Saturday, August 9, 2008

Give credit where it is due - Sri Kumar's blog post on recent blasts

R.Sri Kumar - DG and IGP of Karnataka writes about recent bomb blasts in his blog post.
He has addressed the usual noise of "intelligence failure", "police inaction", "failure of law and order" which follow any terror acts in this post by presenting facts.

Quote:"As the records show, In Karnataka in the first six months of this year 2008, suspected terrorists have been arrested in Honnali, Belgaum, and Bangalore etc. The number of arrests is also a high number running into double digits. One bomb blast did take place in the court premises on 10th May, 2008 and another scheduled to take place in a polling booth in Belgaum on the third day of the poll i.e. 22 May, 2008 was averted because of the police action of identifying and arresting the accused days before the blast was to take place."

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