Saturday, December 19, 2009

An example of Clever reporting by the media...

Pastor: masterminds a church attack!

Five held for attacking church at Humnabad

BIDAR: The police on Thursday arrested five persons, including a pastor, in the church attack case reported a month ago. According to the police, Vasanth Kumar, the mastermind behind the incident, had planned get himself transferred to the very church he attacked. Kumar had served as pastor at Beersheba Church in Humnabad before beingtransferred to another church at Basanthpur village in Gulbarga district on June 20, 2009. Having lost interest to serve in Basanthpur church, he hatched a plan to attack the Beersheba Church with the help of his friends Sunil Baburao and Deepak Bhola. He "allegedly" offered them to pay Rs 10,000 and paid Rs 1,000 as advance. Sunil and Deepak in turn sought the help of Mallikarjun Swamy and Manjunath, the residents of Teachers' Colony off Anakuni Road. The police caught Sunil first and during the interrogation, he spilled the beans. (Note that the above mentioned report headline cleverly fails to mention that Vasanth Kumar is the Pastor of the church which was attacked!)

See the BIASED reporting in the media when the incident was reported...

Bangalore, Nov 18 (IANS) A church in north Karnataka has been vandalized and a cross, doors and windows have been damaged, police and church authorities said Wednesday.Vasanthkumar, the priest at the church in Humnabad in Bidar district, about 700 km from here, told reporters that the attack must have taken place late Tuesday and the damage was noticed Wednesday.

"It looks like a deliberate act of desecration as nothing has been stolen," Vasanthkumar said.

He said the cross on top the church, the main door and windows have been damaged.

The police visited the church and registered a case on the complaint lodged by the priest.

In September last, more than 15 churches were vandalized in different parts of the state by pro-Hindu activists, protesting alleged conversion activity by missionaries. (See how the editors pass sermon here...blaming the Hindu organizations without any basis!)


Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

So true..but, usual! .... There must be Media Ombudsman.

It's Santy said...

That's a very good catch.The first news should be published in media and let's spread a word that who's doing what!?. Being a common man, i was in a impression that none of them being catched and it's not very clear who has done the attacks.But,dept has done a very great job in finding the attackers. - Santosh Shetgar