Sunday, February 8, 2009

Communist Hand Behind Mangalore events

MANGALORE : Manjeshwar MLA`s daughters attack episode: Sponsored by his own party?
Attackers Bio Data:
Bus Driver: Aravinda Das, CPM activist, AITUC member
Bus Conductor: CPI member, Brother of CPI Panchayat Member, CITU member
Was this attack, pre planned to sideline the breakthrough in Bangalore Bomb Blast episode? In that case, whether Communist Party of India members from Manjeshwar, are in contact with Terror Groups?
ಹಾಗಾದರೆ ಸಿ ಪಿ ಎಂ ಸಂಘಟನೆಯನ್ನು ನಿಷೆದಿಸಬೇಕೆ?

Before commenting on the attackers in Mangalore, read these...

Mr Kumaraswamy should try to keep his house in order...

One cannot expect much from Persons like Renuka chaudhary, who beat men in uniform!


Murthy said...

Dear Sir,
Please let people know these facts. People perceive that BJP and its sister concerns are causing these flareups. Unfortunately we do not have any sensible media either. Media and opposition is gunning for your post, please stay put firm, do not succumb to such heinous designs and campaigns. Request you people to be very strong and circumvent the opposition. Who is 'vachanabrashTa' Kumaraswamy to blame your govt? Let him check if his house is in order or not. We people have not forgotten the rowdy acts of vandalism performed by his son at 3 am at Empire hotel. Such elements exits everywhere. Just send the message straight to such insignificant politicians so that they shutup.

Anonymous said...

If thats the case, how come the BJP is not doing anything to stop these incidents. Instead of cooking up conspiracy theories, what happened to taking action against the Ram Sena and ensuring that those goons dont ever get a chance to do this again..instead it just gets worse and our government spends its time cooking up elaborate conspiracy and sabotage theories. Get real. Its a pity that there is absolutely no statemenship and real value for democracy within the BJP or any of the other right wing parties. You should be ashamed of yourself. What if she was your daughter, would you still be cooking up weird stories and think the junta stupid enough to believe this.

Blogger said...

No cooking up stories...
the attackers themselves have given the affidavit to the court!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Kindly do take strict action against the activists who are ruining democracy in our country. Manhandling women and vandalising stores which sell so called "Western" products is not correct. Let's not just politicize it - which political party is correct or incorrect is not relevant here. Misguided SriRam Sena is terrorising the youth in your state. That is the fact and it needs to be handled.

By allowing SriRam Sena to continue with their atrocious behaviour, the government is allowing our democracy to be mocked around the world. Muthalik's threat to marry off young boys and girls only goes forth to make a mockery of marriage.

I beseech you and your team to take preventive measures.


Sebin Abraham Jacob said...

Attackers themselves? Who where the attackers? The Bus crew was arrested on doubt that they informed about the girl and the boy to the thugs who kidnapped the dio, beat him up and let her go. The attackers were different men. It is likely that some fellow passenger might have passed on the information as well. And together with it, I have to add some point. CITU is the trade union aligned with CPI(M) and AITUC is the trade union aligned with CPI. How come a person be a member of CPI and CITU at the same time OR CPI(M) and AITUC the same time?

Dinesh R said...

Dear Dr Acharya
Kindly remember that today you are the Home Minister of a big state and not just a saffron brigade member. We in Mangalore love our city as a modern, secular, cosmopolitan, peace loving city. Kindly don't allow a handful frustrated jobless thugs to create havoc and rule the city making you and your police look helpless and like their protectors. Please swiftly get into action, arrest all the Sree rama sena members (there are only few of them) and put them behind tha bar till 15th so that all these hooligans won't be given another opportunity to molest more girls on 14th in the name of protecting the "sisters and mothers" in India.
Please stop talking for these headless people and kindly don't do rubbish to the Indian democracy with the crazy idea of media ombudsman
with respect
Dinesh from Mangalore