Saturday, December 27, 2008

Strategies to meet terror threat to State

Response from the Centre on demand for an NSG unit in Karnataka positive: Acharya
Coastal Security Police to soon get three speedboats sanctioned by the Centre

GULBARGA: Home Minister V.S. Acharya on Monday announced that a dedicated intelligence wing would be created in the State, with a separate set of officers recruited for the purpose, to meet increasing challenges and threats from extremists and terrorists. Dr. Acharya told presspersons here that the proposed wing would be an independent department. It would be a part of the Internal Security Division that is to be created and the division would be entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the Anti-Terrorist Squad and the Coastal Security Police.Best training
He said that those recruited to the intelligence wing would be provided with the best of training in information gathering from the grassroots level, and some of them would be sent to other countries to hone their skills in intelligence collection.
To a question, Dr. Acharya said that the Government was also considering sending a team of police personnel deputed to the Anti-Terrorist Squad for expert training to some of the countries that have effectively tackled terrorism.
He said that the State Government, in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks in various parts of the country, had held a series of discussions with security experts, senior police personnel and retired police officials and decided to constitute an Internal Security Division in the State and to strengthen the intelligence network.
“We want a trained and well-equipped intelligence team, and the staff recruited to all four wings of the Internal Security Division would get special pay, special service rules and other benefits,” he said. Dr. Acharya said the response from the Centre on the demand for an NSG unit in Karnataka was positive.
He said the Coastal Security Police would also be strengthened to meet the challenges posed by terrorists and the State would soon get three speedboats sanctioned by the Centre.
Some helicopters had also been sought by the State to keep watch over the 312-km coastline from Goa to Kasaragod.

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