Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dance Bars/ Intelligence/ KCOCA Etc.,


Hari Potter said...

I represent the new age RSS swayamsewak. I have been long associated with RSS IT Milans in Bangalore & hence know pulse of IT crowd. Though to an extent I agree with closing down on bars early, I disagree wtih closing down of discotheques early. Bengaluru is competing with not just Pune or Mumbai but likes of Shangai. We need it to make it attractive to expatriates & young people. And night life is pretty important. Hence closing down of dance bars is welcome but not closing down on discos. Or we should have special zones where discos can operate & police can keep a close tab. As first BJP govt it is necessary that we keep a balance on our values & practical need to take Bengaluru forward.
Bharat Mata ki Jai..

Vinay said...

Dr. Acharya Avare,

I think the curbs on nightlife are unwarranted. They do not have a deterrent effect on crime. The kind of crowd which hangs around in pubs and discos is by-and-large the yuppy middle-class crowd comprising IT professionals and the like. Certainly not the kind of people who would commit crimes.

Late in the night, I feel safer in a European city which has crowds walking on the streets even at that late hour. In fact, the presence of large numbers of people on the streets, and the fact of shops and establishments being open, is a major deterrent to criminals.

I agree with "Hari Potter" above, Bangalore is not competing with Mysore or Chennai - people club Bangalore with cities like San Fransisco and Shanghai. In my opinion, nightlife curbs are counterproductive.