Friday, June 20, 2008

20.06.2008, News Scan: Election as MLC, Fake farmer suicide, Thats Kannada etc.,

(cartoon courtesy: Harini,


Introspective article in Prajavani...thanks to Vishveshwar Bhats(Vijaya Karnataka) emotional writing, many media persons are now realizing...(late realization, though)

VSA reelected as MLC, photo courtesy Udayavani

Blog reference in !

Thats Kannada has covered this blog...(however, they were not right, when they mentioned about comments...there are plenty of them in this blog, also know that we are blogging since 2007!)...check link...



ProactiZen said...

Dear Sir,
Hearty Congratulations on being re-elected.
Keep up the good work.


Santosh shetgar said...

I agree that invetigation is required after farmers death to make sure whether is it beacause of personal problem or due to drink/other habbits.

But also,I personally feel that local minister has to meet farmers/farmer heads every six months/whatever decided time to make sure that govt is there to take care.So suicide attempt should not be made by farmers.By this way we can understand farmers problems much better.