Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News Update 25.02.2009

The legislative council on Tuesday adopted a resolution congratulating the cast and crew of Slumdog Millionaire and Smile Pinky for their Oscars.
Freida Pinto`s Mangalore/Udupi connection

Criticism against police politically motivated, says V.S. Acharya (click for news)

State proposes to include terrorism in definition of organised crime (Krishnaprasad/The Hindu)
Death or imprisonment for life mooted for those convicted
Amendment to KCOCA Bill allows detention of accused for a year
A provision to seize the property of the accused has been proposed
Bangalore: In the wake of the terror attack in Mumbai, the State Government proposes to include “terrorism” in its definition of “organised crime” by amending the provisions of the Karnataka Control of Organised Crimes Act (KCOCA) 2000.
Also, the Government has proposed death sentence or imprisonment for life for those convicted of terrorist acts even if such acts do not result in loss of life but only cause loss, damage or destruction to property.
Detention:The proposed amendment to the KCOCA (Amendment) Bill 2009 will enable the police to extend filing of charge-sheet to 365 days from the present 180 from the date of arrest, and thus, allow detention of the accused in judicial custody for a year.
The Bill defines the terrorist act as “any terrorist act committed with the intent to disturb law and order or public order, or threaten the unity, integrity and security of the State or to strike terror in the minds of the people or any section of the people by doing any act or by using bombs, dynamite or other explosive substance or inflammable material or firearms or other lethal weapons or poison or noxious gases or other chemicals or any other substance hazardous in nature in such a manner as to cause or likely to cause death or injury to any person or loss of damage or destruction to property.”
It has also been proposed to enhance the fine the convicted have to pay from Rs.1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh in case of terrorist act not resulting in loss of life, and a fine not less than Rs. 10 lakh in cases involving death of any person.
Property seizure A provision to seize the property of the accused, pending investigation, has also been proposed.
This will permit the investigating officer, with the prior approval from officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police, to seize or attach the property acquired through organised crime or terrorism.
Opportunity: However, the Bill also provides an opportunity for the accused to challenge the seizure or attachment before an appellate and before the special courts.
The Bill was introduced in the Belgaum session of the State Legislature.
Home Minister V.S. Acharya told The Hindu that “we hope that the amendments will be discussed and approved in both Houses of the Legislature during the current budget session as the Bill is a significant one.”

Acharya won't resign: Unmoved by the Opposition demand, Yeddyurappa reiterated that home minister V S Acharya will not been asked to resign as he has efficently discharged his duties over the past nine months. Reeling off statistics of previous CMs, Yeddyurappa said from R Gundu Rao to H D Kumarswamy, there've been at least 4-5 firing incidents in the state. However, opposition parties see all this happening only during the BJP's tenure. Moral police, beware: In a warning to the Sri Rama Sena, Yeddyurappa said the government would henceforth not hesitate to invoke the Goonda Act against anyone taking the law into their own hands in the name of moral and cultural policing.

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venkat said...


I bleeieve Congress government is playing politics in approving teh Kcoca and gujcoc....

They have approved the similar law in the Maharashtra !!

I believe we should have teh Kcoca law immidiatley approved and should end terrorism immmidiatley..

I praise u for ur efforts