Sunday, May 2, 2010

VS Acharya unhurt after three-car collision

Kasaragod: Home minister Dr VS Acharya escaped unhurt when one of the vehicles in his convoy rammed into his car at Karandakadu, near Kasargod, on Saturday.

Three cars were involved in the accident and two drivers received minor injuries. The convoy was on its way to Kasargod town hall, where Acharya was due to felicitate a priest of the Bela Church of Kasargod.

The accident occurred at an intersection where the pilot car slowed down along with the others, however, the two tail cars did not decelerate fast enough and rammed into the minister’s car.

The injured were given outpatient treatment at a local hospital in Kasargod. Acharya, who was sitting in the front seat of his, car was unhurt and soon carried on his journey using a spare car.

Before he left, Acharya made sure that the injured drivers were taken care of and he personally examined the drivers. He left after he was satisfied that the injuries were minor. He later went to the local BJP office and waited for the drivers to return from hospital.

“It was a minor accident. An escort jeep provided by the Kerala police rammed into the tail car, which in turn hit my car. Both the drivers were just dazed by the impact,” said Acharya. (M Raghuram/ DNA)


Puneeth said...

Dear Dr.Acharya,

Glad to know that you are safe and secure!Appreciate your concern to the drivers and others who were injured

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Hope you are doing okay. God is always with you sir.

Dr Jayaraman Nambiar said...

Get well soon I am sure you will be okay

Anonymous said...

This is regarding a news report which I saw in a news paper.

It goes like this...
Shivajinagar traffic police on Saturday night caught one more woman driver during the check on drunken driving ... She was reportedly let off after the situation became unmanageable.
... The trouble started when a few media cameramen who were covering the police effort to clamp down on drunken driving, started photographing her.

The most important point which I want to stress, is respect to privacy. I fail to understand why police should allow media to be with them. Most Policemen these days seem to be part of news channels. In the process, both media and police are missing sensitive issues like privacy of private citizens.
I am not advocating that she was doing a right thing by arguing with the police. But, media these days use visuals out of context. Even in the case I am not guilty, and I am present in the scene as part of checking all vehicles, media would have still pictured me, and used it in their news feed, which is against my basic privacy.
Police men are media hungry, but they get away with their position and power when it comes to accusations against them. This judgment of what to picturize, what not, and not to act as judge even before trial should also be part of media reporting.
Request you to sensitize the police force about such classifications, and even if a person is fined for a violation, there was no need for police to shoot those drivers, and make them public.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that it is a minor incident. As a true leader you mentioned your concern for the people who are responsible for your safety.