Saturday, December 6, 2008

Journalist? Terrorist?

Cellphone gun...
Pen torch teargas...

Camera with Gun!
In this era of technology, anyone (terrorist) can access these, pose as a Journalist, enter an important venue...and gain all the publicity he wants! (acts of terror are publicized anyway by the real mediamen!)

Terrorist posing as a Journalist? Click on image...
(it may be recalled that one of the Mumbai terrorists had received a letter from Pakistan, stating that he is a journalist, covering "Indian political news")

It is also a known phenomenon that Mediamen gate crash/ enter important venues without any pass/ identity card.
Hence it becomes important to keep in mind the possibility of terrorist posing as a Journalist...especially when they are with electronic gadegets like cameras- which can easily conceal weapons/ explosives!


Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Sir, please answer these questions so that we feel assured:

a) I felt Mumbai hostage situation could've been better handled by using "chloroform" gas to put everyone in the hotel to sleep OR at least use of "tear gas" to make it difficult for those terrorists.
NSG was engaged only in direct combat. Is there a lack of preparedness or strategists ?

b) Your post looks scary. Sir, can you please assure us if the state machinery regularly updates to face up to these new challenges ? .. How do you rate your current preparedness ?.. Please assure public of their safety at this time when everyone is a bit skeptical about police abilities.

It is wonderful to be able to directly reach Home Minister during these scary times. Your reply would lift our confidence levels enormously.

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

Dear Sir,

I can understand the threat of terrorists posing as journalists. And the major target could be politicians. Becuse why should a terrorist act like journlist to kill common man. They simply can barge into any crowded place and start killing. They have done it before and they will continue doing it. All you have to do is take a boat from any part of the world and enter India. After all the 303 wielding policeman is no ones threat. and that too if their luck is very bad. On other day they will only face some lathi welding Policeman.
Bit this could be a major threat in some politician press conference. Now with the elaborate security the politicians have for themselves this can only be one threat.

So as a politician your concern is very must justified. Afterall the life of an politician is not expendable as that of common man. The more they live in fear the more will be their trust on their political messiah.

But then what are politicians doing for the security of common man. offcourse they can come after any attack, Announce compensation and talk bravado and go back. The only change will be that even the journalist would be frisked to minimise any risk to the politicians.