Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18.06.2008; News Scan, Common man disgusted with the Media, Opposition parties behaviour

Padmapriya committed suicide due to character assassination in the 3 part report from Hosa Digantha

An Interview with Vishveshwar Bhat, Editor, Vijaya KarnatakaLetters to the Editor, Deccan Herald

Pic & News courtesy: Samyukta Karnataka


Anonymous said...

I happened to land on a interesting piece of post about this blog.

Thanks to the kannada website for leading me to Acharya`s web home

Swetha said...

Dear Sir,

First of all, I am very happy to find this blog where public can directly share their ideas and thoughts to Honorable Home Minister.

Media is doing a good job of covering the issues in detail but I feel it should also respect the true information and does not use anybody's personal life to sell their news papers and channels.

TV channels and new papers went on guessing about the reasons for tragic death of Padmapriya, instead of cooperating with the Police to understand the cause. They overlooked the effect of this hype on Padma's husband and children.

Opposition parties suddenly woke up and used this personal issue of Bhat's family for their own advantage to blame BJP government.

When any personal issue becomes a public issue, I feel the police should provide official updates from time to time to the people via media which will stop unwanted guesses about the situation.

Best regards,