Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is pub culture desirable?

Courtesy Live & Let Die

The attack on a group of women in a Mangalore pub, allegedly by members of the Shri Ram Sene, has the Opposition gunning for his head. But Karnataka Home Minister Dr V S Acharya seems unfazed by the volley of criticism directed at the state government after the incident.In an interview with’s Vicky Nanjappa, Dr Acharya claims that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government in the state acted swiftly and firmly against the culprits involved in the Mangalore attack.
Has your government succeeded in acting against the perpetrators of the Mangalore attack?
We have acted swiftly and taken appropriate action in the matter. We have given the police a free hand and they have done a commendable job. The arrest of so many people is an indication of the action being taken.
Do you agree with Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa’s views about putting an end to the pub culture in the state?
Pub culture is not desirable in the Indian context. I whole-heartedly agree with Yeddyurappa’s stance.
Are you planning to take action against these pubs?
There are laws that govern these pubs. The usual norms will continue to apply to pubs and bars. But implementing the existing law is not the issue here. The Mangalore pub, which was attacked, had not violated any laws.
Is the BJP associated with the Shri Ram Sene?
We are not associated with the Sene. I have always maintained that the Shri Ram Sene is a separate entity and has nothing to do with the BJP.
But they seem to be taking advantage of the fact that the BJP is in power.
That is not true. We have dealt with the Sene with an iron fist and action has been taken without favouring anyone.
I firmly believe that the Sene is a tool in someone’s hand, who is playing a game, to tarnish the BJP.
Can you substantiate that statement?
The ongoing investigations have provided some clues about the Sene being used as a tool. The probe will reveal the truth.
Shri Ram Sene activists have been equated to terrorists and intellectuals like U R Ananthamurthy feel that anti-terror laws should be used against them. Doesn’t this call for a ban on the Sene to ensure a peaceful Karnataka?
There has been no proposal so far to ban the outfit. But the government is considering the matter. Regarding the applicability of anti-terror laws against the activists, as I mentioned earlier, we have not been soft on them and have dealt with an iron fist.


Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

Dear Sir,

As a country we are a nation of Hypocrats. We all claim to be morally upright and still have the highest number of Aids infected people in the world.

We often act like Ostrich by burying our head in sand whenever there is any danger. A girl in Pub is Horrendus when a common sight at morning 9 in Banaglore is a crowd on any wine shop drinking there iteself.

Our poiticians are all enemy of Booze still booze is a major source of bringing their votebank to vote.

Pub Culture destroys home but wine shops actually sustains them even though no one in Pub has sold his wife jewellery to drink there or wastes his day income on booze.

Can it be attributed to jealousy.

Rajkiran Panuganti said...


I support your stand that Pub culture is not desirable. At the same time, we also expect that there must be a ban on alcohol culture... I mean, ban alcohol in the state. Further, also speak up about the nudity in the movies.

Kriti said...
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Kriti said...

Sir, as a responsible blogger and Home Minister, I believe you should publish my earlier comment and answer it to the best of your ability.(Kriti...not received any comment from your id earlier...)

I am a citizen of Bangalore and had great expectations of the BJP. Now you aren't even answerable to the public? Thank God I wasn't old enough to vote then, because I would have definitely voted for your Government. Now, with one fiasco after another, especially after the Government's refusal to ban the Shri Ram Sena; why would I, or any of my peers, want to vote for this kind of Government?

Blogger said...

Dear Kriti & Like minded visitors to this blog
Please note that, the designs of opposition party have partially been successful in projecting the governmenr as "not friendly to youngsters/young at heart" is not true.
Please read the statement once again..."We are fully aware of people's rights and will never intend to curb one's freedom." the post
If you think that the rights of a pub going person were violated by the actions of Ram Sena/ attackers, dont you think the media too violated the norms by gatecrashing & tresspassing, and then photographing the people of the pub without their consent?

Kriti said...
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Kriti said...

Sir, I would definitely say that the media did NOT act responsibly in the case. However, I believe that groups like the Sri Ram Sena are the pressing concern right now. Pramod Muthalik has around 48 cases pending against him, and he recently publicly lauded the Malegaon bomb blasts saying "the Malegaon blasts are just a trailer". Why is the Government waiting to ban the group and throw Muthalik, with the rest of his ilk, in jail? An organisation that preaches violence in the name of religion and God! My God! Does the Government need any further reason NOT to ban Muthalik?

As for the media, they did act irresponsibly-by not intervening. As for pubs and pub culture, I think we get to decide-as per the Constitution. Please focus on governance; good infrastructure, economic prosperity, safety of all citizens, etc. I am sure we can look after our morals. If the Government feels pub culture is undesirable then why not ban alcohol completely? Just a suggestion...

P.S.- I'd also like to specify that I'm not pro Congress, or anti BJP. I'm an ardent admirer of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. What I CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate(not only me, there are many others) is some extremist violent group trying to tell me how to lead my life and wanting to curtail my freedom. I've never been inside a pub, or consumed alcohol, but I wouldn't presume to force this on anyone else-and neither should they. If they don't stop-clearly they are carrying on with their threats-then you should stop them.

I speak as a girl, and as a citizen of your state. Tomorrow I wouldn't want them to tell me what I should wear, how I should be dressed, when I should get married, how many children I should have, etc.

Please do consider my words. I would not have said all this if I thought it would be futile.

DJfossil said...

The argument that women drinking in a pub after they turn 18 is against Indian Culture is specious in the extreme. What is really against Indian Culture is the fact that women can be beaten up by hooligans who are probably both illiterate and uneducated.