Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bitter Truth...Click on the image

Heinous act, equally condemnable is the "Judgemental writeup"
A simple example for "biased reporting" or reporting with "pre conceived news" "news fabrication"...a heinous crime of alleged sexual assault of a school girl, leading to her unnatural death...(already the culprit has been arrested) Kannada newspaper on the left has a 2 column, 10cm writeup in the Page 10, under routine crime news...However, a national newspaper, with a reporter with "ideological leanings" thinks it is fit to be published in the Front Page, 3 columns and 20cm...He is also declaring what allegedly caused her death...very creative writing...Now, dear readers, don`t you think, there is a need for some 'self regulation' by the those in the media?
What you can do now? Write to the Readers Editor, The Hindu, express your displeasure!
You can't have a first-rate commando force and a third rate magistracy. You can't have defence and intelligence personnel who will nab terrorists and courts that will let them off, or, better still, enable them to live off the treasury as state guests for years.
Writeup by Arun Shourie, Courtesy .Iindian Express

I am happy that healthy deliberations were held across the state in political, government and media circles in the past few days...
Most terrified visual media Scribes snub Acharya
(newspapers have press council, who controls the visual media?)

The Bitter Truth...

Introspection by the media, need of the
Vishweshwar Bhat
ನೂರೆಂಟು ಮಾತು - ವಿಶ್ವೇಶ್ವರ್ ಭಟ್

News Scan 12.02.2009
Healthy discussion on Media Ombudsman concept

A state of "Moral panic in the media" ?


Joseph said...

Shame on Sudipto Mondol for manufacturing these allegations.

But look at his creativity to later disclaim everything if someone drags Hindu or this reporter to court: he uses the words "Allegedly" by "Suspected" Hindutva groups.

This way he can wash his hands later. And sadly as your other post points about broken judicial systems and media watch dogs like Press Council of India will give clean chit to these literary terrorists.

Media Ombudsman or self regulation is solely needed now in our country.

Joseph Yelahanka

Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Dr. Acharya ji,

Please keep up this fight against the "biased" media. People are with you...Ofcourse, we all know that BJP never proposes any restriction on Media but, yes, it is necessary to make them accountable!

We are with you! But, please make sure that the main topics for general elections are not diverted into these issues.

Look at these pics in Punjab (I dont agree with the captions along with pics though!) regarding Pub culture. Let these pink chaddi wallahs send some pink chaddi's to these cops in Punjab.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Acharya,

Let me remind you of what Voltaire said:

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

A fearless media is India's strongest democratic asset. Of course, from time to time there will be reports that you may feel do not reflect your view of what is happening. Still, as a democratically elected leader, it is in your best long term interest to stand behind its freedom.


it is good idea to have a blog to express views. keep up the good work. one of the best and honest to the core Home Minister ever karnataka had. with your inspiration i also started a blog " Regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Acharya.....

I am not here to debate the articles that were published but a point that I would like to make to your comment which is
" .....However, a national newspaper, with a reporter with "ideological leanings" thinks it is fit to be published in the Front Page, 3 columns and 20cm...."

Let the reader understand that the reporter in any newspaper doesnt decide in which page his story has to go nor what size it should be and sometimes the headline too isnt given by him. Its the decision of the News editor to decide this & the sub editor to give the headline. So its wrong on your part to blame this reporter.



Harsha said...

It high time that we have independent body which would monitor the contents posted in the media. Media is here to report news and not views. Print media is expected to report news and keep the views restricted to editorial.If whole newspaper turns into editorial,what is the use of having such medium?

captainjohann said...

I read with interest your write up about the alleged assault on a girl , written in the Hindu and a Kannada paper.Hindu is clever enough to use the word "allegedly". You are correct about opinion being formed on a false writeup with opinionated columns. But people are no fools.We know( i mean ordinary citizens like me )what is the policy of NRam's Hindu or Arun Shouries Express or Tehelka.Being a politician whose tenure is decided by the people you are sensitive to the writeup. But people know.Your ombudsman concept is actually insulting to the intelligence of common man.For example Modi feared Lyngdoh's election commission.He won anyway.Ordinary people are watching how you are laying the roads(good ones at that), how much is one has to cough up to get a katha,or admission in a school for their kids, to get ration cards,driving license etc etc.It is these things which will decide your election.I for one happy with your road laying in bangalore!with kind regards.

sadashivn said...

Dr Acharya,
I congratulate you for starting a blog and exposing the media's double games.
Being home minister of a state, it is your responsibility to set the things right..

If you are also crying like us ordinary people, who are going to change the system. I think you may have to think out of the box and use the same tacticts to counter them.

Avinash said...

Respected Dr. Acharya

Something from West being Replicated and Needs to Addressed ....

They just can keep on Abusing Hinduism.... That's all they can do in the name of so called Human Rights ...

No wonder All the males supporting this movement will never can ask females in their family to Send their PINK CHADDI's.

Someone can ask them to view the information below and then they can blame whomsoever they wish to (your movement is just replication of incidents happening in UK)

Below are some documented examples of cases recorded by established media sources in UK.



British Sikh Girl Talks About Predatory Muslim Males:

5 Live report on Pakistani men grooming young white girls:

EOTC Report on Pakistani Men Grooming Kaffir Girls for Sex:

Grooming of white girls for sex by Asian Muslims is exposed:
Evidence of British Pakistani Muslim Sexual Abuse Gangs:

Current Known Areas being affected:

These are not “claims", it is real, documented evidence is not required to show you something is real.


Journalists are accountable to the nation. Spreading hatred is not good. Tarnishing the image is not at all good. If you appolize for a wrong write up why the papers publish at the last page. Selfishness is creeping in all the sections of society. Endangered spicies means non corrupt,a selfless human from any proffession (no son or daughter to pass on the relay baton, daily collection targets or land scam targets). It is our duty to Support upright politicians like Dr. V S Acharya. Give your suggetions if any wrong doings but do not crusify. I have lot of friends from fourth estate, and have good regards for journalists. Irrespective of our community we have to support good people with high morals. Sri L K Advanijee visited my home in 1983 september Hyderabad. My father was killed in communal riots. My next house belongs to RSS leader. His family came to the hospital for donating the blood. It is the humanity will rises above party and idealogy. By the way I am a Muslim.

Anonymous said...


What about your blog? If media is controlled, your blog also has to come under some regulation right?

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this article. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.