Sunday, February 22, 2009

Solid waste management project inaugural...

An ambitious eco friendly project, starts today, delayed due to the irrational opposition...
An end to the "Dumping Yard" problems at Beedinagudde!

Udupi , Feb 22 The BJP government in Karnataka has planned to spend Rs 2,400 crore in the next two years for the civic infrastructure development both in urban and rural areas in the state.
Inaugurating Rs 4.82-crore solid-waste scientific processing unit at Karvalu-Alevoor on the outskirts of the city today, Home Minister Dr V S Acharya said under this plan, Rs 15 crore would be released to every city municipal council during the current year, whereas the town municipal councils would get Rs two crore if the respective urban bodies would submit their plans by April next.

The government would release 50 per cent of the fund immediately, he said.

He said Udupi city municipal council was the first among the 10 selected urban bodies for the Asian Development Bank- aided solid waste management project to be completed under Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environment Management project.

He said the garbage dumping yard in the heart of the city would stop functioning from tomorrow and all solid wastes here would be taken to the new disposal yard, where primary segregation and other processes would take place.

The present dumping yard would be converted into a cricket stadium and a public park after filling the land, which was expected to be completed in two years, he added.
Pics by Janardan Kodavoor

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suprabhu said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for this facility which the cities of Udupi and Manipal need badly.According to me, we need to have many more such facilties by looking at the wastes that these cities produce everyday.
I travel daily from Hiriadka ( a small village near Manipal) to Manipal by bus for my bread and butter.As I see, the roadsides are filled with non biodegradable plastics, electrical wastes(bulbs, tube lights, CFLs etc) which are dumped by the people who are either not having the knowledge on the problems created by the non-biodegradable wastes OR they just want to keep their premises clean without bothering about the mother nature.When I asked the Hiriadka Mandala Panchayat about the solid waste mangaement including plastics, they said that everything including plastic is burnt.I got shocked but at the same time I understood that there is no knowledge on the problems caused by non-biodegradable things, no fundings and finally no will.Not only that, the small streams which finally join the (once) beautifull Suvarana River are filled with plastics(Once they were full of fishes, only plastics, glass pieces etc..may be the new trend)..Whom to blame?? Don't know.. We talk about developoments, we talk about infrastructure, but we don't talk about these problems..which is really taking bad shape..It is more shocking that most of wastes are produced at the city sides where we have most the educated people (I really doubt..)..One can educate villagers about the problems caused by bio-degradable wastes but how about educating educated people??..One simple suggestion.. WHY DON'T WE BAN PLASTICS?? some some of the states in the country have already done it.. Afterll you are the policy makers..

Hope some time you read this comment...

Thanks a lot,
Sudhi Prabhu