Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evidence vital for filing a case!

Bangalore, May 18, DHNS

Home Minister V S Acharya on Tuesday said the State government is unable to take action against Sri Rama Sena Chief over the alleged “rent-a-riot” case, as the news channel which conducted the sting operation has not furnished a copy of the unedited cassette/CD.

“A day after the private TV channel broadcast its sting operation, the government asked it to provide a certified copy of the unedited cassette/CD. But they have not provided the cassette yet. Once we get the cassette/CD, we will verify its authenticity and take appropriate action,” he stated.

Even in the Mangalore pub attack case action could not be initiated against the culprits, as none of the victims came forward to lodge a complaint, he added.

When questioned about the government not taking suo-motu action against Mutalik for reportedly negotiating money for organising a riot, the Home Minister said the police would look into those aspects of the issue.

“Suo-motu action can be initiated, when the police finds concrete evidence against any person, who threatens to harm any individual or the society,”he stated.


Ravi said...

I always have wondered why wouldnt Tehelka conduct a sting operation on Congress party members, why not a sting on the Church bodies. Is Tehelka and majority of news agencies are loyal workers of Congress in spoiling India.

Puneeth said...

Dear Dr. Acharya!
Congratulations to Dr.Ajay Singh,IG,KARNATKA STATE POLICE for announcing Rs 500 as award to any citizen who complains to the police control room about the refusal to file a police complaint!!!Dr.Ajay Singh is one of the pro active TOP COP i have seen in recent years.
Kudos to you for putting the right person at the helm!I also congratulate you on being impartial and non-interfering in the HALAPPA case!