Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Truth is bitter, all that is bitter is not venom!

Truth is bitter, all that is bitter is not venom!
In a world full of negative reporting, biased writings, stage managed media coverages, media with ideological leanings, sponsored propaganda, Page 3 culture, lies repeated every day, whose motto seems to be Report First, Verify Later, Never Clarify...who will present the other point of view? BLOG of course!
A reader of the blog pointed out...the opposition to the Ombudsman concept by the media houses itself is an indication that, it is needed!
Thanks to the TOI, for the coverage!


sunny_raju said...

Hello Mr Home Minister, I feel media regulator is not necessary, at the same time Our media should be responsible and not follow yellow journalism to glory. They should follow some ethics. at the same time we cant blame the messenger for bitter truth

Rupesh Bhave said...

It is great to see a politician effectively countering media campaign against him by using blogs! Advaniji also has started a blog recently which is a good sign. Good going.

Rupesh Bhave

Rohan said...

Sir, nenne monne bandiro politicians ella nimma mele comment madtha idhare, just remind them that who brought BJP to power from 1976 to till now. neev sumne idd bidi sir, all of them r trying to pull u down.

Nelson Lewis said...

After reading Times of India today I wondered how can gentle doctor be spewing "venom". I came looking for venom but can;t find any.

Keep exposing hypocrisy of media using blog.

Election campaign for next elections has already started and likes of Times of India are doing bidding for Congress. They have not learnt their lesson from Gujarat fiasco.

Keep your focus on basic and ignore these small people.

pinkcheddiwallah said...

please support
and be secular!

Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable Mr Acharya, I really appreciate your attempt to blog and express your views. This is a fitting reply to the utterly biased reporting from TOI that we have ever seen in recent times. One can recollect how Mr Narendra Modi was similarly heckled by the media no end. Page 3 and non believer communities are teaming up supported by the insensitive media to tarnish the BJP image and yours in particular. I wish to urge you to be undeterred as you have always been !! Whether the media is regulated or not.....their image, as "normal" population sees them, has been that of being unnatural, sensation oriented, and aimed at "immature" communities. God save them....but you be assured that the allmighty is always with you !! ........ Rajesh

Rajesh Rao said...

Dear Honorable Mr Acharya, I really appreciate your attempt to blog and express your views. This is a fitting reply to the utterly biased reporting from TOI that we have ever seen in recent times. One can recollect how Mr Narendra Modi was heckled by the media no end, and we all know what he is today. Page 3 and non believer communities are teaming up supported by the insensitive media to tarnish the BJP image and yours in particular. I wish to urge you to be undeterred as you have always been !! Whether the media is regulated or not.....their image, as "normal" population sees them, has been that of being unnatural, sensation oriented, and aimed at "immature" communities. God save them....but you be assured that the allmighty is always with you !! ........ Rajesh

Anonymous said...

Well done
I thought BJP leaders are all passive and dumb..

Atleast you have understood the media problems. Care a damn about media propaganda and educate other ministers and CM about the same.

Propaganda has to be stopped at any cost. Frame these media in unreated cases...

Anonymous said...

Dear Acharya,
I am from s/w engineer. Media propaganda has been going on against sangh parivar for long.

Communists, pro jihadi and pro missionary organisations are using all dirty tricks to malign sangh parivar.

Don't hesitate to use the same tricks on them. Direct police to dig the cases against these media and teach them a lesson, covertly..

Sadashiv Nayak

Anonymous said...

Mr Home minister. It is not surprising that you choose not to accept anything that is not along lines of your party's viewpoint or simply which seems biased according to some people.

This is purely evident, since you had to step out online and give a reply to your criticisms, that too by opening a blog. It just shows, that you aren't clear about what you say or do, moreso you are hihly impulsive. I myself am no supporter of Page3 Culture newspapers, but unlike your own comments which laud certain "mainstream" papers like DH, which is again headed by people with very good political links, irrespective of their loyalty to any political party to glorify their Ministers by printing photograps of them everyday, you should have directly gone to Dh and setup your own column, so that people who think like you and people who consider Dh as mainstream media can directly have access to "YOUR VIEWS". But, you had to clear the air about yourself to people who read page3 newspapers, go to pubs, celebrate valentines day etc on the Blog?... the same place where page3 people dwell.

Anonymous said...
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Sunil S Chiplunkar said...

Dear Mr. Home Minister:

I confess I am your admirer and supporter at the outset. I think you are doing good - although like people say the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

I have my views as follows on the St. Valentine's day episode here:

One of the most interesting debates of our age is the somewhat hysterical outbursts against St. Valentine’s Day. The anti St. Valentine Day celebration stir is seen as a suppression of freedom of expression. The supporters of this celebration see it as a cultural battle.

Here is a suggestion: celebrate Feb 14th as a GOPIKA DIWAS. On this day let the males be encouraged to give roses or gifts to the females as a MARK OF RESPECT.

And, let the guys while giving the roses:

a) promise to respect women always
b) promise never to take dowry
c) promise never to eve tease.

This sort of a celebration will truly help the young women of India. There can also be a signature campaign on this day never to take dowry and eve tease; and to respect women always. So let Feb 14th be a Gopika Diwas celebration with respect to women, anti dowry and anti eve teasing promises.

I have put this up on my blog

Aditya Rallan said...

Dear Sir,
It is surprising that TOI calls your views prejudiced, and that all articles on the blog present your point of view. Firstly, its your blog, why should you use it to malign yourself? Secondly, TOI itself is opinionated. Why can't they just present facts, without acting like a judge and an executioner?
I wonder why don't they cover domestic violence against women if they are so worried about it. Why bother only about freedom of the urban upper-middle class?

Rafiq Thottam said...

Bravo Bravo Bravo for using blog as a medium to counter propaganda against you.

I went through all posts and my admiration for you has only gone up. My father was your patient when we lived in Karnataka and has only good words about you.

By documenting facts and success stories of your police force truth is out there for everyone to see.


Mark D'Souza said...


Great to see a minister using blog to reach people.

My only comment is this:

Right or wrong there is a perception that your government is not doing enough to contain these fundamentalists. It is a different issue if they are supported by opposition or media.

So whenever an incident happens please do not give excuse and just clearly tell law will take its own course. I know you have given free hand to police but the perception of inaction persists.

Designating an official spokeman for your department can remove most of this confusion and perception. There is really no reason for all ministers to run to media whenever an incident happens - just let police handle it and give periodic updates.


Subhash Amin said...

Dear Minister,

After Mumbai attacks Media is on a high thinking it is because of them Shivraj Patil and Maharastra CM / HM were forced to go.

That has given them a feeling of power and they though you and Hon'ble Yedyurappa are sitting ducks for next set of ministers.

Too bad for them their lies now lay exposed due to prompt police action and your open blog where you have presented other side of the story.

Please carry on the good work and next time a journalist comes begging for a site in Bangalore tell them to go where sun does not shine.

sadashivn said...

Media's double games.: A message posted in rediff
Right from Arushi case to church attacks we have seen many instances where media has overstepped ...

(1).Many girls are brutally mudered in AP , for last six Muslim girl ,Ayesha been raped and murdered ..and the grand son of Cong minister is accused has ignored it.

(2).Sister Abhaya -- media kept quite

(3).Scarlet - murder/Drugs/rape -- media silent

(4).Delhi MBA girl gang rape and Jounalist murder again silent

(5).Kashmir many girls are forced to marry terrorists at Gun point -- media silent

(6).UP ulema banned girls from co-ed schools , central govt is funding them -- media silent

(7).Taslima Nasreen beaten from Delhi to Hyd --media silent

(8).Terror camps in kerala -- media silent

(9).150 RSS/BJP men killed in Kannur dt of Kerala - media silent

(10).150 Talaq-hapless women are beaten - media silent

and many, many and many more ....

Managlore incident or any incident in BJP states media will discuss it days and days together with columns and petitions...

Nobody is really getting carried away with media freedom and all such hypocrisies...

--> In AP media has divided btw, Cong and TDP
--> In Tamil, btw DMK and AIDMK
--> In WB, funded by commies

Right from IBN-CNN, NDTV to TOI there are many reports that these electronic,print,web media been funded by vested interests of regional/religion/caste/business etc...

Deepak said...

Dear Acharyaji,

I'm very proud that we have an able home minister who is capable of defending himself inspite of all the venoms thrown by the so called secular media.

After reading your posts I've become your fan. Hope the UPA ministers learn something.

Great going!


Sam said...

Dear Sir,
It is a great step indeed to open up the blog and expose biased English media.
In india, Everyone is under purview of the law, but media does not want to be under any law controlling them ! y? there is larger conspiracy.
Media is shameless propagating congress, comedown heavily on them. I am no supporter of "PUB goers bashers" But i want media hypocrisy should be countered.
I think u have taken very courageous step to counter the TOI propaganda.
Please go ahead responsible citizens support is with u. We need peaceful , prosperous nation, which was achieved partially during previous NDA rule at the centre. Let ATAL bihari vajpeyee be the role model for ur governament.
I wish u great success in ur endeavor. Please dont backtrack due to pressure. Bring media to books.

Sunil S Chiplunkar said...

I have been a regular reader of TOI, however, I am thinking of switching over to Deccan Herald; it is disgusting to read the biased BJP bashing and verbal brickbats against Dr. Acharya in TOI. It is all about sensationalizing and then reporting.

Saurabh Garg said...

Dear Dr Acharya

I have to say that I was really impressed by your blog. I would like to assure you that the current indian media represent the thinking of those minority 'indians' who are extremely culturally poor and wish to become dogs and bitiches of the west.common bhartiyas are not like these.
The same hate campaign was launched by media against Narendra Modi also during Gujrat elections, to their utter frustration, even gujrati muslims voted for Modi.
As and when a real government with spine would come and justice would prevail which would surely happen someday, these editors of TOI,NDTV,IBN-Live etc. would be tried for trying to harm the society in whatever possible manner they can.

Go Ahead Dr Acharya. India is against you...Bharat is with you.

Anonymous said...

please support
and be secular!

Pavan Chebbi said...

It is very sad to see media thrusting their own agenda on the nation. TOI has taken media to a new low by showcasing the personal dislike to you everyday in their main page. They should be reminded of what the main page should contain. Also never before it has been so clear how media is biased and decides something against someone and goes over it. Please do something sir. Media should be curbed. There are a lot of issues which need nation's attention than their personal grudge against you.

Corp 'Ho said...

if i call you an idiot for making stupid, irresponsible statements like asking parents to protect their kids against saffron thugs, will you censor my comment?

Just because the TOI is rubbish, doesnt mean all media is. So pls keep your personal fight with the TOI out of our lives.

I like the way there is not a single comment that speaks against you on your blog. Either you are really popular or yu are already practising what you want to preach. I'll go with the latter.

RAK said...

Why do our people from media forget that they are Indians first and then journalist. Highlighting things without reality check is only going to spoil the image of the nation as a whole and someday its equally going to effect them. Its that we always learn wrong things from other countries, ill part of their culture which they themselves are fed up of. Why don’t we learn the patriotism from them? why don’t we learn to at least not speak low of our nation if not high? They have media too and they equally have corrupted people as well as crime in their society. No media highlights it the way it is done by the Indian media. Yes our media’s our aided by the outsides but at least run by INDIANS right?

Its that corruption is not only in politics or in civil services its in the mind of every men and every person seeks to be opputunist. REQUEST TO EVERY INDIVIUAL RELATING TO MEDIA is YOU have a big social responsibity of constructing the views of the nation. Realize its severity and bring facts to people without exaggeration and without making it a feast for outsides failing which citizens of India will one fine day judge MEDIA to be greater enemies of the nation than terrorist

Navneet Writes said...

Hello Sir,

Ombudsman is very much necessary..These media ppl jus to increase their TRP they can report any damn thing witout even verifying...thy cover terrorist activities live n thy think as if thy hav done some gr8 thing..sometimes i really think whether these media ppl r educated enough to use their common sense...

Many news channels are surviving just because of these sadist happening. Any anti-social activity occurs, presto! programs start flowing. Few people who have made their mark in society are called upon by our media friends and care is taken that nobody among them belongs to same caste or same political party . And finally "The Show " begins and common people like us who cant do much about anything have to end our day watching their biased discussion. These debates are really good to watch, respected people over there quarrel like roasters in cockpit. Most of debates I have seen in news channels end up with no conclusion,only motto of roasters over there is to support their thinking n they don't give a damn about what others are pointing out,its unlike the presidential debate which happens in US. Only people who can come to a conclusion is we the viewers,as it makes no sense shouting at others sitting in front of television. But what is the use of it, it just reminds us that we have no Powers to change anything. Really Sad ..

Media is spreading pessimism like fire...

Rightly said sir First they report then verify n never clarify....

we are there for your support.

Jai Hind !!

pinkcheddiwallah said...

Corp 'Ho said...
wake up TOI man!
the statement was NEVER made by the Home Minister, it was the propaganda by some cocain weeding journo from Manjeswar...obviously working for TOI
and now where the hell is Kunjambu?

dr.aravind said...

Hello MR.HOME Minister.
sir, what you are doing is great we thoroughly appreciate your campaign against deterioration of indian culture. while the west looks towards india and lerns yoga, and spirituality from us and gets beeter our new generation are confused and are going the western way . while the westerners shunned their ways and are adpoting eastern philosophy and ways because now they see what materialism leads to.
please try to bring up moral education and moral values which were taught before in childhood by grandparents and teachers bring that gurukul culture and you wont have any problems in future.

who are spoiled already they too cant be brought up by counselling and moral advice on long run. but please concentrate more on the budding youth and children that way you save a generation who won't go astray.

Sumanth said...

I am one of founder of Save Indian Family Foundation(SIFF).

We are also liberals. We completely agree with you that Indian media is biased.

Here are many lies propagated in Media.

1) Lie-1

Bangalore is "Bride Burning Capital".

It is a hoax created by media to defame India and Bangalore. Using this hoax, they reached up to Oprah Wifrey Show.

The actual figures of any such deaths in whole Karnataka are just 24 in a year.

2) Lie-2

70% of Indian women face domestic Violence.

This is the biggest hoax propagated by media and United Nations. It was later picked up by Telegraph London and Washington Times.

We campaigned to extract apology from Washington Times. Indian media never apologized.


Media scared people that women are not safe in India, where as Indian women are 2 times safer in Indian homes than US. (NCRB and FBI stats)

There are many more such hoaxes created in media and propagated.

As there are no powerful media watch groups in India, the Media has started new set of moral policing.

Best Regards

Abhi Mukunda said...

YES! I completely agree that a Media Ombudsman is required. We are NOT asking for a CENSOR BOARD nor is the Govt proposing one. Looking at the senseless focus on sensational and frivolous incidents coupled with frequent wrong and biased reporting, it is high time people have some right to question the popular media with wide circulation.

On this Rama Sene incident, if TOI wants to debate on morality and society, let’s consider ALL incidents of moral policing in India and not just some frivolous incidents and impositions by silly groups with nominal following. TOI has completely lost it over the last few weeks looking at the undue focus it has provided to the Mangalore incidents. How can TOI publish a small para in page 5 or 6 on a major regressive "Fatwa" and its implementation and provide half a page focus on the FRONT PAGE related to the antics of these fringe groups and portray itself as the custodian/conscience of freedom of modern and free society?

Go Ahead Dr. Acharya, you have our support, hopefully more enlightened citizens will voice their support. I am NOT a "Right Winger" or "Fanatic" (though I will be labeled one after this post), but an unbiased citizen fed up with the dangerous social engineering games played by "Secular Fundamentalists" and their mouth pieces.

shiva said...

Dear Mr.Home Minister, it is great idea of exposing the electronic media biased reporting. Every indian knows about how much kickbacks taken by the media(NDTV, TIMESNOW,CNNIBN) reporting on Gujarath riots for reporting only on Muslims, till nobody will question, if we watching the NDTV or TimesNow or CNNIBN they only give more time to congress and other party people, when the time of BJP leader's comment comes either they will disturb them or forced them to make some statements or stop making further comments by telling lack of time they will close the debate. It hurts really. Your BLOG is really novel idea of putting the right things which reaches everybody.
good sir keep it up.

പ്രവാസ ത്വാത്തികന്‍ said...

Media should be controlled

PUNEETH said...

Dear Dr.Acharya,

In its urgency to satisfy the URBAN population TOI has shown the TECHNO SAVVY and DEMOCRACTIC image of you ....You should be happy for wht is due to you...

But TIMES has projected that you have started blogging only after the recent incidents,Please issue a clarification that you are a EARLY BIRD with reference to BLOG.The internet being the most democratic mediuim shows your respect to democratic values...Today i have seen 30 COMMENTS to your blog and it will only increase......
Puneeth kumar

Anonymous said...

Sir, your using of this tool to put across your point of view is commendable.

But then, I as a citizen do find some of your opinions disturbing. More than yours, the direction this state is heading in, is very concerning.

Even the Nazis believed they were the chosen people, and justified their actions. I am not comparing BJP regime to that of Nazis, as yet. But some of the signs, in terms of the intolerance towards perceived cultural differences, are especially matter of concern.

I trust, people of your stature have the wellbeing of our country, our society at the forefront of your mind. Please use the God given power responsibly.

You are the inheritor of the legacy of the great Kadambas, Chalukyas, Rastrakutas, Hoysalas and Hampi rulers. Please continue the tradition of tolerance and high culture of our great ancestors.


PUNEETH said...

Dear Dr Acharya,
There is a series of attacks on COPS by NAXALITES in the last month ,starting with Gadchiroli in MAHARASTRA on february 3rd 2009,in BIHAR on 9th feb 2009,the series of atatcks in various states clearly shows that NAXALITES will not stop until the LOK SABHA ELECTIONS.....Since they consider DEMOCRACY as their biggest ideological enemy.
But the most serious learning from these attacks is that in all the naxal attacks the cops have committes serious procedural lapses.Please go through the link below
I hope the COMMUNIST MLA,the ENGLISH MEDIA and the INTELLECTAUL supproters of LEFT are not conspiring to divert the important security issues and threat by the NAXALITES.
The most important aspect is also how do the NAXALITES know in advnce about the procedural lapses by the POLICE FORCE,this happened even in case of ORRISA attack in FEBRUARY last year????Are there naxal sympatisers in the system????
i HOPE you will not fail in this front!!

avijit.michael said...

The Indian media might not be the best in the world but according the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which India is a signatory

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers"

If a government is trying to stifle any non-violent expression they're stifling democracy.

Girish said...

Sir, from Save Indian Family Foundation we would like to extend our full support for setting up media ombudsman .Do not worry that few sick people in media have written against you. Truth will prevail. We need a leader like you . We will extend our fullest support to you in exposing media lies. As the famous proverb says " First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you and then you WIN...All the best sir.

Anonymous said...

Even CNN supports Pramod Mutalik's Stand on Valentine's Day. For those who hate a desi's advice to ban Valentine's day click on this link & read the CNN perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Acharya,

one question : Have you thought how to make media responsible for their acts ??. They have to be made accountable for the news they telecast/webcast. Regulation of the media may not be right as the regulartor itself may be impure. Please make each channel deposit 15 crores with the goverment. Once the news are not right and it goes beyond the responsibility of the society cut 1 Lakh per minute. See how that works ???? no regulation , everything is accounted in money

Rajkiran Panuganti said...


BJP is the party which fought for independence of media and they were locked up for 18 months! It was Advani who made media free in India. It was NDA which allowed FDI into media corporations.

You dont need to preach from some international signatory. BJP and its supporters will always stand for free press. But, we are asking for accountability and responsibility!...

Remember, freedom without responsibility is anarchy!