Friday, June 13, 2008

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"My aim is to ensure there`s peace and communal harmony; check crimes, root out naxalism and terrorism. The focus will also be modernizing the Police force and ensure people friendly policing"

CM and HM are getting ready for some firefighting!

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State to get 20,000 tonnes of fertilizer


Anonymous said...

I have always admired Dr Acharya as he is a rational person and very learned. He comes from the land of Madhvachar in Udupi which has produced men of character.

Recently Dr Acharya called for a press conference announcing the postponement of Sakrama scheme till dec 2008.
Sadly for people like us in Mysore who have already paid the penalty to the govt this comes as a shock as we don't know why people in other cities are being penalised for the wants of Bangalore citizens.
Most of the people in Bangalore have already constructed their houses on panchayat land so they have no problem.
In Mysore we have not been allowed to construct for the past 5 years and are still struggling after paying penalty dues.
I request Dr Acharya to please help people in other cities especially who have already paid the penalty under the previous notification.

Shrikanth Rao ,Mysore said...

We welcome Dr Acharya's blog.
He is a rational leader and hails from Udupi which has produced great men of learning.

I would like to appeal to Dr Acharya about the postponement of the Sakrama Scheme.

We in Mysore have already paid penalty under the previous notification. Why should we be penalised for Bangalore residents.

Bangalore residents have already constructed their houses hence are unwilling to pay penalty.
In Mysore we have not been aloowed to construct houses even after 5 years of purchase of site. Is this fair ?. This inspite of the fact that we honestly paid penalty.
My appeal to Dr Acharya is to please take care of other cities and give us respite.