Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quote of the day


Vinobha K T said...

Mr Acharya, congratulations for the new findings. As you said there are terrorists among journalists. Similarly, there are terrorists among politicians too. But un'fortunately', none of the terrorists who don politicians' role in India were punished so far.
Put all journalists in the state behind bars and grill them until they own the responsibility of all terrorism acts in the state. Because they are the real 'terrorists' who keep writing on the failures of Home Ministry.

Benson said...

Hey Vinobha - can you pass these ideas to your colleagues in KannadaPrabha so that they can point out some more "failures" of Home Ministry.

#Mega Exclusive news idea 1:
Sky is blue!! Planes are flying in the sky without telling us journalists!! Govt is lying when it says sky is safe!! It is not safe!!!

#Mega Exclusive news idea 2:
Anyone in Coastal Area can buy vehicle!! No check is done when someone buys vehicles!!! So any terrorist can buy vehicles!!!

#Mega Exclusive 3: Kannada Prabha journalists go to Mangalore beach, Malpe beach, Karwar beach and fly kites. Tie some object with wires to kites. Then publish exclusive saying "Kites can be used to put bombs!!!Karnataka police are useless who can't control kites!!!!"

Try one of those ideas and drag it for a week. May be your buddies can use heading "Dikkara" again!!!