Sunday, February 8, 2009


Dr. Acharya said the step has become imminent following various disruptive groups trying to destabilize the law and order in the state. Mangalore which has shown a high degree of law and order degeneration was fit to have a police commissionerate, this will help the police to tighten few more loose ends in maintenance of law and order. Outlining the necessity of the media ombudsman in Mangalore Dr. Acharya said "the government was not targeting the media but the government needs to feel the pulse of the people/media and the valid points they make from time to time. The media ombudsman will be located in Mangalore and a senior person will chair this seat he added."

He said the recent events in Mangalore were "unfortunate" and urged the people "Nobody should suspect the BJP government to have any relationship with the vigilante groups, when it comes to the maintenance of law and order we spare nobody."

Dr. Acharya said the "in the recent attack on the pub the media was trying to foist some free comments on individuals, political parties and the system without ascertaining their facts. The Ombudsman will be an officer of the government no less than the rank of a retired judge of the High court with proper office, support staff and infrastructure to carry out collection, documentation and analyse the media reports independently, objectively and have unbiased opinions."

When asked by the presspersons if the ombudsman will in any way interrupt in the functioning of the media and press, Dr. Acharya only said “we are aiming at only analyzing things, nobody in India and in the democratic set up can touch the media” The officer will only assist the government in feeling the pulse of the media

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ganesh said...

Do you think attacking and molesting girls is part of your culture mr acharya???

If I or my adult daughter wants to go to a pub with friends than it is our business. this is still a free country you see...

But getting beaten up for minding our own buisness is not what I expect after paying you to look after the law and order in my state and city.

Mrs Aatma Shetty

tojoe said...

These guys wont react too much to the net if you can kind start some good sms then check the reaction out..ask some creative guys to coin good jokes and take a jibe at these guys and look how they would run for cover and react

Venugopal said...

Dear Sir,

You are just doing a fantastic job as A Home Miminster.i would like to Congradulate you for all the hardwork

please ignore those people who are creating unneccesary contoversies.people are with you Sir