Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview with Times Of India: excerpts

I handled all issues well: Dr Acharya

"Peaceful protests" to Normalcy in TWO days!

Interview by N D Shivakumar, Times Of India
We have seen what happened during Gowda and Kharge's time. Now, no one died in the church attacks nor were there any serious injuries or loss to property. I have handled the situation successfully within two days and restored normalcy. The home department is a shock absorber of all departments. In the last 100 days, I have handled every situation successfully and it has been appreciated both inside and outside my department.

I have satisfaction that I have handled all issues, be it fertilizer crisis or the church attacks, to the best of my abilities.
In two days, things were back to normal. During Congress rule, similar incidents never came under control even after 10 days. The way you are targeting me you are prejudiced. Why don't you give credit to me? Being a home minister, should I be made a culprit? I have passed in first class. The moment I feel I am not capable, I will resign.

"Have there been any deaths? Not even a single person is dead. There are no serious injuries to anyone, and there is no serious loss of property. I have brought the situation under control within two days. "It's a stray incident, and I'm quite confident that these won't be repeated."

I introspect things rightly. I have satisfaction that I have handled all issues, be it the fertilizer crisis or the church attacks," he said.

Fighting factions shake hands some day...what about the Police, who are injured, while on duty? Click on this to view the most visited post
Christian Leaders urged the Government to release culprits of attack on police without any charges
Leaders of various Christian associations met the Home Minister Dr. V.S.Acharya and Hon'ble Chief Minister , Sri. Yeddyurappa at Vidhana Soudha on September 18, 2008. Justice M.F Saldanha, Former Karnataka High court judge urged the Government to act more responsibly and said excuse of conversion has to stop. He asked to Home minister to act impartially to restore confidence which the minorities lost in the Government. Mangalore incident has already damaged the state's image. He questioned as to why the Police is arresting victims rather than arresting the real culprits when they openly admit that they are responsible for such acts. Former DG IGP of Karnataka Mr. FTR Colaco asked the Government, as to why they keep on telling about conversions when there is not even a single proof. He demanded the arrest miscreants also urged the Government to release innocents who have been arrested. Mr. Harry D'souza , Gen Secretary of Karnataka Christian Social Welfare Association, submitted the memorandum. Home minister and Chief Minister said that a COD probe has been ordered. They assured that all the culprits will be arrested and Government would do everything to bring law and order to normal.
DG IGP -MR. Sri Kumar, Bangalore Police commissioner - Mr. Shankar Bidari, Home Secretary - Mr. Triparti, were present. Mr.B.G. Koshi -Sr. Vice President of Karnataka Christian Welfare Association, Mr. Charles Gomes , Chairman of the Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations (FKCA), Karnataka and Ms. Albina Vaz, Vice Chairman (FKCA), Mr. Gabriel Vaz, Political Editor Economic times, Bishop of CSI church, Priests and nuns were also present. Earlier, people met a delegation from National Human Rights commission and National Minority commission.


Montu P said...
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Montu P said...

Dear Minister, please don`t say that no one has it is not serious...
Next time Ivan D Souza, who lost election this time - who is trying to get elected with 31% votes, Kharge, who is trying to be the next CM, Oscar, who is trying to be the CM as well, by pleasing Sonia--all might get innocent people killed to prove the point! I do not know where Mr Mahesh Bhat fits in...(who could not manage his wife and daughter)...

Anonymous said...

Its a great thing to see a BJP minister write a blog. There has been so much of mud slinging on the BJP in the media, both print (hindu, express), TV (cnn-ibn). English media in India is very unlikely to report truth.

It was heartening to see the Chief Minister speak forcefully on the core issues of abuse of a religion by a particular group and conversions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling spade a spade.

You should also stop procession of all these jobless politicians making a beeline to Mangalore.

It is time to rebuild the churches and ban entry of outside elements who are trying to fish in troubled water.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the great Mahesh Bhat!!! one who makes several movies in a year just by copying Korean & Hollywood movies, doesn't even think if it respects the Indian culture. The one who makes a movie of a person born due to illegitimate reason (Zakhm) and then saying it is his biography. I wonder what more to expect from such a person who can sell himself for money. He has literally abused women actress by explicit scene does he have any right to live in this society?

Anonymous said...

What else can a BJP minister do, they dont have any funded News agency as like the Cong. To reckon, all the news get more colors when there is an attack on Christian or Muslim, why don't the same happen when its a Hindu victim??? Is there any news agency who can support for a Hindu cause? aren't Hindus the citizens of this nation. There were many attacks on the Ganesha procession this year, why didn't it turn out to be a mob, just because there is no news agency which can fuel the fire. So no support and Hindus had to keep quiet.
Why can't it be a Oppostion triggered conspiracy; They have never urged for peace in any of their statements. One Ex-min has called VHP as Hindu Mujahidin, do they deserve to be called so? Have they planted bombs killing lives in the name of sacrifice? Have they called any non Hindus as "Khafirs"? Is voicing for Hindus in their only country a crime? What does Christian missionaries want all Hindus to be Christians?????????????
Remember guys you are a christian only because your ancestors were converted. And we know the history of Christians as well so in no ways they could justify themselves that they are people who do no wrong.

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...


You have done a cardinal sin..

You have taken action. Politicians taking action swiftly.. that is the biggest crime. You refused to be a Nero.

You need to remember that you are from BJP. You have a sinister agenda that is far more worse than these jehadi and Evangelical agenda. You are talking about the rights of Hindus to no to be abused. After all Bible was written by God and it is the duty of every Christian to spread the Good word. Bible do not talk about Hindus and hence they are only enlightening a mass that is doomed to burn in eternity in hell.

And if someone feels that they are hurt then it is their problem. On all of this the government controlled the situation by arresting the ones who has the right to be agrreived. No one ever talks about Satydarshini. The evangelicals are better media managers than the hindu organisations.
So the guilty have become innocent and the agrreived guilty.
Hindu Bashing brings media at your door. So all these secular circus are playing to the galley brilliantly.

Fact Finding mission sole purpose is to find out complicity of the Hindu groups. So a high court judge talks about the excuse of conversion. Till date I have never heard a Christian condemning Conversion. How can they condemn. It is their right.
They can abuse other religion cause the good word is written in Bible only. What if other gets hurt and may react.
Abusing other religion is secularism and pretecting own religion is Fundamentalism.