Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Coalition!

This image speaks volumes about who is playing the "Mangalore events"...Unholy nexus between out of power politicians, "human rights" activists with blatant political background...and curiously some smiling faces too!

Bishop demands for arrest of those distributing derogatory pamphlets ....During her discussions, the bishop who is recuperating there, advocated that punishment should be meted out to only those who released or distributed pamphlets deriding Hindu more

More on conversions:


Head said...

If my previously sent are not published, then I deem that act as an act of cowardice.

Anonymous said...

My previously mentioned post has not been published...which condemns attacks on Christians. Please note that I have mentioned that Bajrang Dal or the Govt. cannot terrorise people as NO ONE is above LAW. They should apologise for wrongfully terrorising Catholics. (As per their statement New Life has derogated their Gods and New life is not a part of Catholic community).

I did send a mail from my id gratjobhunters. But Dr. VS Acharya has refused to publish my mail and has only published t" If my previously sent mail is not published, then I deem that act as an act of cowardice."
Am sure they accept that they are cowards. Any Say Dr.

Puttaraju said...

Dear Mr. Acharya,

Please take action against this malicious organization called 'Dalit Voice'. They are inciting caste and communal hatred in the country. The editor is a rapid anti Hindu preacher espousing violence against the majority hindhu community. They are also anti national and have a separatist agenda and they have openly supported the Kashmiri separatists and Naxalites. It is also clear that they receive funds from anti national agencies. Please investigate and take action against this group who are misguiding the youths of our country under the mask of Dalits.

With warm regards,

His Majesty.. Neil Rodriguez said...

Somewhere down the lane. I see a divide in the Christian community. I thought we christians had more unity than any other religion. After the attacks, we should have remained united. But i see a lot of Catholics into mudslinging against their own brothers of other faith.
Now Catholics( I am too) is this Justified? Where Is your Unity? Where is your faith?