Saturday, May 2, 2009

Respect your guardians...have regard for others self respect...

It is sad that a life has been lost in the events which led to firing by Andhra based CRPF jawans...
The objective of this analysis is not to support the police action, raising guns or lathis without the provocation of that magnitude against civilians. Nobody is empowered to shoot civilians, but as civilians we should see the right and the wrong side of our behavior also. ..

The questions raised are...
1. Why do we behave rudely with our security forces? (if anything happens as a result of this, we always label it as "brutality)
2. Why don`t we learn to respect our forces, who sacrifice lot of pleasures in life, just to make our lives peaceful?
3. Why does every protest by us has to involve destruction of public property/ government vehicles? (who is bothered anyway, as long as taxpayers are paying through the nose!)

...The question that arises now is that as civil society aren’t we supposed to take care of our policemen? Shouldn’t we be little more tolerant towards the people who protect us? In the case of Dharmasthala those cricketers did abuse the policemen in Tulu in foulest choice of words during the initial altercation. Though the policeman could not understand Tulu he could definitely understand the body language and facial contours of his abuser...
Read more in Police brutality - Are they overworked?....writeup by Team Mangalorean
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Selective reporting/ mis quotes by a section of the media(?)


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this post of yours, sir. Thanks. I was predicting that you would predict a conspiracy of congress in this epsiode, and dead fellow is a bjp worker and all that bullshit, but that din't happen, I'm happy for you, only for today though :-)
- Your fan and critic too.

Uday said...

Dakshina Kannada people justifiably take pride that they are intelligent. But there is a dark side.

Devotees who visit holy places like Subramanya, Dharmasthala, Udupi, Kollur undergo very traumatic experience due to locals. Locals tease girls, intentionally give wrong directions when driver asks for help or just make in the face comments and jokes on outsiders in Tulu.

People visit holy places for peace of mind, but of late eve teasing and pranks on outsiders is going out of control.

Please consider establishing tourism police so that devotees are not taken advantage in DK and Udupi.