Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home Minister speaks on PadmaPriya Episode

'Home minister can't quit for every suicide'
DH News Service, http://www.deccanherald.com/DeccanHerald.com/Content/Jun172008/national2008061773926.asp?section=updatenews
Bangalore:Home Minister V S Acharya has come under severe criticism fromOpposition parties over the mysterious death of Padmapriya, wife ofBJP MLA Raghupathi Bhat. Both the Congress and JD(S) have beendemanding his resignation for "mishandling" of the case. But Acharya strongly defended himself saying, "the home ministercannot resign for every suicide case in the State." He also said hehas done his duty well.Excerpts of a brief interview with Dr Acharya:
Deccan Herald: Opposition parties are demanding your resignation. Whatdo you have to say?V S Acharya: I have done my duty. The police also have done a good jobin tracing the whereabouts of Padmapriya in 24 hours. It's veryunfortunate that she committed suicide before the police could reachher place in Delhi. Should a home minister resign for every suicide case in the State? I might have become home minister only now. But Ihave seen several cases like this.DH: What is the role of Atul in the case and where is he now?Acharya: I do want to comment anything on the investigation.DH: Where did the investigating agency go wrong?Acharya: The police did not go wrong at all. They have done a laudablejob. It is because of their hard work that her whereabouts were tracedquickly.DH: But police on Saturday said she was traced in Malur of Kolardistrict and that she is on her way to Mangalore.Acharya: Nobody in the government said it. I did not confirm it. Itwas just a rumour. I only said a good news may come. Yes, I waspositive and hopeful that the case will see a happy ending.DH: Do you see any foul play in the entire case?Acharya: I cannot say anything at this stage. Investigation is still on and we will all know the truth very soon. It is because of apro-active media that people are being misled. The media should learnto co-operate with the investigating agency.DH: Why didn't Raghupathi Bhat file missing complaint for the initialtwo days though he knew his wife was missing?Acharya: No. He had informed me about his wife's missing on June 13 at1 pm. Lodging a complaint doesn't necessarily mean that one should doit going in person to a police station. It can be done over phone also.

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Good media practice by Vijaya Karnataka...self imposed code of conduct on reporting...


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that news papers have been publishing false information on Padmapriya Case?
I'm quoting this from a news article (Source: Time of India ,Dated: 15/Jun/2008) -
"According to sources in Bangalore, the Udupi police have traced Padmapriya and kept her in safe custody. She will be taken to Udupi on Sunday. The police are expected to reveal details of the headway on Sunday."
I’m finding it hard to accept that a reputed news publisher like Times Of India (and many more) have published false/misleading information without a credible source, especially on a sensitive issue like this one.


mukund said...

I agree with Dr Acharya.A Home Minister is responsible to supervise the law and order situation of the entire state and it is not possible to monitor 6 crores of citizens individually

Especially some of the News Channels are sensitising all the personal issues for want of news

Dr Acharya we know ur integrity
and humane nature please carry out ur good work


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous...
please read the TOI report again...newspapers use dubious terminologies like, according to sources at Bangalore...what sources?

ProactiZen said...

I will have to agree with Anonymous (first one) to some extent in this case. If the news papers have a habit of 'using dubious terminologies' just to sell their story, then how is it possible that all of them had similar stories? Did they all get together in a meeting room and decide on what story they were going to publish?
I think the police or government gave a wrong lead to the media that Ms. Bhat has been traced some where else.
Given the circumstances, Dr. Acharya and the Home Ministry have handled the situation very well.
Also, the media should restrain from speculative journalism and publish reports only after authenticating the source.


Anonymous said...

TV channels esp TV9 is causing so much annoyance to Mr.Bhat. They just want to increase their viewership. They should be scrapped of their broadcasting license.
I am a young person. these immature statements may be tolerated.
good work you keep a nice blog sir.

Karavali Ale said...

No, there has been no consensus on what media published...some said she was found in Malur, others said Dharmapuri...
TV9 said she is being traced in Delhi...thus leaking the news, resulting in the disaster...
why does media have to do criminal investigation? Cant they wait for the final news? WHO GAVE THEM THE RIGHT TO PASS LOOSE COMMENTS ON THE CHARACTER OF THE DEAD?

Hassan said...

This is EXCELLENT. Our home minister is using the latest technology to discuss the problems/issues with the educated ones. Hats off to you, Sir. This is the time when you can get the comments and help people.
May I suggest to focus on Farmers' programmes' developments as the farmers are the backbone of our country. Also, the puninshing the right ones [with Penalty, Social work (like they do it in US), etc.].
I also felt that Police is hiding something regarding Padmapriya's case. That was after reading nespaper reports. And as you say, "According to some known sources" doesnot carry any weight but instead carry glamour and wrong image. [But I have high regards and faith in our Police because of their recent efforts in nabbing the IISC shoot-out, etc.].
Dear Mr. Acharya, please be in both the shoes of Mr. Raghupathi Bhat and also in the shoes of Parents of Padmapriya in resolving this case and redering the justice.
I believe Dr Acharya will maintain his high values by delivering proper message and helping the Karnataka people.
Please donot feel that I am doing "preaching the quire".
With Best Regards