Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pubs okay, "pub culture" not so

Courtesy: TV9, ಚಕ್ರವ್ಯೂಹ

photo:Dayanand Kukkaje/Daijiworld

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Government was not against pubs per se, but was only opposing "illegal activities," carried out in the guise of the so-called pub "culture".

"We are fully aware of people's rights and will never intend to curb one's freedom."

"The government intends to stop all activities that are perceived to be illegal, other than those for which the pub owner has taken licence."

"It can bring down crime rate in a big way by doing so and can avoid major crimes."

Concern over the large number of teenagers and youngsters spending their quality time at watering holes by bunking classes... "What will happen to their career, if they are allowed to continue with this?"

(photo:rediff/news: Express news )


Vinobha K T said...

You wrote about 'opposing illegal activities', 'pub culture' and expressed concern over large number of teenagers and youngsters spending their quality time at watering holes by bunking classes.
I agree with you.

But there is also concern over policing by groups like Sri Ram Sene.

PUNEETH said...

Dear Dr Acharya,

I would like to CONGRAGULATE you on the swift action taken on miscrenats in the "PUB ATTACK" issue!! While no media,intellectuals or secularists appreiciated while MAHENDRA of BAJRANGDAL was arrested and out bheind bars after the church attack,u cannot expect any thing now from the "news hungry" AND publicity mongering,INTELLECTUALS,but the case against the media needs to be persued because they no longer are the WATCHDOGS of democracy,but these are only MONEY SWINDLING CORPORATE ENTITIIES vying for TRPs and ADVERTISEMENTS.THE mangalore incident is case study of how INDIAN IMMATuRE PRIVATE NEWS CAHNNELs are hand in glove with PUBLICITY FREAKS like the SRIRAMA SENE,i also watched RAVI POOJARY telling the media that the goonda who was shot at by cops in MANGALORE was a patriot and a social worker(WITH A GUN!!!!).i request you only to inform the media and not to respond to the LIMELIGHT HOGGING news channels!!!Now the media has problem with the NATIONAL WOMENS COMMISSION also!!!!!!!!!!!
Puneeth kumar

shilpa said...

Its true that "PUBS" have come from the WEST and Indian Youth spend lot of their time trying to ape the WEST.Influence of alcohol and loss of the "INDIANESS" is a matter of serious concern.BUT!! WAit these are well Educated Youth ,ones who are India's Future.Dont petrify them "DEVISE a Polite and a Gentle way of sending your msg across to the Youth".Please dont legalise voilent behaviour under the influence of alcohol or not.

Anonymous said...

Mr Acharya, I don't see why you need comment moderation first of all! I'm quite sure this will be one of the comments which will not appear on your blog. Nevertheless I would like to express my views.
First of all the youngsters (as you choose to call them) are all adults, at least none of the women who were beaten up by the Ra(van) Sene in Mangalore appeared to be below 18 and all of them admitted to having gone there of their own accord. We don't need moral policing what we need are better amenities and education, why don't you and your government along with the help of your supporters focus more on these things. As adults in a democracy, we can decide what is right and wrong, we don't a big brother behind our backs,with a whip in hand telling us that everything western is bad. Let us not even talk about the purity of the Indian culture - the way women used to dress or about the kind of lifestyle that was led. There are many ways of looking at things and I'm sure my way of looking at it would incense you no doubt. So, my request to you and the likes of the sene are to let people be... if you have a problem with pubs or drinking, you ensure that u don't do it. If you want to monitor women's clothing, monitor the clothing of women in your houses.. and allow the rest of us to live in peace..thank u and jai sri ram!