Sunday, May 23, 2010

Disaster at Mangalore

An Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore, overshot the runway at Mangalore International Airport ( IATA :IXE ) and caught fire. The flight, IX812, was being operated by a Boeing 737-800. The aircraft involved was VT-AXV, cn 36333/2481, a 2007 December built.It was bearing the ‘Victoria Memorial’ tailart.

The flight was due to arrive in Mangalore at 6.30a.m local time.The flight was carrying 163 passengers ( some reports state this at 137 adults + 19 children, at 156 passengers ) and six crew. There are nine survivors. The Herculean task of identifying the dead bodies have been started by forensic experts.
This is not the time to point fingers/ blame. Disaster strikes when least expected. It is for the investigations by concerned central authorities to find the cause of the mishap and learn from this episode, to prevent such events in future.

Commendable Response: Disaster response from Local administration, Fire Brigade, Hospitals, Police force & local villagers has been very prompt & commendable...amidst pouring rain and inaccessible terrain.
Requesting editorial restraint, while publishing the gory images of the mishap, dead bodies.


Anonymous said...

Whats victoria tail art? Can you explain?

Dr Jayaraman Nambiar said...

Lets think twice before blaming the pilots for the crash. Their families too are in mourning. Its always easy to sit where we are sitting now and analyze and find faults with what could have gone wrong and how it could have been avoided. That’s why its called an accident. Lets remember, both pilots had thousands of hours of experience between them. They must have tried their best to avert the tragedy. “Why did he overshoot the runway? Why was he an expat pilot?” these are questions which need to be asked with a degree of softness. Its a different situation altogether when you have a crisis at hand (just like the pilots did) – its always easier to handle it better in retrospect. May all those who lost their lives, rest in peace.

BlogEditor said...

Victoria Terminus tail art/ liveries: is the image of victoria terminus printed on the tail of the aircraft...all air india express crafts have tail art, depicting indian art/culture/landmarks

Air-India Express liveries
Registration / Left Tail / Right Tail
1 VT-AXA* Thrissur Pooram elephant Pushkar Fair camel
2 VT-AXB* Rangoli Indian Kite
3 VT-AXC* Sitar Tabla
4 VT-AXD Nilavilakku (Oil lamp) Diya (Oil lamp)
5 VT-AXE Kathakali dancer Bharatanatyam dancer
6 VT-AXF Konark Sun Temple Taj Mahal
7 VT-AXG Indian jewellery Saree
8 VT-AXH India Gate Gateway of India
9 VT-AXI Indian art [2] Indian art [3]
10 VT-AXJ Red Fort Red Fort
11 VT-AXM Mehrangarh Fort Mysore Palace
12 VT-AXN Hawa Mahal Ujjayanta Palace
13 VT-AXP Indian art [4] Indian art [5]
14 VT-AXQ Qutub Minar Jantar Mantar [6]
15 VT-AXR Snake Boat Race Kalaripayattu
16 VT-AXT Indian Peacock Painted Stork
17 VT-AXU Bihu Garba
18 VT-AXV** Victoria Memorial Konark Sun Temple
19 VT-AXW Sanchi Stupa Charminar
20 VT-AXX Himalayas Beach
21 VT-AXZ Dal Lake Thar Desert
22 VT-AYA Ellora elephant statue Ajanta cave painting
23 VT-AYB White tiger Chital
24 VT-AYC Naga Woollen Shawl Pataola Saree
25 VT-AYD Nagaland Folk Dance Manipuri Dance