Sunday, August 31, 2008

Transfer lobby supported by Media?

otherwise why spread rumours?

"Tranfer lobby" seems to be in hand in glove with media! Otherwise why would the media be so interested about routine activity of the government? The speculative reports of some officer getting posted in a particular place or character assasination of some prospective officer(in print and visual media) all seem to be well orchestrated...


Anonymous said...

u r democracy it is perfect2 ask all these questions.ifpeople's representatives r aware about anecedents of an officer he /she can definitely ask about it.the officer 2 has to serve everybody.taxpayers'nontaxpayers have every rt 2 demandthe service of a good officer.

Anonymous said...

There are few issues here:
1. if the officer is corrupt: one can complain to the lok ayukta
2. it is good to know the officer through his work, definitely not through the media reports...judgemental media reports are never considered for decision making!
3.why the media has the pathological interest in Transfer of officials?, when it is almost blind to other issues like corruption etc., remeber that none of the officers caught by lok ayukta had bad reporting on them in the media, as they were in the "good books" of mediamen!

Hegde said...

Many in media have "transfer business" as their side business.

How can one explain press reporters hanging around in Vidhanasoudha offices or at homes of ministers with files in their hands?

Sadly some ministers encourage these things in the hope of getting positive media coverage in return.

I am a media man myself and some times I hang my head in shame when I see my brethren acting as "pimps" pushing transfer and land deals. Sadly most of them are involved in this in Bangalore. I salute you for not bowing to their pressure tactics.