Friday, February 27, 2009

FSL : should a professional seek publicity?

The leakage of narco tests by her to media has brought the Assistant Director of Forensic Science Laboratory, Bangalore into eyes of investigation, lead to Dr Malini revelation of forgery committed by her to get Government job in Forensic Science Laboratory, Bangalore.
Point: Fake age certificate/ leakage of sensitive info to media/ manipulated CD`s- Nanaiah
Counterpoint: Political conspiracy
Question: Should the identity of such professionals (working with sensitive information/ high profile cases) be made public? Should they go after publicity?
If the government acts swiftly on these issues...there is a hue and cry about "not following service guidelines"...if the Government waits...opposition raises the hue and cry!

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Srikanth said...

A very valid point.
Service rules should be ammended to make sure that these people do not talk to media.
If media puts mike in front of me, I will talk forgetting what position I am in, because I want to appear on "National television" probing a "sensational" case.
Apart from making statements in media, they should also be held responsible for selectively leaking information, of the likes which appear in media as "From informed sources..." etc.