Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boost for Fire & Emergency Services

BANGALORE: An estimated Rs 6.41 crore will be spent on revamping fire and emergency services in the state, over the next three years, as part of the Centre-mooted Rs 200 crore country-wide initiative for “strengthening and modernising” these services.

Home Minister V S Acharya on Wednesday said a Central grant of Rs 5.13 crore is available for the state, which will pitch in Rs 1.28 crore to the plan, which involves a cost-sharing ratio of 70:30. Fifty one new fire stations, sanctioned in 2005, are expected to be functional before 2011, Acharya said. He said that this year, the finance department has also sanctioned direct recruitment of 1,854 personnel for the existing vacancies. The break up is 45 station officers, 137 driver-technicians, 313 drivers and 1359 fire fighters.

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Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Acharya ji,

Bangalore and many other places in Karnataka require massive upgradation in Fire & Emergency Services. Isn't Rs. 6.41 crore extremely small amount in comparison to the requirements ?

I've been in many developed countries. The major difference I see is in the way we value every single individual's life. Special care is take for Fire & Emergency services right from the initial step of planning, allocation and design. I hope you as a visionary set a trend in Karnataka with regards to Emergency services.

Another point I want to bring to your focus is the services for Physically Handicapped & Old people. As you must have observed yourself during any of your International trips, they even design every single road intersection to make life easier for such handicapped people. Few estimates tell that it doesn't take much money to make way for such facilities an example being Bangalore and Hyderabad airports.

I request you as a visionary to set a standard for others to follow on these aspects.