Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Political conspiracy, not molestation: Govt

While outraged groups have been calling for better protection for women after the January 24th Mangalore pub molestation incident, the Karnataka government seems to more focused on damage control. An under pressure state government now claims that the recent assault on women was part of a big political conspiracy.
Speaking exclusively to TIMES NOW, Karnataka’s Home Minister VS Acharya said, “Congress leader Veerappa Moily said women is not safe under BJP rule…this is nothing but a part of a greater political conspiracy.”
The BJP said adequate action was being taken in the case and 17 people were already arrested. “Ram Sena and such groups are reportedly involved in extracting ransom and such things..we are also looking into it,” Acharya said in defence of the party, who is under attack from political circles for protecting the culprits.
The saffron party claimed its members were not involved in the incident and promised appropriate action against the culprits.
“One of the members of the Ram Sena who was among the group who molested the girls - Dinesh is the husband one a Congress counsellor Bharti, is also under the scanner,” BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad told TIMES NOW.
“The culprits are neither from the BJP nor from the Sangh Parivar. They are from an autonomous organisation active in the area. We condemn this hooliganism,” he added.
News from Times Now!
Have congress leaders forgotten Tandoor episode?


Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Sir, Why isnt BJP able to counter media effectively..

Media ppl were present during that incident and happily shooting.. which means they were also co-conspirators..
If they had information, why haven't they informed police ??? ...

BJP needs to do better job in countering the media. BJP needs to infiltrate into media channels to gain influence over them.

BSR said...

This one is the other face of the discussion sir. Same thing happened during attack on Churches!!!Politicians like HDD,HDK,JP,RC and media like NDTV should be banned for making a big tunnel out of a small hole, along with SRS.It was evident from almost all the channels that after one hour of HM's statement on Tuesday morning also, Channels were giving Breaking News that CM and HM had not given any Statement regarding the incident. The whole episode is blown out of proportion by the political parties and the message went out to the younger students that nobody can dare them even if they are in Pub in whatever way they are(seminude) during broad day light. Can RC pass an ammendment stating that no students(boys and girls) should be allowed to visit pubs?Does she have atleast this much of guts!!!!
RC & NDTV have coined the word like Talibanisation.....even people started sending SMS's telling this.disgusting people!!!these people should shut their mouth and they should assist in investigation.... so many arrests have been made!! I think none of the NHRC and NCW people are visiting Maharashtra, where some group has attacked School where Republic Day function was going on... Weren't there any Girl students?Wasn't there any Human Rights Violation? Is it because of the fact that the state is ruled by Congress? Why two different opinion for these two incidents? During Belgaum Assembly some people have burnt the KSRTC buses in Maharashtra and manhandled the Driver. Doesn't this Driver has Human Rights? This should be openly debated as the matter is already politicised.

Charakan said...

What is the relationship between Tandoor episode and this fascist attack on girl's individual liberty by a mob of hindutva supporters?
Media ppl were invited there by the goons so that the video footage got big publicity.This was to instil fear in the civil society

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

Hon Katte Sir,

There is a saying Give the dog a bad name and hang him.
Thats true for BJP. Anything done by some self certified messiah of Hindutva is magnified in proportion and entire so called civil society comes gets their 15 minutes of fame.

Including a certain Mr. Muttalik who claims to be the reason behind BJP coming into power by beating girls in Pub. A great news cos I thought that BJP came into power because people were fed up with the Gowdas and the Congress.

Politics has now given way to uponemanship. All you need is an issue and not logic.

There is a group called Taliban who wants people to follow their own brand of Islam. Similarly there is Rama Sena who has its own version of hindutva and they are not tolerant of people not following their dictum.

Man can drink throughout the day but a woman in a pub....Thats apostacy. In our college days there were group of students which were Known as FOSLA group( Frustrated one sided lover association) After few years of failed chase they turned into boyfreindd beaters. Their primary act was to beat up any boy going out with any girl. Politics gave them a reason to continue their tirade by letting them join ABVP or Rama Sena.

So they found it great to beat up and molest girls on Camera and then claim saving culture.

Atleast They were all arrested promptly and by all acount Mr. Muttalik is in a big soup. All these groups like MNS, Rama Sena, KRV etc are groups that overestimate their power. See how many seats they win in any election. They are a nuisance fanned by parties for their own petty gains.

Thats where I like to give example of Narendra Modi and the way he sidelined Togadia and other VHPO leaders in Gujarat. He made them nobody in Gujarat inspite of all their claim of being the reason for BJP coming to power.

You will certainly do the same.