Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mangalore: Bastion of Blackmail Journalism

Who sold this photo to Outlook?
(Feb 9,2009 issue),
Who is now blackmailing the families of these "victims" of Mangalore pub "attack"? using this photograph??

(photo courtesy: outlook)

Was it all pre planned with the involvement of the accused/"victims"/mediamen...all for media hype?
If not, why no complaint has been lodged by the "victims",
neither with police nor with NCW?


Satish said...

People do what ever to take money! What about politicians - they do it for both money and publicity - is it correct sir! ....

Comment truncated.
Mr Satish you may find all the propaganda by Leftist leaning mediamen all over the news channels and other newspapers, this blog aims at projecting the "other side" of the story, which the they have conviniently ignored.

PUNEETH said...

Dear Dr. Acharya,

While i appreciate your raising questions about the invovement of anti-social elements in the PUB ATTACK issue,but i hope being the home minister of the first BJP governement you would come out with the answers also after enquiry by the POLICE.
i WOULD also like to congragulate you on apponting AJAI SINGH as IGP and also have read(second page with negligible importance) in the newspapers that he has started with the right direction by asking his officers not to present flowers and come to meet him to congragulate him!!!!!!!But the media has no space for this cop.
I was alarmed and shocked to see the cover page of the OUTLOOK READING "TALIBISATION OF KARNATAKA",incidentally DEVEGOWDA also had termed the same phrase when the ugly incident happened in KARNATAKA.I would never read OUTLOOK for the sensationalisation of the issue again in my life!!!
Puneeth kumar

PUNEETH said...

Dear Dr Acharya,
You must be aware that there was a major attack by NAXALITES in the state of MAHARASTRA,since the naxalites have been lying low from a long time,the KARNATAKA GOVERNMENT must be alert on the NAXAL activities,since the LOK SABHA elelctions are favourable for BJP ,the maoists must be hatching palns to disrupt the law and order situation and bring disrepute to the BJP government.

I hope the BJP governement would be alert and efficient in mainataing law and oder situation in future
Puneeth kumar

Blogger said...
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Blogger said...
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Blogger said...

Dear Puneeth,
for media...Good news / positive news is NO NEWS!
Anyone with an amateur camera, with stage actors can shoot "an episode" and sell it to top media houses as "breaking news"...within minutes it would be on screen, as they believe in Publish first, verify next!
(example: of how a fabricated news was flashed by penpricks blog, was published without any verification by all media houses...

Even in the case of Pub attacks, the whole episode could be a drama...with actors acting their part of "attacker" & "victim"...all sponsored by out of power politicians, with generous "contribution" to all involved!

Anonymous said...

frustrating to see media behaving like dogs. all english news channels are agents of congress otherwise they would not have blamed chief minister for this without knowing anything.why they did not blamed maharashtra cm for shivsena attack there. government needs to control media, we should learn from china.

Anonymous said...

Control media so they can spread whatever lies they choose? A free media is the life of a democracy.

Anonymous said...

You dont consider them victims?
You dont think girls who were visting pubs and got beaten up are victims?

What is so wrong with visiting pubs anyway? Or perhaps we all should visit the brothels? Our kings went there, so it must be part of our "culture"?