Friday, February 13, 2009

Coping with terror attacks

Co operation from the common man is the key word for secure society! Please have faith in the government, administration... If all of us (media, public, law enforcement) were to temper our reaction and response to terrorist events, we would lessen our attractiveness as a terrorist target and reduce the overall impact of the attack

The Media have the responsibility for accurately and objectively reporting a terrorist event, as exaggeration would only serve to increase the terrorist effect. Unknowingly they act like informants to the terror groups or agents for corporates trying to sell gadgets to the forces...

Law enforcement must remain both sensitive and sensible, in other words, not letting their emotions cloud their judgment when investigating terrorism or protecting the public from it. There is no meaning left in cliches like "security beefed up" etc.,

Politicians: Avoid knee jerk reaction: avoid using terrorist attacks as a platform for pushing other agendas or justifying irrational expenditures.They should also refrain from making hasty comments/ statements which might hamper investigations.They should also avoid useless exercises like visiting the victims of terror attacks in the hospital/ visiting the dead, which will not only hamper the medical management but also burdens the local administration and the police – who otherwise should be involved in relief measures/ investigations. (It is a well known fact that, the terrorists target hospitals for secondary attack, as they know that victims of primary attack would be rushed to hospitals along with curious onlookers/ security agencies/ politicians and media!)·

The Public has the responsibility to look at terrorist events in perspective, and has an important role in balancing the response of the media, law enforcement and politicians, by trying to learn as much as they can about terrorist methods of operation, to understand what the real threat is to them, and identify the appropriate measures to stop them. Ignorance of these methods reduces the public's ability to act as a check and balance to the policies and activities of the other sectors who represent and serve them. Public should also minimize use of cellular network at the time of such terror attacks to prevent network jam (remember that by doing so, you may save lot of lives!)·


Shreya said...

True. Cell phones usually end up being used for calling people up and asking them to watch the news.

Bugsy said...


This post if so very important and yet it is lost in the maze of your blog.

This should be out in national newspapers and television advertisements.