Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crime detection/prevention, Conviction, Media Ombudsman

Media Ombudsman: click on the above image

Also read this article by Ranjan Yumnam - Indian Media needs an Ombudsman
Poser to those opposing the proposal of Media Ombudsman: If you reporting is right, why are you worried about the Ombudsman? Are you not worried about the "report first, verify later, never clarify" culture? (eminent newspapers like The Hindu, already have their own "Readers Editor- which is another form of Ombudsman)
Dr Acharya must encourage Citizen’s groups to bring pressure on Media Outlets as consumers of news to evolve a code of conduct and to create private media watchdogs to call out Media Bias as and when it happens - a debate
(courtesy: The Indian National Interest)
Acharya defends move to appoint 'media ombudsman'- the proposal mooted by the Public of Mangalore!
= "now the time has come to create it"
= "I will discuss with all people concerned including Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. We will explore all options and seek opinion of experts to create the ombudsman"
= However, Acharya said the government believed in freedom of press and media and there was no question of curbing it
= “The media has been reporting wrong news without any responsibility in some cases. People from Bidar to Chamarajnagar, Kolar to Malpe or Hassan are of the opinion that there should some kind of clamp on this medium,’’
= “We are thinking of appointing a person from the judiciary. The gag is not restricted to one media. To compete with each other, the media is giving contagious reports,’’
= "What we want is that media should be responsible while reporting on any issue. Reports on the January 24 pub attack, February 6 kidnapping incident of a Kerala CPM MLA's daughter and the last month pulse polio programme had created panic among public"
= CM says: I will speak to Acharya and get the issue clarified
Karna CM calls Renuka's outbursts as "gimmick"
"Even though the state government has taken immediate and effective action in both these cases, Renuka has been politicising the issues unnecessarily. She has been giving objectionable statements to the press now and then"
Home minister V S Acharya on Monday stated that the crime detection rate in Karnataka is going up, so is the conviction rate.Reacting to Union minister Renuka Chowdhury's comment that the crime rate in Karnataka is beyond control, he said: "We have a high detection rate and have solved the serial blasts case in the city, prevented the Hubli blasts and other crimes. So I don't want to react." Speaking about the Kerala MLA daughter's kidnap, Acharya said four out of five persons arrested are from Kerala, one is from Karnataka and all of them belong to the labour organization, CITU.
Panic free Valentines Day!


shallabh said...

I admire your work and your government. The foreign ideoloft communist and pseudo seculars would if they want like to paint all hindu religion as false and pathetic after all they'll never read the geeta and the vedas but will read the JNU profs and westeren interpretors.

I congratulate you on a good governance and hope you will not be bewildered by this hypocritival campaign by these seculars...
Jai Hind

vivek kamath said...

* Ombudsman is required.

* CNN-IBN,NDTV,Times Group.....
ban these western media controlled by congress or communist

*Expose these western remote controlled media to the public...

* I think your ministerial colleagues have no idea about western media...

*****Media is anti-BJP and anti-national.....

***Media and Opposition are not
able to tolerate good governance and developmental activities of BJP Government...Because they are
worried to see Karnataka developing
like Gujarat....

Where is media....???

(1).Many girls are brutally mudered in AP , for last six months...one Muslim girl ,Ayesha been raped and murdered ..and the grand son of Cong minister is accused ..media has ignored it.

(2).Sister Abhaya -- media kept quite

(3).Scarlet - murder/Drugs/rape -- media silent

(4).Delhi MBA girl gang rape and Journalist murder ..media again silent

(5).Kashmir many girls are forced to marry terrorists at Gun point -- media silent

(6).UP ulema banned girls from co-ed schools , central govt is funding them -- media silent

(7).Taslima Nasreen beaten from Delhi to Hyd --media silent

(8).Terror camps in kerala -- media silent

(9).150 RSS/BJP men killed in Kannur dt of Kerala - media silent

(10).150 Talaq-hapless women are beaten - media silent

and many, many and many more ....