Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cartoon of the day

by Prakash Shetty (from media mirchi)

When the national media houses are busy crying hoarse (with 6 column coverage on front page- thus adding fuel to the fire) on an attack on a church grotto in village near Udupi...
here is a response reproduced from Daijiworld.
Gladson from Brahmavar writes...Gone are the days when devotees interceded saints to protect them from dangers! Now the Saints seem to be asking people to protect them! Why blame BJP, Congress or anyone when we have failed to restrict our own black sheep? Though the prevailing situation makes us easy to find fault with political parties and their chelas, let us not forget that we have enough people within our community who know how and when to take advantage of the situation. An incident that took place some months ago near Mangalore is a nice example. We can brush it off saying it is just a stray incident. But bottomline is that our clergy and laity leaders who feel comfortable hanging on to each other's garbs, often give enough reasons for at least a handful of people to have grouse. Leaving aside this, why can't we spend some money to provide the church premises with ample security? We spend crores on marble floors and sandlewood doors and a few lac on presbyteries. But fail to secure the building or appoint on security guard. While the critics can always argue as what one security guard can offer, let us not forget that his presence can make a lot of difference. We have locked up God within the church in such a manner that it becomes extremely difficult for Him to come out or shout for help when He is attacked!! Sad that when we enjoy a secure sleep inside our houses, our God has been exposed to attacks. He sent His Son 2000 years to rescue us but we don't have one security guard to protect Him now!

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