Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In tune with times...

High Speed Interceptor Speed boat for Coastal Security Police...


Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Good moves..

Three questions:

1. What steps are you taking to enforce that people follow rules ?

2. What steps are you taking to enhance the physical fitness of our police men ?

3. Is there a "system" to ensure that police stays ahead in technology and does not play a catching up role when terroristic elements are easily adopting high-tech stuff ?

Srikanth said...

I have previously already mentioned that after the BJP govt has taken over in the state, there is increased enforcement in the traffic part of Bangalore city. However, off late I feel that it is reduced, and I even mentioned to a Traffic SI on the way home that there are few places where people never follow traffic rules, and it is never followed up with.
Request you to please have the Bangalore Police not to lose focus on the good initiatives already taken.

Also, I see that most roads are being re-laid. But most of the roads are just being laid as it is, and almost 25-30 % of the road on the sides is unused, because it is not paved properly. Either trees which were felled, were never uprooted properly, or road widened but electric poles not shifted and variety of reasons. As a result the roads are never utilized properly and congestion are increasing.

Another reason for traffic congestion is many places roads are of uneven width. Suddenly there is place for 3 cars which narrows down to 2 cars. And there is a funneling effect. I fail to understand why such simple things are not being worked upon. If a common man who drive every day can make out why congestion is happening at a particular place, why cant the town planning and other officials who are paid for it donot realize.
I strongly urge your government to take such initiatives.
Any action taken in such a way can be communicated to people, and such acts need credit. Please feel free to put up informatory boards to people like the work undertaken, time to completion and benefits. After all people deserve to know how their tax money is spent. Some boards like "Your tax money at work...." should work. We normally find such boards in other countries.
20% of your Government duration is over. You need to act fast to make a difference, and remain as a Government which worked for betterment of people.