Monday, February 9, 2009

Communist Link in Mangalore Episode established...

Manjeshwar MLA Kunjabus Daughters "abduction" episode: Fact file
"Abducted": MLA`s only daughter, minor girl
Abducted by: Bus Driver: Aravinda Das, CPIM activist,

Bus Conductor: Satish, CPIM member, Son of CPIM Panchayat (Majibail)Member- Kariyappa Shetty, (news: Hosa Diganta)
Arrest of 5 CPIM activists by Mangalore Police on the within 48 hours!
Home Minister Karnataka, has assured the MLA of all the help, still Kunjambu, to hide a family "problem" misquotes Dr V S Acharya...a particular section of the Media, especially the "Page3" type, take pleasure in bashing the Karnataka Home Minister! Read the real reporting by mainstream media
Manjeshwar MLA Kunjambu had stayed in Mangalore Abduction/Attack of Minor Girl accused, Bus conductor/ CPIM activist Satish
(report from Vijaya Karanataka, 09.02.2009)
Pub "culture" is not Indian...As a woman and as a mother I condemn it!
Congress MP Tejaswini Gowda
(news from Vijaya Karnataka, 09.02.2009)
ಇಷ್ಟಾದರೂ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರಿನ ಕಾಂಗ್ರೆಸ್ಸ್ ಮಹಿಳಾ ಮಣಿಗಳು, ರೇಣುಕ ಅಂತವರು, ಪಬ್ ಭರೋ ಮಾಡಿಸುತ್ತಾರಂತೆ!


The Pseudonym said...

But Neither is beating up or dragging or ripping their clothes apart. What happened to Gandhian values in this Country. Why cant people protest in silence?

E W Frank said...

There have been innumerable remarks and comments on the recent sad incidents in SK that is definitely not what should happen in any society. While the self-styled Vigilantes (DYFI, Ram Sene or CPI..etc) must be condemned, it is equally tragic to note that Mangaloreans are not highlighting the fact that many of the pvt bus service companies are owned by the politicians or their flunkies.

Also the so called Pubs and Lodges in the coastal boom towns are nothing but dens of prostitution and gambling. Most of these flourishing businesses have no license whatsoever since the same politicians who condemn them along with the local Police chiefs are their well wishers and god fathers!

While the report of National Women Commission member Nirmala Venkatesh reveals the fact that the Amenesia pub was indeed a hub for call girls, many of whom are poor, college going youngsters from areas surrounding Mangalore, the report was not comprehensive. Also since it did not cater to the forthcoming election oriented needs of the Cong-I, the whole incident and subsequent investigation seems to have been hijacked and capitalised to the core by the likes of Renuka Chowdhary, whose daily task now seems to be bitching about Karnataka. (she should worry about her divorcee daughter, before setting the society right)

The latest incident involving the CPI MLA’s daughter was initially blamed on the saffron brigade and it is now being revealed as a result of internal power wars within the CPI and DFYI organisations. While Karnataka has at least witnessed some tangible development (at last) by a Govt that got into power through arguably dubious means, it is regrettable to note that the crooks among the CPI, Sangh Parivar, the gowada clan and of course the perpetually corrupt Cong-I politicians from SK are making selfish use of such ridiculous incidents and adding fuel, all in the hope of pulling down a state govt and grabbing votes.

Pink Cheddy said...

Foot in the mouth for DYFI & CPIM!
Times Of India, watchout...your cartoons are in bad taste...

Anonymous said...

it is now certain, poor father (communist MLA)sent his own men to teach his daughter a lesson, which he could not do at home then to maintain his fatherly image in the eyes of his innocent(!) daughter made nice cock and bull (read ramsena/bhajarangis)story.

4th pillar (?for dogs to piss) survived for the week and forgot PMs health, terrorist, ex PMs health felt teenage girls juicy stories and coverup is more important than rest for a mature largest democracy of the world poised for next MP election.

Jai hind, hey ram...


Lenni Abraham said...

As a Keralite living in Karnataka for many years I am ashamed of Kerala style politics entering Karnataka.

Please nip this in the bud.

These kind of planned attacks, murders are common in Kerala. It is a pity MLA Kunjambu has resorted to lying to protect his daughter's mistake.

Sanjay said...

can you please tell me why you are letting these taliban-inspired-women-beating-molesting-cowards calling themselves ram sene or bajrang dal to flourish? and if you are so concerned about people taking to alcohol, why don't you bring in complete prohibition in the state instead of advising on 'pub culture' and meddling with people's rights?

Legolas said...

Dear Sir, this government should set up executives to track the following:
1. Corruption by politicians and government officials
2. Illegal travel to India by Missionaries
3. Religious conversion to Christianity
4. Biased media reporting
5. Atrocities against Downtridden and Dalits
6. Also, please set up a real good PRO office

Vikramaditya said...

For those who are unaware of how the system works in India;
Police have to arrest and book the case against the attackers...need to produce the culprits in the court (as early as possible-otherwise human rights activists would trouble them!), Judiciary decides, whether they can be granted bail/ continue custody...
That means, after the Judiciary takes over, Police have little control over matters.
In the Legal/Justice delivery system, visible part is the Police, as they are in Uniform! (so if one is unhappy about the system, he needs to train his anger on all involved, including the Judiciary!)

Anuja byotra said...

The question is not whether going to pubs is Indian culture.

The question is whether people can violently attack other people with different beliefs/ cultures / backgrounds.

Suryaprabha T P said...

Where is the reliable Judicial system?

Anonymous said...

Well i cannot understand when these people will grow up. Tell a child not to some thing because it is bad and he wants to experience it. The people will become more adament and will go to pubs in more numbers. hose who don't know about pubs will also go there. f*** THE SENE AND UPHOLD democracy and freedom.

Chandran Pillai, Kozikode said...

Thank you for giving other side of the story.

Poor Kunjambu the MLA thought Karnataka Police are like Kerala Police to hush up the issue and he won't be caught.

Now that he is exposed in open he is making all kind of nonsense statements.

For those can't read Kannada you should translate and put these so that those sitting in Delhi like Renuka can understand what really is going on instead of issuing silly statements.

RP said...

Hi Doc,
I am a hardcore Hindu and definitely not a supporter of Pub Culture. But I feel very concerned when an idiot like Muthalik acquires the authority to harass my children for visiting a place of their choice. This is not democracy - this is Al-Quada rule.

Who defines " our culture" in Karnatka. In post independent India only the Parliament and the Assemblies are entitled to define it. Else if you go back - 5000 years ago "our culture" was to roam nude. Why not beat Muthalik to follow "our culture" of real ancient days.

Tarun Goel said...

Dear Minister,
I know this is not Indian Culture drinking and Pubbing, but the point is the girls who were beaten up by some monkeys, what about them? Where is your culture?Where is your Ministry?Where is your Human Rights?
Why did the situation came to this point where Ram Sainik's had to interfere?Where was your Police?
Who is responsible for the mental harrassment of the girls?
I am also coming down to Bangalore on 14th, who will be responsible if Ram Sainik's come and beat me up???
Do you take the responsibility as the Home Minister??

sadashivn said...

Media's double games.: A message posted in rediff
Right from Arushi case to church attacks we have seen many instances where media has overstepped ...

(1).Many girls are brutally mudered in AP , for last six Muslim girl ,Ayesha been raped and murdered ..and the grand son of Cong minister is accused has ignored it.

(2).Sister Abhaya -- media kept quite

(3).Scarlet - murder/Drugs/rape -- media silent

(4).Delhi MBA girl gang rape and Jounalist murder again silent

(5).Kashmir many girls are forced to marry terrorists at Gun point -- media silent

(6).UP ulema banned girls from co-ed schools , central govt is funding them -- media silent

(7).Taslima Nasreen beaten from Delhi to Hyd --media silent

(8).Terror camps in kerala -- media silent

(9).150 RSS/BJP men killed in Kannur dt of Kerala - media silent

(10).150 Talaq-hapless women are beaten - media silent

and many, many and many more ....

Managlore incident or any incident in BJP states media will discuss it days and days together with columns and petitions...

Nobody is really getting carried away with media freedom and all such hypocrisies...

--> In AP media has divided btw, Cong and TDP
--> In Tamil, btw DMK and AIDMK
--> In WB, funded by commies

Right from IBN-CNN, NDTV to TOI there are many reports that these electronic,print,web media been funded by vested interests of regional/religion/caste/business etc...

well wisher4 u dr. said... acharya

all ppl know since long yrs u been a nice gentleman n had a good retutaion in udupi.surely not known for gondaisam or wrong doing in the past...

wen politicians name discussed u stood aprat beign a good human n good politician tooo !!!!

but what its hapening now? diplomatic ? u r famly is real nice decent one ..i no ur kids during the colege days..they are loving n nice never boasted or show off neither..

u known as famly man for sure

then why do u need all this diplomacy...ur not man hungry for power nor a person greedy for money or for name !!!!

why cant u think atpresent strait forward rather diplomatic ..politiicans dint feed u wen u were in home town ..nor u wished any..
why dint u criticise wen m'lore atack took place? why u gave alternative answers? why u dint do same while they atacked girls in pub.?

would u do the same if ur grand children were atacked?
ur kids are big ..parents now..ask them have a decent opinions..cuase i no they r decent enough over that away from politics...have seen life n the world...

get their idea befor u go public in ur political milage. if u do that uwoudl become chief minister too i guarantee u thhat dr.

cuase u r capable of that..

u said ,,,,,,This is not my view. It is a reflection of views expressed by a cross section of people attending<,,,,,,,

other day aobut media u told u just expresse the view of the meeting u had with the ppl of m'lore...arent u wise enough or educated to think ur own ...u should have adivsed them sayign it not that u want or could b loked n talked b'lroe ofice..instead
...why u wanted milage by saying the need to have controle over media which did n doing good job since decades...?

why u invite controversys? ur not the real ur since u become minister?

dont go with the flow of the politicla sea u will get drowned soon rather b what u are dr..

give bold statements instead diplomatic ..u r a father u no what is good for ur kids they have their own freedom ..n u r ther to guide them ..they r answerable to u not to the world..or mutalik senselsess worm to the society..

Get back to real U what u were in Udupi 15 20 yrs back.