Monday, December 21, 2009

Lok Ayukta Building worth 45 lac for Udupi

State Home Minister V S Acharya, who laid the foundation stone said for better smooth, clean and efficient administration and better development, there should be corruption free system in the society. The state government was committed to provide all infrastructure required by Lokayukta, Dr Acharya said.

As the district sub-jail here had been shifted to Nejar on the outskirts of the city, the district administration was planning to set up a 'Mini-Vidhana Soudha' to house taluk office for which Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa had agreed in-principle. The work on the construction of the building was expected to be taken up by January next year, he added.



Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Good Initiative. You must make Lokayukta strong enough before your term ends.

Anonymous said...

We have numerous reports of high ranking Govt officials (police officers, IAS ifficers)raided by Lokayukta and conficating their ill gotten wealth. Last year even a Lokayukta DSP was raided.Can some one tell the public what is the status of these cases?. How about passing a legislation giving prosecutorial power to Lokayukta with a vote of 224-0.

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

@Anonymous, ... Can't that information be obtained through RTI ? - I think, you can.

Prosecutorial power to Lokayukta should be given ONLY if there is a way to make Lokayukta "truly answerable" to public. - In short term, when Lokayukta is performing well, it is tempting to give prosecutorial power but, in long term, it can turn into disaster if Lokayukta is not answerable.