Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ministers report card!


arohan said...

Congratulations for 100 days of service.

I am a non Kannada living in karnataka since last three years.( two years in Mysore and one in Bangalore)
and I must say the auto rickshaw drivers of karnataka sully otherwise friendly image of people and government. Usual problem of not going to places, tampered meter, overcharging and not having change are exacerbated when you are working in a firm like L&T outside the Mysore town or a student at IIM Bangalore. Then the thinking goes that they have a legitimate claim on your money.
At Majestic railway station even in front of pre paid stand auto drivers will try to cheat passengers and policeman at duty there will not do anything.

Many normal citizens have no interaction with police and only traffic and transport are only interface.

At least in Mumbai after all crimes and ills auto rickshaw drivers don't cheat outsiders.

Minister Sir
though I am not a voter here.I hope you will look into this issue.

Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Dear arohan,

Cheating by auto-drivers is primarily a political problem rather than law and order. Politicians should call a meeting with them and address their needs/greeds.

And, don't say, its not a problem in Mumbai for outsiders. Try to land at Mumbai airport and take a taxi (speak as if you are not a native), you'll have a first-hand experience.