Sunday, May 3, 2009

After the dust settles...the real story emerges...

Residents of Dalit colony say rioters instigated APSP firing
(The Hindu 03.05.2009/Sudipto Mondal/ Click on the image for full story)
Residents of the colony were quick to point out that the APSP team had no option but to open fire. “The APSP fired thrice in the air to disperse the crowd. But when the stone-pelting did not stop, they began firing at the rioters”

At 3.30 p.m. on Friday, a crowd of over 2,000 persons surrounded two buses in which the APSP was travelling. This was near a small playground just outside the Ashok Nagar Dalit colony. The policemen tried to get off the bus but the mob began pelting stones at them. The policemen took positions inside the buses and pointed their guns at the mob. Yet, the stone-pelting did not stop. A policeman fired three shots in the air to ward off the crowd that began advancing. A few more shots were fired at the mob; this time aimed at their legs. Udaya (28), was hit by two bullets on his leg. The rioters ran across the playground towards the Dalit colony and took shelter behind compound walls and houses. From there they once again began to pelt stones at the police. This diverted the firing towards the colony. Aithappa who was out in the open dashed for safety. A bullet hit him on his ribcage.

Encouragement: Mr. Ravi and Mr. Chonkra said that if the rioters had just left the place none of this would have happened. “They were also being encouraged by leaders of a certain organisation,” Mr. Chonkra said. Mr. Ravi said that these “leaders” also tried to involve the Dalits in the rioting. “But we refused,” he said.
Police version: Confirming the sequence of events, Superintendent of Police A.S. Rao added that the trouble first began at another playground (100 metres away from the spot of firing) where some youth were playing cricket. The APSP team, which was in plainclothes, was resting at the playground.

One of the fielders dashed into a few of the resting policemen. This led to an argument and the youth and their leaders began assaulting the policemen. Hearing the commotion, the other APSP personnel came to the rescue of their colleagues and assaulted the cricketers, the SP said.

According to one of the cricketers, the beating lasted for nearly half an hour. By the time the APSP team decided to leave, a huge crowd had gathered. The crowd managed to stop the bus in front of the Ashok Nagar Dalit colony.

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Anonymous said...

Can it be an attack by naxal, on the police force? Were they about to loot the arms and ammunition?

Kumaraswamy said...

Our "karavaliya sundara kannada patrike" termed the police to be drunk...any proof? or the sub editor was drunk when he wrote the news item? because no other newspaper made such allegation!

Anonymous said...

The arrested are identified as Biskamaya and Swarnaraj, the former a head constable in the Andhra Pradesh state reserve police and the latter a constable. Could you please explain why did DK police arrested these peolple ??? If ANDHRA PRADESH police didn't do any mistakes DK police should have arrested poor people who cterated cricket ball issue.How can we( people) are expect security from such a kind of people/police in KARNATAKA?

Blogger said...

1. Please note that there is no justification for killing innocent civilians. However the circumstances which led to the firing need to be analyzed, before jumping into conclusions!
2. One has to respect the law of the land, not lynch mob justice.
3. Karnataka Police are the most tolerant police force in the country!

punee said...

Dear Dr.Acharya,

This is very unfortunate incident to happen,but the onus on to improve the image of POLICE is on the POLICE DEPRATMENTS and people at the helm.No body can deny the fact that POLICE-POLITICIAN-BUSINESSMEN exists in the COUNTRY.
The recent decision to scrap the weekly holliday of KARNATAKA POLICE would only lead to more such incidents !!!!!!!!Its a blunder on part of the DG-KARNATKA to overburden the poorly paid and incentivised police.Please reconsider this desision.
The firing incident has been alrady raked up by the NAXALS to play against the POLICE....

In the mentime i would like to ask our department to keep a watch on the activities of the culprits who are extradicated to INDIA after facing terrorism charges in other countries,"OLD HABITS DIE HARD"