the application of Article 356 (President's rule). But in the current context, it also serves the political purpose. However article 355 has never been applied, whereas article 356 has been used more than 100 times.

All this is not at all surprising...Even this was predicted in this blog...
Out of power policiticans would not hesitate to do anything to get rid of BJP run Karnataka State Govt.
That explains the procession of all the "out of power politicians"+"pseudointellectuals"+self proclaimed human rights activists" within hours of the events in Mangalore...


Bhandari said...

Hidnu sentiments not being acknowledged servers no one any good.
The Bishop of Mangalores appeal ro Sonia Gandhi, spoke of minorities under threat, but not one word of the book Sathyadarshini.
I know of taqiyeh of Islam.
Ive heard a lot of similar truths from Secularists including Congressmen, Communists and such like.
This a new one from a Mangalorean Christian.

If this is the truth, justice and fair play that their God advocates, we will need much more than the Bajrang Dal / VHP combine to make the world realize that Hindus too feel pain and angst .

Who will tell the civilized world about the book Sathyadarshini ?

Who will project our perspective to the world ?

Who will speak up for the Hindus ?

Sudhir said...

Everything has a limit. From centuries Hindus are being targeted by all other community.Now, what happened in Jammu,Orissa and Karnataka is just a sample of, to what extent Hindus can tolerate and retaliate,when Religion is being targeted.It's just a protest from a single organisation or group of people. Time is not very far away when whole Hindu Community will rise to protest.
Just Imagine!If anybody goes to Muslim Country and spread false propaganda like this(Sathyadarshini) what would happen? These people don't have anything to say about their religion that's why they are writing on other religion which is originated and practised even "Yuga's" back B.C.

Anonymous said...

Read You can’t both be Right
Vinay Sitapati
Posted: Sep 25, 2008 at 2337 hrs IST
Dear Acharya,
It is well known you and your fellow upper class Brahimins Including Konkani Brahmins are sympathisers of RSS, Bajrangdal and Sang Parivar. If u have a clean concience, you have to come out with truth and act accordingly.
A bit of history, Konkani catholics are descendants of Goa Hindu converts, who fled to south to keep their culture and it was Saraswath Brahmins who invited Portuguese to invade Goa in the first place.