Friday, February 27, 2009

Any idea?

Unclaimed vehicles giving cops a tough time
do you have any ideas for this problem?


vegymite said...

Should I suggest we ship them to ChiNa
They could recycLe
and make bicyclEs,
sell them each for a dollar
in the western areNa

Shrinidhi Hande said...

isn't there a timeline within which vehicle owners should claim their vehicles?

PUNEETH said...

Dear Dr Acharya,

1. after filing the report of closure of the case.Time frame needs to be fixed to auction the vehicle and the ststion officer needs to be acounatble for this.

2.The revenue earned on the auction of this vehicle should go to the POLICE FUND or the fund of the particular poilice ststion to upgrade facilities so that the process of auction happens on time and the condition of the vehicle is not further deteriroirated

3.Alternatively the ownership of the vehicles should be transferred to the POLICE DEPARTEMENT so that there is no scope for CORRUPTION in the acuctioneering of the vehicle.


Anonymous said...

Some leftwing groups are instructing their women activists to run campaigns on the lines of "women under attack in Karantaka since BJP came to power" .

At the same time, there are reports of some goons targetting women wearing western clothes, thereby creating a fear psychosis and playing neatly into the hands of leftwing propagandists.

These tactics remind one of the supposed anti-Christian attacks in 1998/99. At that time some people used the media to create a fear of Christians being under attack. A Pak-trained outfit called Deendar Anjuman exploited this environment of fear to bomb churches, and make it appear like extremist Hindu organizations did it.

Is there a similar attempt at work now?

Karnataka government cannot take this lightly. It is quite evident that this will go on till Lok Sabha elections, because the activists' real target is election propaganda. Well-meaning young people who do not know the politics behind this are being drawn to internet campaigns where they are being told that women are unsafe in Karnataka because of BJP.

The government needs to make sure goons do not take advanatge of this political activism to harrass women.

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Sir, Good point.

The solution that is commonly implemented is to have a "junk yard". The junk is sold back to steel and iron companies which can bring revenue to the govt. too.

Setting up the junkyard initially takes up some investment but, later on, it would be self-sufficient.

Anonymous said...

Formulate a timeframe till the time the vehicles should be in police custody. After the timeframe is over, advertise in Newspapers or popular TV channels about the vehicles and even after if there are no takers, auction them off or sell the rusted parts for their weight in iron/metal

Anonymous said...

Give it to poor people.
Thats how Congress is popular.

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Actually, I like the first posting. Let us try to "gift" usable parts/vehciles to the poor. It would also give some political advantage.

Rest of the parts must be made scrap and be sold to steel and iron companies and utilize that little amount we get as funds for police personnel's expenses.

Vinay said...

If the vehicles are in usable condition, paint them in police colors and distribute them among various police stations. The police department could always do with a few more vehicles.

If they are totally unusable, scrap them and sell the steel on the open market.

Bhupesh said...

Every vehicle supposed to have insurance, get hold of/link to database of insurance company, which ever insurance company has insured that particular vehicle, dump the vehicle on to them.